Two interesting videos today from the beta, showing opposite extremes of the gameplay.

    The first is from Adivirgi, and it’s a movie of his naked level 13 Witch Doctor battling through Leoric’s ghost post room. Naked means no equipment of any kind, and as it turns out, that’s enough to turn the battle into a harrowing encounter. As you’ll see, the WD has to run around frantically, dodging arrows, scrambling for health orbs, casting Haunt and Grasp of the Dead, retreating around corners and using Firebats for ambush attacks, and more. It’s an exciting, life-or-death struggle of the sort that no other Clvl 13 character in the beta has ever encountered… at least not with her clothing on.

    The second video can be seen by clicking through, and it’s all about exploits in the beta. How do you trick the waypoint system to let you do repeated “amulet runs?” How do you (and a friend) cheat the quest system to do repeated Clvl 1 Leoric runs, earning the quest drop (and otherwise unobtainable rare items) in under two minutes per game? Watch this video to see the techniques demonstrated and explained in detail.

    Credit to RGDiablo3 for creating this tutorial.

    I foresee some people calling this wrong and cheating and demanding that he lose his beta access for it… um, no. That’s why they call it a beta test — the whole point is for players to find bugs and exploits and loopholes. This can be bad when people find exploits that they do not report and save to use after a game launches, but these tricks are fairly well known already, and even if they weren’t, making a YouTube video explaining them is a great way to further publicize the issue.

    Presumably Blizzard will fix the system to prevent this sort of boss run quest exploit in the final game… which will just spur players to find other tricks to speed their item gathering.

    More discussion of this and various other beta exploits can be found in this thread.

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