Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage #3

Here’s another bunch of great gameplay movies, thanks to the links you guys are sending in and posting in our Diablo 3 Beta forum. (There were 6604 people viewing it this morning when I got online. I was kind of amazed by that.) I’m not a big fan of the streaming videos where some guys are talking over the action the whole time, so these movies are all just the game sound effects, cause I like it like that.

This video is 15 minutes of a Demon Hunter as she goes from Clvl 4 to 6. It’s 1080 HQ, and quite gorgeous.

As I’ve been enjoying these HQ user videos from the beta, I keep wondering why Blizzard’s official gameplay movies were always so much less attractive? Even as recently as the last B-roll released on August 1st, there were numerous complaints about how murky and dull the colors were. Why do these videos from random beta testers, compressed into .flv files by YouTube, look so much better than the 500meg AVIs Blizzard released?

Click through for several more new videos.

This one, also in 1080 HD, covers the DiabloWikiWizard skills… all of them! Through the magic of freespecs, the player shows off every Wizard skill available at Clvl 10, including attack and defensive skills. This is just the sort of explanatory video I’ve been planning to film when I have a chance, so it’s nice that some other people have the same idea.

This one, also in 1080HD, features a female Monk as she begins the Rescue Cain quest with DiabloWikiLeah. It’s got some juicy plot details in the NPC dialogue, so if you’re trying to avoid all the spoilers, and you don’t want to know who Leah’s mother and father were, you might want to stop watching this one once Leah and the Monk leave town via the Waypoint. There’s some nice footage of the zoom effect before then, with the Monk kicking ass in closeup.

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41 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage #3

  1. They’re better cause they have the UI on ! Just as simple as that.
    (and no horrible cut like in the DH gameplay from Blizz)

  2. One thing that I really like so far, is how everything reacts to being hit – watching barbarian vids is just awesome as everything is getting blown all over the place 🙂

  3. Honestly, I’m quite disappointed after having watched some of these videos. Just a list of skills, not very impressive looking environments, DPS and attacks per second being the main info on weapons, fighting only 2-5 monsters at a time, simplistic skills and descriptions, simplistic UI. It just screams streamlined and accesible to me. Which normally aren’t bad things, but when it comes to games it mostly is.
    I love some of the skills, most of the audio, and the graphics, but I remain sceptical of the overall product. Not in the “I will not buy it”-sense, but in the “I doubt I will play this game for 50 years”-sense. 🙂
    My dream hack & slash game would have the level design of Dungeon Siege 1, the item system of Diablo 2, and a crossbread of Asheron’s Call’s and Diablo 2’s skill system.

    • The game looks decent, but I’m disappointed that every skill has to be a 4th of July light show replete with fireworks and over-amplified sound effects.  It feels like Super Turbo Street Fighter in Tristram…yuck.

    • Not impressive looking environments? I disagree completely, that is what I was most surprised about. It looks a helluva lot better than D2. Though what I don’t like is that they don’t seem very open, which I’m somewhat disapointed about

      • We debated this on the podcast a few weeks ago when we ran through all of the beta content, and our conclusion was that it’s mostly about the early game being very directed and polished and basically running the player through a cattle chute. Things open up later, even in the beta the later dungeons and surface areas are much larger than the early ones, and from what we saw of Act 2 desert in 2009 Blizzcon, it’s larger and more open than any surface level in D2, other than maybe the act 3 jungle.



          • This came up again on the podcast today with Elly, who feels the quests are just way too easy in the beta. You watch these movies and there are icons on teh map for everything you need to get, arrows pointing you to them, etc. It’s totally idiot-proof (which is a good thing, given how many WoW players are in it 😉

            I do not know if the training wheels come later in the game, or on higher difficulty levels. We will see.

