Here’s another bunch of great gameplay movies, thanks to the links you guys are sending in and posting in our Diablo 3 Beta forum. (There were 6604 people viewing it this morning when I got online. I was kind of amazed by that.) I’m not a big fan of the streaming videos where some guys are talking over the action the whole time, so these movies are all just the game sound effects, cause I like it like that.

    This video is 15 minutes of a Demon Hunter as she goes from Clvl 4 to 6. It’s 1080 HQ, and quite gorgeous.

    As I’ve been enjoying these HQ user videos from the beta, I keep wondering why Blizzard’s official gameplay movies were always so much less attractive? Even as recently as the last B-roll released on August 1st, there were numerous complaints about how murky and dull the colors were. Why do these videos from random beta testers, compressed into .flv files by YouTube, look so much better than the 500meg AVIs Blizzard released?

    Click through for several more new videos.

    This one, also in 1080 HD, covers the DiabloWikiWizard skills… all of them! Through the magic of freespecs, the player shows off every Wizard skill available at Clvl 10, including attack and defensive skills. This is just the sort of explanatory video I’ve been planning to film when I have a chance, so it’s nice that some other people have the same idea.

    This one, also in 1080HD, features a female Monk as she begins the Rescue Cain quest with DiabloWikiLeah. It’s got some juicy plot details in the NPC dialogue, so if you’re trying to avoid all the spoilers, and you don’t want to know who Leah’s mother and father were, you might want to stop watching this one once Leah and the Monk leave town via the Waypoint. There’s some nice footage of the zoom effect before then, with the Monk kicking ass in closeup.

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