Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage #1

In addition to the live streams, some videos of beta gameplay are being posted on YouTube. Fmulder spotted this one, and it’s very nice. Skip to about one minute to bypass the character creation, and then enjoy 5 minutes of a brand new DiabloWikiDemon Hunter, played by someone who (thankfully) knows what he’s doing.

The DH starts off outside of town, proceeds through the early zombie disposal, speaks with Leah, and then starts on the DiabloWikiWretched Mothers quest, leveling up to 2 and adding a new skill (DiabloWikiEntangling Shot) just before… the video ends. It’s got great sound and the visuals are nice, so check it out.

Click through for some more videos, thanks to Gosokusan. There’s a good brand new Monk video, and great 15m of Barbarian/Wizard/Demon Hunter MP action embedded in this post.

Starting out with a Clvl 1 Monk. Much DiabloWikiFists of Thunder combo action ensues.

From a Barbarian’s PoV, playing with a Wizard and Demon Hunter.

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43 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay Footage #1

  1. Loving the starting location and instantaneous transition between interiors/exteriors 🙂 Can’t wait!

  2. The streams are awesome. I can’t wait to get my hand on a beta key. And will SOMEONE PLEASE play barbarian?!?!

  3. Over all it looks awesome, but there also seems a ton of room for improvement.  First I’m a little disappointed at how fast level 2 was reached one thing I wouldn’t have minded them changing from D2 was stretching out the first 10 levels to a slightly more substantive time frame.  Also the rising of the zombies was a bit unceremonious, feel like something should be added to make it feel a little more epic be it some npc’s getting torn to shreds by the zombies before they get to you or some sort of small cut scene, ideally both.

    • Time to clvl 2 is probably longer than both D1 and D2, once you actually started fighting monsters.

      Getting up to clvl 4 or 5 is pretty important as a design goal for the game. Shouldn’t take longer than 30 minutes tops. This early period is crucial for hooking new players into the game.

    • I don’t know what Diablo 2 you were playing Aspect but you lvled faster then you do in D3.  In D2 you killed 24 enemies and dinged lvl 2. In the Monk vid (up top) he kills 31 enemies before he gets 2nd lvl.

  4. Thoroughly stoked..and there are many things that are improved from D2..but one complaint is that it seems somewhat..arcade-y at times, due to the “massacre!” etc. text that pops up from time to time. Other than that, looks delicious.. 😯

  5. I really liked the explosion effect of leveling. Im hoping that clvl 60 is something spectacular. Hehe. Thought it was pretty cool none the less.

  6. Wow, it’s so cool to see the nearly finalised game in motion at last. I’m reallly loving what I see, the animations, visuals, sounds and especially the atmosphere.

  7. Sort of puts the final nail in the coffin of all the “It’s not moody/dark” enough debate doesn’t it? 🙂 Very stoked for closed beta/release!

  8. Doesn’t look like hardcore is in the beta.  Also am i wrong, or the whole “checkpoint” popups are completely useless to hardcore players?  I could see them getting old pretty fast if they can’t be turned off.

    [2:06 in the 2nd/monk video]  Looks like 60 inventory slots and 350 shared stash slots.  Not too bad, but i could see it being a bit low for some of us.  Comparing to TL, i’ve used 609 slots on my longterm HC mule character that’s using the More Stash (+19 stashes) mod.  Hard to compare since there’s little to no salvaging in TL.  Although, this isn’t taking into account that a lot of items in D3 take 2 slots, so the shared stash is more like 225 (?) items large.  Starting to seem a little low for the packrats.

    • Being able to turn off checkpoint notifications might be nice, but did you even notice those “entering the Blood Moor” messages in D2, after you’d seen them a few times?

      Also, you still use checkpoints in HC. In a new game you can resume at your last checkpoint, quests are keyed to them, etc.  You just won’t be restarting at them after death.

  9. It looks great, nice atmosphere …
    I wish I were invited … 🙂
    “Zakarum has fallen to disgrace”

  10. The demon hunter’s attacks look repetitive. Crossbow bolts being shot over and over.

    The monks attack sounds don’t make any sense! Just listen to that! Sounds like water flushing out my ears.

  11. I watched the entire beta live yesterday, very very cool. Even if I was watching someone who made me view the stream through a perpetual facepalm. I’m looking forward to getting my hands on it, finally, when it is released.

    But now that I’ve seen it…I’m just kind of waiting for the release date. 🙁

    • LOL Man I was doing the same thing.  The guy playing the Barb really drove me crazy cause he freaking hardly ever used his skills.  He just spammed the basic attack.

  12. Ok, just a couple o´ my impressions from this video
    1) OMFG D3 beta, and I´m not playing it.
    2) Is it weird if I enjoy watching D3 beta vids and streams more then playing some other game?
    3) BETA *faints*
    4) No matter what you say, female Demon Hunter is hot
    5) Once I reach Inferno with my char, one of the areas where I´ll be spending a lot of time is this here starting places, the road and New Tristram. One of the reasons is because from what we´ve seen from the game so far, Act 1 has the best atmosphere. But, more so than that, is, it´s cool to see how these Risen and Wretched Mothers, at the start of the game you have to try hard to die against them, they´re that weak, so it would be really cool (to me at least) to fight their super-uber-buffed-level-61 versions in Inferno.

      • I´m sure the later acts will have great atmosphere/story (I am in particular excited about act which takes place in Hell (assuming we get one, that is)) but gameplay-wise Inferno should be flat difficulty, so for me, one of the biggest enjoyments would be seeing just how powerfull these lowly monsters have become in Inferno.

  13. I cannot bank enough paid vacation and caffeinated beverages before this game launches!  YEEEOOOOWWWW!
    I would also like to take a moment to give a big-fat “screw you” to all of the haters that I had to tolerate on this site.  I feel vindicated right now.  As someone that is in the Path of Exile beta (since 9/2) now having seen this footage, I say, go play your dark and gloomy PoE.  It sucks on ice as of 0.9.1, especially compared to this!  I’ve played for 3.5 hours and I have killed exactly 5 different types of monsters and 2 “uniques” if you can even call them that.  There have been 2 quest lines and uber-repetative zones.  5:59 of gameplay eclipsed that entire 180 minutes of gameplay and then some!

  14. so noone else is bothered by the wow style quests and quest tracker?
    1. kill x
    2. talk to y 

    its starting to smell a bit like hellgate london…

    also, impressive how my expectations of this game has gone from ‘extremely high’  to ‘meh’

    • No.  If you think this is like WoW or Hellgate, then you have some logic issues.  If I had all day I would type a book, but I’ll just spend 30 seconds: WoW has pre defined gear, BoE, BoP, rush to end game, dungeon/raid focus.  Hellgate had 5 tile sets, MANY sockets per item, glitches, 18 months until server shutdown etc… I see none of that in the beta footage.

  15. These are all great to watch (even the painful gameplay ones), but I really hope they spend more time balancing the resources on certain spells; one should not be able to “Fan of Knives” their way through any part of act 1, and Haunt looks to barely move the mana glob at all.

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