Daily Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #5

Let’s start off this daily selection of DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta Videos with a great 15 minute video by Fluddastud. It shows off a melee-fighting Wizard (all basic attack with only an occasional DiabloWikiWave of Force). It’s an unconventional play style, but it’s nice to see something different in pace and style. The footage is very good too, with a great look at all the options that come with the DiabloWikiBanner system, before the game starts. The gameplay is good too, with a full clear of Cathedral levels 3 and 4. The first sight and rescue of the DiabloWikiTemplar is shown, as well as his eventual revenge on the one who betrayed him. The class of that NPC could be considered a spoiler, but it’s a pretty small one, so you’re unlikely to cancel your preorder if you view it.

Click through for several more, mostly focused on high level Wizards and their massacring power in the beta.

Given the fairly minimal content in the Beta, it seemed obvious that players would start doing Leoric runs with high level characters. They are, and it’s about as much of a slaughter as you’d expect. MrTidus recorded a video of his Clvl 13 Wizard using Shock Pulse vs. Leoric, and it’s definitely in the “don’t blink or you’ll miss it” category. If not for Leoric’s few seconds of invincibility while he stretches his neck (wut?) after standing up, there would hardly be any footage at all.

If you’re wondering what that Clvl 13 Wizard was wearing, MrTidus uploaded a movie with a good look at each item’s tooltip. It’s almost all magical stuff, surprisingly. I’d have expected some more rare and legendary stuff by that point, given the numerous item runs the character has done.

Another video from MrTidus shows two battles against some DiabloWikiChampions with the very nasty DiabloWikiArcane Enchanted modifier. This enables them to cast spells that create something a bit like a single-headed Hydra, that fires small purple (DiabloWikiArcane) orbs very rapidly. The Wizard is powerful, but a second of incaution during the second such encounter with some Flyers and a regular boss with the DiabloWikiMolten property is long enough to finish her off. It’s a bit reminiscent of the DiabloWikiMSLE bosses in early D2X, when one or two of their mega bolts could kill you in a blink.

If you want revenge for that death, one last video from MrTidus provides it. How well does the Clvl 12 DiabloWikiDisintegrate skill work against Mlvl 6-8 monsters? Pretty well, actually. How about instant death to everything but the Skeleton King? The massive Imp laser harvest at the 0:55 point is the funniest moment. There’s some nice footage of Blacksmith crafting recipes in this one as well, at around the 1:00-1:11 mark

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  1. To be fair though, he’s not making a “battle wiz” whole heartedly there, I’ve seen a guy stream who wielded a nice chunky 2 hander and skilled appropriately. Flud is just using a simple 1 hander and not using all his available melee abilities. Blizz have said going melee with wiz is going to be a solid build! I intend to! can’t wait 😛

  2. In the first video, some bigger mobs can damage the wizard 1/4 of total hp, how about hell difficulty? Melee wiz may be possible in normal difficulty, I doubt it will work in harder difficulty. I think his play style is more suitable to play a barb. Though many barb players prefer to use cleaver rather than auto attack. :S

    • What you have to remember dude, he has like no real armour here, and isn’t using the spells available, for example diamond skin, etc etc, I’m not saying go pure melee, I mean my build is going to involve disint, cold beam or w/e it is and a few aoe, but I’ll be ideally wielding a huge 2H and rolling face melee too!

  3. “The first sight and rescue of the Templar is shown, as well as his eventual revenge on the one who betrayed him.”

    Thanks for the spoiler.

    • Isn’t watching the videos a spoiler? Don’t watch them if you you’re so worried about spoiling the game for yourself you tool.

      • I wasnt watching them. That’s why I said it. It was said on the front news where I didn’t expect it.

        Anyway, I caved in and started watching them – spoilers and all. I gotta say, If that was 1/2 or a 1/3 of act 1 and act 1 is the biggest of the acts, then that seems like a really small game to me.

    • I think it’s more interesting what the class of the betrayer is… I guess not all of them are against evil like the one in D2…

  4. Is level 13 the cap atm in the beta? I saw like MrTidus doesn’t get more xp in one of his videos but I am not sure at that huge level difference between monsters and his character.

    • Yes, 13 is the cap. Once you’re at that point you can’t gain any more experience. It just shuts off like a tap; once you level up from 12. That seems weird to me; I’m used to the diminishing returns exp gain of D2, but apparently in D3 there’s a very hard cap once your Clvl is X above the Mlvl. (5 levels above, assuming the Skeleton King is mlvl 8?)

  5. Whats with the chicken? Thats a pet?

  6. i need to say that the team at incgamers is doing an outstanding job. This is one of two D3 news sites that I go to and you guys own up the other one (which I won’t mention) in terms of coverage, content creation, and editorialisation.

    you guys rock, and you prove time and time again why this has been my go to for Diablo news since before D2 came out (in whatever form you were in back then)


  7. offering gold-collecting vanity-pets of different animal-types is an awesome idea. it doesn’t affect the game balance in any way, saves me 2-3 seconds per room to collect gold and i can have a cool little <insert awesome tiny animal here> that fits my female wizard :D. this is the stuff that they should offer in their online-store!

  8. The guy who is doing the voice acting for the wizard class is the same one who did the voice acting for Lucas Montbaron in Dungeon Siege 3, Crispin Freeman.

  9. One thing that still bothers me about the level design is that there are too many huge bottomless pits in a place that supposed to some rooms under a church. Why does it look like you’re running around on top of a castle instead of walking through an old building? I don’t have a problem with the graphics anymore, but the level design is trying to be too grand and fantasy oriented when it should feel claustrophobic and contained, like you’re trapped in with the demons. It all looks too much like a Gauntlet level design.

  10. One thing I noticed is that the outside areas do not seem that big at all. I’m suprised considering how much time they have had with the game already.

  11. Anyone else notice how the offhand orb item in the wizard gear video is a book named “Globe”… wtf?

    Also, holy crap, those single headed arcane hydras shoot fast… like arcane orb gatling guns… I’m pretty sure the triple headed ones in the pvp videos didn’t even shoot that fast…

  12. 1st video 14:53 – 2 templars O_o clones or \u r too drunk dude\?

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