Another batch of quality Beta gameplay action for you today.

    The first is a 13-minute, 1080HD video of Clvl 4 female Witch Doctor completing the entire DiabloWikiLegacy of Cain quest. She starts off running with DiabloWikiLeah to DiabloWikiAdria‘s hut, and if you’re trying to avoid the spoiler about Leah’s parentage, skip to about 1:30 to avoid that revelation. (The Black Mushroom!) After that section, the Witch Doctor clears out some graveyard and heads down into the first section of the Cathedral, where much battle commences as the WD clears out the whole level. The short in-game video of DiabloWikiCain and the DiabloWikiSkeleton King comes near the end of this movie, and it ends with Cain safely back in town.

    Click through for two more very nice movies of gameplay action.

    This one shows off a number of the Demon Hunter skills, with narration by the guy playing. He’s only Clvl 7 at the highest, so not every skill is demonstrated, but you get a long look at all the ones he does use. Evasive Shot is very cool, and there’s even a “Treasure Pygmy” sighting early on; the little goblin with the sack of loot that runs away, dropping a trail of gold all the way. The video ends with a minute in the character creation screen, showing off each class and gender in nice detail.

    This last one goes to 1080, but it’s not great image quality. The footage is very good though, as it follows a Wizard who actually knows what he’s doing with DiabloWikiElectrocute. There’s also nice work teaming DiabloWikiFrost Nova with DiabloWikiWave of Force to earn those big one shot kill bonuses, and the DiabloWikiJar of Souls skeleton onslaught from around 3-4 minutes in the video is a really fun battle to watch, with huge kill [/wiki]massacres bonuses[/wiki]. This video really makes me want to play, since it’s how I like to control the game, compared to the semi-random dashing around swinging at things madly that we’ve seen in a lot of other movies.

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