One of the major changes to combat in Diablo III is the way that defense works. In D1 and D2, higher defense (armor) made your character less likely to be hit by attacks. You could use other modifiers to reduce the damage you took, but basically defense was about to/hit. In Diablo III defense (and resistances) does nothing to prevent you being hit, and is all about damage mitigation. You use the Dodge property for avoidance, while higher defense means you take less damage.

    This stacks up, and can interact in interesting fashion with other modifiers, such as Thorns. In theory, with high defense and high thorns, you could get hit constantly by melee attackers, taking little to no damage while causing the monsters that are attacking you to drop dead as a result of their aggression.

    This isn’t just a theory anymore, as demonstrated in this video. Here we see that a lvl 13 Monk with high defense and lots of thorns modifiers can defeat the skeleton king and his bony servants… by simply standing still. Undamaged, yet lethal. Perhaps Leoric needs to learn to summon some archers, or even skeleton mages, to add ranged attackers and/or elemental damage into the equation? If not on normal, then certainly on the higher difficulty levels, since just melee attacks are too limited in their danger factor.

    We’ve got some other humor as well, today. A lot of you guys enjoyed the first Unnecessary Censorship video, so here are two more from the Diablo 3 beta, all created by Herorik Gaming. Click through to view videos 2 and 3 in the series, where we can join the Barbarian and the Templar in their efforts to **** the Skeleton King.

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