Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #22: Mega Massacre Bonus

When we posted the last big massacre bonus video, in which HunterSC took down 368 undead in the Weeping Hollow, I had no hesitation predicting that someone would soon take 500+ in that same area. It seemed inevitable; there were several sources for lots and lots of zombies in that area, and with enough advance prep/herding, almost infinite amounts of the creatures could be assembled.

However, I did not anticipate the massacre jumping all the way to 1210! Yes, over twelve-hundred monsters killed without any significant pause between them, lest the timer reset. It’s a Demon Hunter again, since that class combines infinite ranged attacks with not-too-much damage. (Too much damage at once, especially AoE, would kill the monsters too fast and interrupt the steady drip drip drip of damage required to maintain a massacre counter.)

View the video here; click through for explanations and links of the three bugs/exploits the player used to obtain such a vast quantity of walking corpses. Credit to RobotGilardi for harnessing these exploits and showing the patience and skill to pull off almost 15 minutes of non-stop killing.

RobotGilardi explained his nefarious technique with the aid of several beta bug reports.

The first is the simplest, and just requires the player to find one of the (not uncommon) areas where a bunch of monsters spawn when your character draws near. He spawned these, ran elsewhere for a while, and when he returned the areas spawned again. This can be repeatedly indefinitely in the beta.

The second requires a Wretched Mother, one of the puking zombies. If you can lure one of them towards the graveyard area(s) at the northern tip of the Weeping Hollow, where huge masses of zombies emerge from the ground when a player first enters, the DiabloWikiWretched Mother zombie puke will spawn mega numbers of zombies; many many more than usual. And the Wretched Mothers are like fratboys, they’ll just keep on puking so long as you do not kill them. (Tempting though it might be.)

Finally, DiabloWikibosses or DiabloWikichampions with the DiabloWikiIllusionist modifier will create duplicates of themselves when they take some damage. I’ve often seen up to 8 or 10 from a 4-champion pack in my own gameplay, when I wasn’t even trying to tease them to create extra spawn. This can be exploited by dealing some damage, then leaving the area for a while. When you return the monsters will have refreshed their duplicate timer, and will create more doubles when you deal damage. This can be done with Wretched Mothers, each of which will start puking up more zombies, but in RobotGilardi’s example he did it with a regular zombie, creating literally dozens of the same boss. Which proved fairly rewarding, even in the “no rares for you!” drop tables of the beta test.

These bugs, plus lots of advance herding, resulted in the massacre we see here. These are all exploits, if not actually bugs, and one presumes Blizzard will make some changes to the monster spawning formulae to avoid this being possible in the final game. Do you guys want that fixed? Or would you rather there were some tricks left in the game, for players to find and take advantage of?

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  1. Well, if all these monsters don’t worth any XP to the player, then I think these “bugs” don’t need “fixing”. If you do get XP for them, then that should be fixed. Fighting them just for the massacre bonus probably won’t be worthwhile after that, but since fighting hordes is what Diablo is about we should be able allowed to do that.

  2. This just shows how easy this game is, killing more than 1000 monsters in less than 15 minutes and not even dropping 5% of your health is just stupid!

  3. Something like this won’t be possible with level-appropriate enemies because killing each one would take too long. Also, you don’t get anything but XP from these massacre bonuses so they’ll just speed up your leveling slighly.
    Sure, you COULD use this method to get many many drops but how many drops do you really want from enemies that are like 9-10 levels lower than yourself? And setting up all these exploits must have taken at least as much time as the execution seen in the video.
    So yeah, I don’t care AT ALLL if those exploits are fixed or not.

  4. on another note – who says that this is even time efficient ?  i mean entering and reentering areas just to tease spawns – and than slowly killing stuff just to keep the counter reliably going ? that sound rather silly to me –
    sure you get 12k exp all at once – and maybe add 5-10 min preparation for the spawn. i bet if i used that time to farm efficiently iam better off.  getting 12 k exp shown  is maybe memorable but not necessarily effective …
    i mean how much is 12 k anyway ?  who says that this is viable method endgame ?
    that being said i dont think its an bug or an exploit – its just a little stupid ingame challange player bring upon thereself.  i bet there will even be archievements related to it.