  4. Only thing I dislike is the FeMonk’s voice. “Thee Gowds have noth been kindh to thees plaace.”. Euurghh.

  5. the gameplay looks soo good. this was my first time hearing music and it wonderfully adds to the feel of the game.. i would haverreally loved to hear new reditions of d2.. i can literally play d2 music in my head. i hope the music scores stand out the same having catchy spots that replay over in your head “the kinda catchy that reminds u to play more”… enough on music

    i felt that the demon hunter seemed weak not the dmg but the death reactions. no big hit that shoots across the screen which should be felt and seen when critting reguardless. the monk had a very hard hitting powerful look but wtf is up with the russian accent??? if anything shed have an asian background. out of the pethera of asian accents theyend up going with russian… doesnt ruin the game just seems fake or wrong.. wont ruin the game tho. 

    i think flux should introduce the pod cast in mandarin. “if u randomly say chinese gibberish no one whould know the difference”  better yet make elli do it 🙂

  6. @Twiik
    Ok, i can understand your opinion. But you must do attention,  that all we can see atm is only an introduction in the game, only a piece of the first act in difficult normal. I am pretty sure, that the challenge will raise in later acts and higher difficults, that no one can run easy through the catacombs and here a spell and there a spell and all monsters are dead like in the streams and footages.
    We cant imagine the whole game from the current seeing. My thinking..

  7. Sorry to stick out like a sore thumb but the  graphics QUALITY is still bad, and the game is beginning to look dated. This is NOT about the art style, which I absolutely adore by now. This same art style can look even more gorgeous at top settings if they allow DX11 thus FSAA, better shaders and so forth. They are trying to disguise it and have largely succeeded. But it is still clear to the discerning eye (mine :P) that the graphics could do with some detailing.
    I mean, look at Starcraft 2. The moment that game entered beta, its graphics became detailed, and beautiful and sharp. I dont see that sharpness, that level of detail, in Diablo 3…yet. Maybe the videos still don’t do the game justice?

    • no the videos will never do the game justice!  Videos, even high quality ones are HIGHLY compressed.   Combine this with the fact that DX11 wasn’t out when they started this game…you can’t keep moving the bar or you get Duke Nukem Forever.  Not to mention Bilzzards desire to make games that work on a vast spectrum of hardware.   That said, DX11 support will come as will FSAA.  If not by release, certainly in a patch.  They have stated they are trying to make it happen but they aren’t going to hold up the game for it.  That is a big win in my book since we all want it released so badly.

  8. 6:25 , some hits make her jump/get airborne? I’m wondering if that effect will play a part in areas like crossing bridges or cliffs, maybe you can be pushed off?

  9. My 2 cents… I’m beginning to see why Bilzzard felt they needed to simplify things.  Most of the videos I’ve watched are with players who are utterly clueless.

    Difficulty and number of monsters…hey its normal mode.  that said, there are some areas where I do feel like there really isn’t enough monsters spawned.   I did watch a 3 hr vid with the barb and he did start running into much bigger mob packs.  so perhaps its just the very beginning areas where you are just getting used to things.   (don’t judge the difficulty based on the wizard video above…that person was very high level for the area they were going thru.)
    Health potions.  Still so many of the players living off of health potions and not making use of health globes.  That may just be the player being stupid though.

    I’m expecting normal to be pretty easy for the good diablo 2 players out there.  Hopefully nightmare and hell really kick it up a notch.  I would imagine they do considering how much harder D2 got.
    skills…i think they are hard to judge by watching others.  especially clueless noobs.  the ability to switch is definitely too easy in the beginning areas.  I do hope they do the right thing with runes and lock them to a skill.  That would certainly make switching up skills a bit more of a hassle.  (especially combined with the right equipment.)  Of course it will be possible.  much like in WoW where you could switch up but you had to redress to match the build.  But being able to switch is nice imo.  I’m not as hard core as a bunch of you.  For D2 I had to rely on build guides to finally master the game and beat hell.  I wasn’t one of those that figured it out on my own.   So from my perspective, I am glad I’m not going to be able to fubar my character by screwing up stats or putting points into a skill I didn’t need to.  Being able to learn what works and tweak the character as I go has a lot of appeal to me.  I’m hoping that lets me learn more on my own without relying on guides made by players much better than myself.  Still, I imagine it will be fun to read about different builds from you guys.  I think with runes and gear, you guys are gonna get really creative.

    the voice of the guy that tells you about monsters…does anyone else hear Stewie in that voice?  It’s kinda funny.  I can just hear the voice saying something like shut the hell up and kill the wench!

    Finally, wow this game looks amazing! I really can’t wait.  I’ve wanted to rip the controls out of the players hands in these videos so badly.   I’ve even found myself checking my email a bit even though I know those invites don’t go out yet not to mention I’d be lucky to get one even when they do.

