Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #26: Naked WD and Leoric Rare Runs

Two interesting videos today from the beta, showing opposite extremes of the gameplay.

The first is from Adivirgi, and it’s a movie of his naked level 13 Witch Doctor battling through Leoric’s ghost post room. Naked means no equipment of any kind, and as it turns out, that’s enough to turn the battle into a harrowing encounter. As you’ll see, the WD has to run around frantically, dodging arrows, scrambling for health orbs, casting Haunt and Grasp of the Dead, retreating around corners and using Firebats for ambush attacks, and more. It’s an exciting, life-or-death struggle of the sort that no other Clvl 13 character in the beta has ever encountered… at least not with her clothing on.

The second video can be seen by clicking through, and it’s all about exploits in the beta. How do you trick the waypoint system to let you do repeated “amulet runs?” How do you (and a friend) cheat the quest system to do repeated Clvl 1 Leoric runs, earning the quest drop (and otherwise unobtainable rare items) in under two minutes per game? Watch this video to see the techniques demonstrated and explained in detail.

Credit to RGDiablo3 for creating this tutorial.

I foresee some people calling this wrong and cheating and demanding that he lose his beta access for it… um, no. That’s why they call it a beta test — the whole point is for players to find bugs and exploits and loopholes. This can be bad when people find exploits that they do not report and save to use after a game launches, but these tricks are fairly well known already, and even if they weren’t, making a YouTube video explaining them is a great way to further publicize the issue.

Presumably Blizzard will fix the system to prevent this sort of boss run quest exploit in the final game… which will just spur players to find other tricks to speed their item gathering.

More discussion of this and various other beta exploits can be found in this thread.

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15 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #26: Naked WD and Leoric Rare Runs

        • I hope Inferno is a LOT harder than that. I had much harrier situations in the first hour of playing TL2 than that, and it’s been much the same in early D2, as I’ve lately been playing D2C with fresh, untwinked chars. Having to move between casts, dodge a few arrows, and retreat once or twice does not Inferno make. Hell, maybe…

          As for the mana, that’s something Bliz has mentioned previously. The WD has essentially unlimited mana early on, as spell costs are lower than the regen rate. Especially this guy, who is casting only occasionally, using low-cost spells, and casting very slowly due to no weapon equipped. Later in the game mana costs increase greatly and +mana and +regen gear starts to drop and become necessary.

          • I hope it will be a lot harder than this… She is not optimizing her strategy.  For one: she is kiting into uncleared areas instead of cleared areas.  While she is pulling somewhat, she is waking up way more than she needs to at once.
            Like Flux said, the first 30 minutes of Very Hard mode in Torchlgiht 2 were much more difficult than this.  Here is an excerpt from an article I posted on the Runic Games Fansite detailing one of my boss fights in Very Hard:
            The Mother of All Boss Fights
            The most dangerous time anyone faces in games like these is right after you you climb down some stairs. This is especially true for a class like the Outlander that relies on kiting. The worst thing that can possibly happen is to run into a boss pack right after zoning.

            Can you guess what happened to my little Outlander? Yeah… I ran into a boss pack all right… but worse than that… it was the mother of all boss packs. A giant version of the skeleton knights was leading a pack of skeleton archers. Even worse, the boss had the dividing property. This meant every time I killed one of his minions, two more spawned in their place. I couldn’t kite them in the entrance without dying so I had to actually kite them into the dungeon. As anyone knows, this is a lose-lose proposition since you wake up wave after wave of monsters. There I was, leading around about five packs of monsters in circles, slowly whittling them down. I think I did this for about 15 minutes, flirting with death all the time when I had the worst “bright idea” of my poor Outlander’s career. The boss was really fast and I was getting annoyed so I decided to kill him.

            Your memory is probably better at this point than mine was and you can probably see what was coming. All of a sudden instead of facing one giant zwiehander wielding skeleton boss, I was facing two. I had to increase the radius of my circle path just to keep them from catching up and that is when I woke up the Fiends. A bunch of Runic Devs, who had been watching me the entire time, gave out a collective groan and one of them laughed (Travis?) and said something like, “Oops, now your screwed… better kill them quick.” Even he hadn’t said anything I would have been worried when they ran past me and started digging at the corpses of the monsters I had slain. Two fiends quickly became four and four became eight and eight became…. you get the picture.

            It was like a zombie horror film and the hordes swarmed me just like that. It was also probably the funnest boss encounter I have ever had. If only I had kited a little tighter or not killed the boss until his minions were dead I would have survived.

            I respawned about five times to try to clear them, but I just didn’t have enough room to maneuver any more. I eventually had to respawn in town.

    • I personally hope sooner than inferno, i dont wanna go through content 3 times before the game actually becomes exciting and challenging. Btw, the fire bats skill looks amazing!!

    • You shouldn’t need to play Naked to actually have a challenge.  If Diablo 3 offered difficulty levels (Easy, Medium, Hard, Very Hard) like Skyrim, Torchlight 2, Halo, Civ 5, Uncharted, etc, no one would be complaining about difficulty.  Instead of resorting to shenanigans, people could choose a difficulty that matched their skill level.

  1. Fought leoric with a 10 barb using only white items (if I could find them), sword and board. I couldn’t kill leoric. Literally couldn’t kill him. I tried to get health globes from the skeletons but it took so long that I died.

    The bonuses on gear that you can get for that level is absolutely insane. Like all three of every stat (besides defense) 20+ on a pair of low-level shoulders.

  2. When this game finally comes out I’m going to make sure the “ooga booga” sound file is deleted upon installation if at all possible. Yes, I hate that silly shit that much. On a positive note, it’s nice to see a WD vid without dogs for once.

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