    • I don’t think the point is really getting tons of bonus XP, it’s just to see how far they can push the limits of the massacre bonus system…

      • so what ? its not like its one of the main pillar of game systems
        * 5 classes
        *25 skills each all runable in 5 different ways !!1
        * phat lewt
        *massacre system ….
        who gives a damn ? if you get  1000 kills everyone knows you are not some kind of godlike gamer but rather just hoarded 1000 mobs for half a hour whats the deal – i can live with that. its just a little splash screen mechanic – i dont missed it in d2 – and i will certainly not miss it if it was gone from d3

    • Obviously 1200 kills is an extreme example, but a Clvl 13 char in the beta has 44k experience.  Thus getting 12k in a lump sum is huge; that would take you from like clvl 8 to 13 in one bump, if you did this herding effort at that time. Not that anyone ever would…


  5. “Do you guys want that fixed? Or would you rather there were some tricks left in the game, for players to find and take advantage of?”
    The endless multiplying plus additional loot from the illusionist boss needs to be fixed, no question.
    The extra mob spawns don’t seem to be a real issue to me. No matter how high a massacre you can get, it’s still just XP and it doesn’t seem like a very efficient method of farming because of the preparation needed.
    They should probably fix it anyway just for the sake of consistency, only spawn mobs once per game, restrict illusion abilities, attach timers to summoned mobs, etc. It’s always better to have a “clean” and intuitive system.

  6. That screenshot with all the glowing loot massed in one area made me giddy… :mrgreen:

    Also, fire crit deaths are fun to watch… 😀

  7. Here’s my opinion on the “exploits”

    1) Monster repeat spawn – don’t bother fixing, this is working as intended.  I wouldn’t consider this an exploit.
    2) wretched mother spawning extra zombies – don’t bother fixing, this is kind of cool and not harmful to the game at all
    3) Illusionist bosses creating multiple duplicates.  Should fix.  Rare monsters have better drops for a reason – they are rare.  Someone creating dozens of bosses off of 1 illusionist would be bad for the game.  Champions and bosses with the illusion property should be limited to 1 duplication or you shouldn’t get loot from duplicates.

    Just my opinion.  As far as 1200 massacre, this took a ton of preparation.  If someone prepares this long they should be rewarded for it.  I do not think that tactics 1 & 2 should be fixed just because someone managed to get a large massacre number off of it (which is the only “harm” I can see).

    • In complete agreement with this response, on all counts.
      In all honesty, I think the “bug” should be left because, frankly, I would love to do it just for fun… being the zombie freak that I am, ha ha.

  8. Even if these exploits don’t allow for more efficient leveling under normal circumstances, they certainly would allow one player to level from 1 to 60 ridiculously fast if they had three other players in the game herding at key areas while they completed earlier quests. Not that I’m saying this would be a good use of four players’ time, or anything…

    • evidence 😛 ? besides level 60 is no longer a race … atleast i would disagree with that – it pales pretty hard with level 99 in d2
      and the total xp of 4 people leveling together instead of just leveling for one person would still be considerably higher.
      anyway who says that 12 k xp is much ? what if the zombies give 50 k xp anyway ? i highly doubt that massacre bonus is the lionshare of xp – overall i also doubt that the bonus scales exponentially – and if it does – there will certainly be a threshhold for. from a certain kill amount

  9. Here’s another possible record:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHorZSXg4QU

    The Skeleton King killed in less than 1 second. 
    Also, other quick kills:
    Wizard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYJ296ZaDPA
    Witch Doctor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrIJ1YKtkdA
    Demon Hunter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8b8z2EQ7Ao 
    Monk: Still working on it.

    After I do my monk kill video, I will try to see if I can get a super-high massacre video as well.

  10. Fixing it is easy…just make summoned monsters not apply to the kill count or drop loot.

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