When we posted the last big massacre bonus video, in which HunterSC took down 368 undead in the Weeping Hollow, I had no hesitation predicting that someone would soon take 500+ in that same area. It seemed inevitable; there were several sources for lots and lots of zombies in that area, and with enough advance prep/herding, almost infinite amounts of the creatures could be assembled.

    However, I did not anticipate the massacre jumping all the way to 1210! Yes, over twelve-hundred monsters killed without any significant pause between them, lest the timer reset. It’s a Demon Hunter again, since that class combines infinite ranged attacks with not-too-much damage. (Too much damage at once, especially AoE, would kill the monsters too fast and interrupt the steady drip drip drip of damage required to maintain a massacre counter.)

    View the video here; click through for explanations and links of the three bugs/exploits the player used to obtain such a vast quantity of walking corpses. Credit to RobotGilardi for harnessing these exploits and showing the patience and skill to pull off almost 15 minutes of non-stop killing.

    RobotGilardi explained his nefarious technique with the aid of several beta bug reports.

    The first is the simplest, and just requires the player to find one of the (not uncommon) areas where a bunch of monsters spawn when your character draws near. He spawned these, ran elsewhere for a while, and when he returned the areas spawned again. This can be repeatedly indefinitely in the beta.

    The second requires a Wretched Mother, one of the puking zombies. If you can lure one of them towards the graveyard area(s) at the northern tip of the Weeping Hollow, where huge masses of zombies emerge from the ground when a player first enters, the DiabloWikiWretched Mother zombie puke will spawn mega numbers of zombies; many many more than usual. And the Wretched Mothers are like fratboys, they’ll just keep on puking so long as you do not kill them. (Tempting though it might be.)

    Finally, DiabloWikibosses or DiabloWikichampions with the DiabloWikiIllusionist modifier will create duplicates of themselves when they take some damage. I’ve often seen up to 8 or 10 from a 4-champion pack in my own gameplay, when I wasn’t even trying to tease them to create extra spawn. This can be exploited by dealing some damage, then leaving the area for a while. When you return the monsters will have refreshed their duplicate timer, and will create more doubles when you deal damage. This can be done with Wretched Mothers, each of which will start puking up more zombies, but in RobotGilardi’s example he did it with a regular zombie, creating literally dozens of the same boss. Which proved fairly rewarding, even in the “no rares for you!” drop tables of the beta test.

    These bugs, plus lots of advance herding, resulted in the massacre we see here. These are all exploits, if not actually bugs, and one presumes Blizzard will make some changes to the monster spawning formulae to avoid this being possible in the final game. Do you guys want that fixed? Or would you rather there were some tricks left in the game, for players to find and take advantage of?

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