Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #28: A Level One WD vs. Leoric

We haven’t posted a DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta gameplay video for a while, since we’ve pretty much seen everything the beta has to offer by now… or have we?

This one does show something different; a naked, level one DiabloWikiWitch Doctor battling to the death against the DiabloWikiSkeleton King. Obviously you can’t get to Leoric without leveling up some, so this guy had a friend use the quest party system to zoom him to the final battle, but there he was on his own.

It’s a quite lengthy battle, as the WD has no weapon, and his only skill is DiabloWikiPoison Dart, which deals a hearty 3 damage, +1 poison DiabloWikiDoT, at that low level. That mighty attack against the Skeleton King, who boasts 1866 hit points in the current patch and absurdly dumb AI. Yes, hundreds and hundreds of Poison Darts are required, as well as endless dodging around the throne room, while herding the summoned skeletons into close proximity to Leoric, so he can wipe them out with his occasional triple swing attack, thus popping the DiabloWikihealth orbs that the WD requires to stay alive.

This video is half testimony to a player’s perseverance and dodging skill, half testimony to the ridiculous amount of hit points new characters now get, and half evidence that the beta has gone on way too long, if people are so bored as to start trying this stuff. And yes, that’s three halves — don’t ever say we don’t give you more than you expect.

Thanks to several readers for the tip, and even to Bashiok for tweeting about this epic battle.

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  1. In before “omg D3 sooo ez”

  2. My theory is blizzard will make normal absurdly easy so anyone can beat it, thus have access to all the lore elements.

    I believe the real game begins nm, and on.

    • And I completely understand it.
      To be honest I died many times on normal in D2 when I was a total noob (first playthrough) and some people couldn’t even finish the game, seriously.

      • hahaha yea, I will never forget my first char. I made a zon, in act 2 I found a rare 1handed double axe, and used it.

        Never got past Duriel on her. 

    •    My theory is that Normal was always absurdly easy once you understood the game mechanics… Normal = tutorial mode.

      • Yes, but has Blizzard now made the game so easy that you don’t even have to understand the game mechanics to beat it?

        • You do need to understand the game mechanics to beat it, he tells about it in the video and you can understand that he isn’t walking around randomly but working around the boss mechanics that he had to discover while playing the beta till now.

           Ok, i kinda meant the more basic parts, like not staying in the middle of a mob taking all the hits and how to aim…  i was after all assuming someone who’s never played before.

  3. Should have named the witch doctor David.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if in Nightmare and beyond Leorics swing attack won’t kill his own skeletons so you’ll eventually get swarmed if your DPS isn’t high enough.

    • though there is an achievement for letting leoric kill his own skeletons I doubt ur right.

    • Maybe in inferno.

      Leoric killing his own skeletons is simply part of his design. Removing it takes away some of his ‘neat’ aspect.

      Alternatively, I could imagine that in inferno if he kills his skeletons, each one would be replaced by 2 skeletons (thus punishing the player for not killing them themselves) or gain a temporary buff or things like that.

  5. I think there are easier ways to ding level 3 😛

  6. My God, how bored must this guy have been with the beta! 

    If there’s another delay from Blizzard, the next video in this series will be 40 minutes of waiting for the templar to turn into something i bet!

  7. now lets see if he can do at with a melee character.

    • Yeah he can, already tested it. Monk with Fists of Thunder isn’t too hard due to the interrupting/knockback attack.

  8. We have seen all the beta has to offer? I haven’t, i’m still waiting for that wave of beta invites to hit Europe like they promised.. I know, it’s a promise from Blizzard, i know how much value such a promise has! But still, eager to play the game.

  9. That guy cant even properly dodge the freaking skeleton king. Hes like OMG i spent 20 mins on this video and im like WTF ill spend 20 hours a day on D3.

    • This admittedly isn’t a perfect try, could very well be done quicker. Why don’t you try that out and tell us about your results? He did dodge it quite a few times, basically you need to switch directions during his teleport – if you keep moving in the same direction he’ll catch up with you, but if you click away right after he vanishes you should be able to stay clear. Works best if you keep him in the screen so you know the right time, but it’s often hard when trying to escape the skeletons. Did you know it before watching this or just trollin’?

  10. I remember reading on this website waaay back in 2003/04 about the adventures of a naked sorc that just punched her way through act 1.

    It was a long time ago, but I’m almost certain I got it from this site, does it ring any bells to anyone? 

    • Yep, it was here a long time ago. It’s weird because I was looking over some old directories at the weekend and that was one I saw and I’d totally forgotten about the naked sorceress.

  11. This is actually cooler than the Barb and Monk “one-shot SK” vids from previous patches to me.

  12. Would love to see a video for the wizard doing this run.

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