Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage #2

More gameplay movies for your viewing pleasure! The first is 2:30 of a Clvl 6 Barbarian in an MP game. Zombies beware.

Click through to view other videos featuring a Wizard in the catacombs, a low level Monk, and some MP action clipped from a live stream. Thanks to Gosukusan for the links.

Wizard working her way through the Catacombs. Low quality video on this one.

1:30 of a Clvl 1 Monk in the early going. Low quality video.

Nine minutes from a live stream, with a lot of player conversation and wandering around town, but some action as well.

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17 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage #2

  1. Do any of these streams list computer specs of the source? I’d be curious to see what these are being played on out there. If someone is going through the trouble of streaming, I’d think they’d list all kinds of info about their rigs. I’d also be curious if any of these are being played on laptops (pc/mac)…

  2. Its nice to see he started to use some skills. (the barb that is) Although he only used leap attack one time and that was to just jump a gap… *Facepalm*

    • ya watching him play made me want to rip my teeth out of my skull….if i only had a beta to video…..

  3. Once again, I feel I have to mention that if the player is under an NDA, that  this video probably give blizzard all the info they need to figure out who is leaking…

  4. I just noticed this upon level up, for the barb at least:

    +2 Attack
    +1 Precision
    +2 Defense
    +2 Vitality

    Same per level up? Hm…

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