We haven’t posted a DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta gameplay video for a while, since we’ve pretty much seen everything the beta has to offer by now… or have we?

    This one does show something different; a naked, level one DiabloWikiWitch Doctor battling to the death against the DiabloWikiSkeleton King. Obviously you can’t get to Leoric without leveling up some, so this guy had a friend use the quest party system to zoom him to the final battle, but there he was on his own.

    It’s a quite lengthy battle, as the WD has no weapon, and his only skill is DiabloWikiPoison Dart, which deals a hearty 3 damage, +1 poison DiabloWikiDoT, at that low level. That mighty attack against the Skeleton King, who boasts 1866 hit points in the current patch and absurdly dumb AI. Yes, hundreds and hundreds of Poison Darts are required, as well as endless dodging around the throne room, while herding the summoned skeletons into close proximity to Leoric, so he can wipe them out with his occasional triple swing attack, thus popping the DiabloWikihealth orbs that the WD requires to stay alive.

    This video is half testimony to a player’s perseverance and dodging skill, half testimony to the ridiculous amount of hit points new characters now get, and half evidence that the beta has gone on way too long, if people are so bored as to start trying this stuff. And yes, that’s three halves — don’t ever say we don’t give you more than you expect.

    Thanks to several readers for the tip, and even to Bashiok for tweeting about this epic battle.

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