The French and German Diablo 3 beta clients went live a few days ago, and German fans quickly got to work identifying the voice actors, many of whom are well known for their work dubbing German dialogue into every sort of major Hollywood film.

    But what does Diablo 3 sound like in German and French? Happily, that’s an easy question to answer, thanks to various German and French fans who have uploaded beta videos over the past couple of days. French on the left, German on the right, each showing the opening 15+ minutes of the beta, with all of the NPC conversations in and around DiabloWikiTristram played out in full.

    Who knew DiabloWikiLeah could sound even sadder in other languages?

    I enjoyed both videos, but my favorite is when someone says “DiabloWikiCaptain Rumford” in the French one. That’s such an ordinary, plain name in English, but in French the “cap-ee-TAHN” makes it exotic, like the name of an expensive perfume. Can’t you just envision the commercial, with some lingerie-clad model rolling around on luxurious silk sheets while moaning “We we Ca-pee-tahn Rump-forddd!” Like that Adriana Lima Valentine’s Day ad, but a little less blatant in the “buy flowers to get laid” narrative.

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