    • may luck come to all of us. may i suggest linking the email to ur phone so u can see the very moment you get ur beta invite. that is if ur able to constantly have it on u

  10. you guys don’t think that looks awful.

    atleast it isn’t purple anymore. and there aren’t hobbits or blood elves running around… yet.
    additionally, you know it’s goin to have a pay-to-play option. however blizzard chooses to work it in, they know they can make a fortune off of it.

    • No it doesn’t look awful. I really don’t see all the “bright and shiny colors” people always complain about. It looks darker than D2, and a lot more detailed. It’s a huge improvement over D2’s look

  11. The Monk is my least favorite, but I’m really glad I watched it! The story-telling is beautiful, and makes the game world feel so much more real. Adria’s voiceover took me back to the novels and the way I felt when a doomed figure is acknowleding their fate. I absolutely love the zoom, and I love how huge the world looks.

    Beautiful, just beautiful. One thing puzzles me though. Is Cain really Leah’s uncle, or does she just call him that? Otherwise, Cain not knowing what to make of Adria (in his journal) makes little sense. Wouldn’t he know she’s his sister??

        • Meh relax, Leah’s parents’s identities hardly count as any type of spoiler. Her father wasn’t even remotely magical, hardly relevant to the Diablo universe. Now, blabbing who the Act bosses are, that’s what I call a spoiler! Speaking of which, who thinks that the Siegebreaker is the Act1 boss?

  12. so i see a zombie get kicked in half by the monk.. and then the top half of the zombie is still attacking!

  13. Why do all arrows look like launched missiles with a rocket engine? Can someone tell Blizz to remove that effect?

  14. Leah just mentioned that her Father had lost the battle of Tristram and Fell to Demons
    so Could it be that her father were one of the heroes from Diablo 1?(especially the Warrior and the Sorceror)

  15. This game is pretty but at the same time what is it suppose to mean? The question I asked myself was if the atmosphere felt comparable to other Diablo titles and for my concern it’s a big yes. Act 1 seemed to be claustrophobic but after watching the 3 hours barbarian streaming, the diversity is welcome. They keep the gates between the different areas and I like that little touch. The random maps and the destructible environment… well great.
    The music, I don’t know to early to judge but should I complain, no.
    The gameplay, people playing the beta should know better than me 😛

  16. I personally prefer closed spaces. In D2 I hated Act3 where you didn’T know where to run to – aimlessly looking for that damn dungeon in wich one of the bodyparty was hidden. I like it to have a clear path to follow. that does not mean, it has to be a small path without sidetracks. But a path where you know. now i am clearing this area, next comes that one an after that another one. no  wondering where to go. no endless looking for a small spot in a LARGE space.

  17. I think people should stop moaning and start enjoying – and if they don’t enjoy it, what on earth are they doing on the top Diablo fansite?

  18. So basically it doesn’t matter if you die. 10% durability loss and back to a checkpoint. Wow. That’s some scary shit. I’m going to be on the edge of my seat at the prospect of needing to repair my items and do another 30 seconds of tedious walking. I read all Blizzard’s motivation for nullifying death ramifications but, at the end of the day, I say the fun you get from the tension of narrowly escaping a meaningful death far outweighs the angst of the losses encountered when you die. But I guess that doesn’t sit with Blizzard’s philosophy of a mind-numbing, dull gaming experience.

    Speaking of dull, D3’s music is so ambient I won’t be able to tell it apart from the comforting hum of my computer. D3’s background music only seems to only satisfy one of the two criteria for ‘ambient music’ – the ambient part. Good job on dropping Matt Uelman’s compelling compositions for this talentless drone. No, it doesn’t evoke a haunting atmosphere.

    The scenery and environments actually look really good though. Great work there. It’s a pity I’ll scarcely be able to see them the beneath the rainbow fireworks that must occur every time I kill an enemy. Until now I could never have imagined that the simple action of cutting a zombie with a sword could result in such a vivid canvas of colours – clouds of purple, streams of bright orange and explosions of green. Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather be able to see my character and the enemies around me than that.

    The mind boggles at some of the choices they’ve made on this one.

    I’ll wait until I read the explanation in more detail, but even their handling of the lore seems childish and slapstick, such as bringing back King Leroic and the gang from the first game. On another positive note, the skills and classes seem like they would be fun to play with. It’s just that I can only see Diablo as a frenetic and colourful action game now.

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