Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Movies: #4

Another batch of quality Beta gameplay action for you today.

The first is a 13-minute, 1080HD video of Clvl 4 female Witch Doctor completing the entire DiabloWikiLegacy of Cain quest. She starts off running with DiabloWikiLeah to DiabloWikiAdria‘s hut, and if you’re trying to avoid the spoiler about Leah’s parentage, skip to about 1:30 to avoid that revelation. (The Black Mushroom!) After that section, the Witch Doctor clears out some graveyard and heads down into the first section of the Cathedral, where much battle commences as the WD clears out the whole level. The short in-game video of DiabloWikiCain and the DiabloWikiSkeleton King comes near the end of this movie, and it ends with Cain safely back in town.

Click through for two more very nice movies of gameplay action.

This one shows off a number of the Demon Hunter skills, with narration by the guy playing. He’s only Clvl 7 at the highest, so not every skill is demonstrated, but you get a long look at all the ones he does use. Evasive Shot is very cool, and there’s even a “Treasure Pygmy” sighting early on; the little goblin with the sack of loot that runs away, dropping a trail of gold all the way. The video ends with a minute in the character creation screen, showing off each class and gender in nice detail.

This last one goes to 1080, but it’s not great image quality. The footage is very good though, as it follows a Wizard who actually knows what he’s doing with DiabloWikiElectrocute. There’s also nice work teaming DiabloWikiFrost Nova with DiabloWikiWave of Force to earn those big one shot kill bonuses, and the DiabloWikiJar of Souls skeleton onslaught from around 3-4 minutes in the video is a really fun battle to watch, with huge kill [/wiki]massacres bonuses[/wiki]. This video really makes me want to play, since it’s how I like to control the game, compared to the semi-random dashing around swinging at things madly that we’ve seen in a lot of other movies.

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20 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Movies: #4

    • This reminds me of a question I have.  It’s been stated that the stash/shared stash can be arranged so that each tab corresponds to one of your players, for easy organization.  OK, fine.  However, I see five tabs, and each account is allowed 10 characters.  So, does that mean that having over 5 characters means that you are, per character, hosed for space, as the percentage of space, per character, goes steadily down?  Obviously, I would prefer a new “tab” in the stash become available with the creation of each new character.  Any thoughts/corrections?  Thanks.

    • Just so you know, you should pretty much always be using spectral blade instead of just your basic weapon attack while being a melee wizard. Not only does it hit multiple enemies, but with it’s base version it does 3 swings at 35% weapon damage, meaning that it does 105% total weapon damage each time whereas your regular attack obviously only can do 100% to one target at a time… Also I would use frost nova over wave of force if you have to choose between the two… It’s better to temporarily disable stuff around you than to push them back and slow them down when you are trying to stay in melee range of them to be able to damage them…

  1. I really find the SNARED SNARED SNARED text distracting, as well as the 13! 21! 15! numbers that pop up. Any word on whether there’s a option to nix those?

    • I really like the numbers because I think its the best way to compare skills and actually see how much damage you’re doing 

      what I don’t like are the bonus and achievement messages that constantly pop up

  2. There is an option to turn off damage numbers, as well as an option to turn off “defensive messages” which is likely the snared/frozen type popups.

    • Thank you so much for the link on the wizard and witch doctor. I’ve been waiting to see it from start to finish with these classes!

  3. Some one needs to pick up the black mushroom and drop it on the floor to see if it makes the same sound it did in D1 (its my fav sound effect of D1) 

    “What the heck kind of sounds do giant mushrooms make?”    “BO!”

  4. Wonderfull..now I can clearly see myself loosing nights playing this..for the lore..for the story..atmosphere and all. I can feel it closer to what I knew from D1 then D2…exactly what I wanted.

  5. Why the hell is there that lame jamaican accent in the video? God i dont hope d3 is going to be some kind of Pirates of the carribian kind of “creepy”.

  6. All these beta videos are great and all, but watching them is torture.  Not being in the beta sucks!

  7. What’s the deal with WD not losing any mana at all when casting the spells? The spirit one uses 26 mana and it barely makes a dent in WD mana bulb, so how much mana does she have at this stage?

  8. Does anyone else find the Female Witch Doctor’s scream super fucking obnoxious? If her sounds stay, that’s a character I’ll never play….

  9. As much as I enjoy the yap-less vids, I can’t believe how many stupid people are playing the beta. I mean, the Grotesques dealing damage upon explosion is well-documented, yet every dork so far decides to stand as close to one as possible upon death.

    And wot!!! I can’t believe I saw Cain in an escort-like mission! Over a year ago I had contacted Blizzard and told them I had an idea about Cain being in a rescue mission like those stranded barbarians in D2. They could still fight a bit too, and woooohooo looks like they listened. Despite the guy who replied to my email instead told me to post ideas and suggestions to the Bnet forum, and I don’t think I even had a Bnet account to begin with, so I never bothered.

    But looks like it reached someone!! I had actually originally suggested to make Cain fight back a bit during the rescue, maybe give him a few Archivist skills since they had already created that thing. But hey this is fine too.

  10. Why even post videos that are at the most 1 frame pr second. It’s not entertaining watching those vids – even if it’s for a game that has me craving it

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