In addition to the live streams, some videos of beta gameplay are being posted on YouTube. Fmulder spotted this one, and it’s very nice. Skip to about one minute to bypass the character creation, and then enjoy 5 minutes of a brand new DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, played by someone who (thankfully) knows what he’s doing.

    The DH starts off outside of town, proceeds through the early zombie disposal, speaks with Leah, and then starts on the DiabloWikiWretched Mothers quest, leveling up to 2 and adding a new skill (DiabloWikiEntangling Shot) just before… the video ends. It’s got great sound and the visuals are nice, so check it out.

    Click through for some more videos, thanks to Gosokusan. There’s a good brand new Monk video, and great 15m of Barbarian/Wizard/Demon Hunter MP action embedded in this post.

    Starting out with a Clvl 1 Monk. Much DiabloWikiFists of Thunder combo action ensues.

    From a Barbarian’s PoV, playing with a Wizard and Demon Hunter.

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