Diablo 3 Beta Gameplay #21: Massacre Bonus Goes Godwin

Two fun videos today. The first comes from HunterSC, who has justified his SC-based D3 beta invite with a new record in the unofficial kill spree contest, by racking up an amazing 368 kills in the Weeping Hollow, with a Demon Hunter. How did he do it? With a lot of advanced planning.

The Weeping Hollow is a large, zombie-infested outdoor area fairly early in Act One. There are a few small graveyard areas that are often choked with zombies, (my brand new Barbarian got a 45 kill streak in one of those last night) and packs of those crawling torso dudes hop out of the trees every now and then, but I wouldn’t have thought there were 368 monsters in the entire area.

There weren’t, to start with. Hunter’s triumph was born of preparation, since while there aren’t that many monsters in the Weeping Hollow, there are a lot of those puking female zombies, from whose movie theater floor effluvia new zombies emerge. So Hunter must have run through the level for quite some time prior to filming, inducing the Wretched Mothers to gack up lots of undead, which he lured out to fill the open spaces.

That he did it with a Demon Hunter, the slowest-killing class in he beta, seems counter-intuitive, but it’s actually clever. A Wizard or Witch Doctor would kill too quickly on these low-level monsters, and since the key to a massacre bonus is to deal some damage every second for as long as possible, doing too much too quickly is a bad thing. The Monk or Barb wouldn’t work either since they lack ranged attacks and thus can’t keep hitting something every .5 seconds forever.

It seems like a much higher number could be reached in this level with even more preparation. The sides of the level weren’t even touched, and if someone took the time to lure out a couple of hundred more zombies, and then had the stamina to keep non-stop killing for more than 4 minutes, I’m sure we’ll see a 500+ kill spree in the immediate future.

The second video is one of those funny “Hitler screaming from that German movie” subtitle-redubs. This time, Hitler didn’t get his Diablo 3 beta invite. Imagine his rage?

Click through to watch, and it gets a NSFW warning, since there’s a ton of (very funny) subtitled profanity

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  1. “Don’t worry… we’ll uninstall it soon.”

    I truly LOL’d.

  2. The hitler one was full of so much epic win… :mrgreen:

  3. OMG he deserves a couple of beta keys for making that video at least.Haha, hilarious

  4. The Hitler meme gets me every time, just hilarious when he talks about watching the streamers over and over.

  5. I love watching those kill streak videos, there were a couple of times where it looked like it was going to finish early but the tracking on the hungering arrow really saved the day there a couple of times.  I wonder how many times he tried doing this to pull off that big of a number.
    Oh Hitler, what will you rage about next?

  6. How much XP does it take to go from lvl 12 to lvl 13 flux?

    • Number or play time? I don’t know the number off hand, but as my new barb is 12, I can look later.

      This barb I did a nearly full clear first time through, and he was just past clvl 10 at Leoric, in about 2 hours. And that had at least 20 or 30m of just sitting in town time as I had to go make popcorn and a cubo libre halfway through.Had to!

      I then replayed the last quest, which is just cats 2-4 plus the 2 small skeleton king levels. I did not do full clears, and that took me to 11.

      Next day I played last 2 quests, which starts with the Blacksmith’s wife mission, then goes through the whole Weeping Hollow and the 3 tombs in the cemetery of the forsaken, plus the cats 2-4 and Leoric’s levels. I got up to 11 somewhere in there and the Barb finally became slightly less tedious melee click click click click with Frenzy enabled.

      I then did another fairly quick run of the last quest, and was around clvl 12.3 after that. I’ll hit 13 if I do another Cats run.

      Total char play time to date is maybe 4 hours, and I’ve never hurried with him. Taking a lot of screenshots, pausing to switch active skills and experiment a lot, etc.

  7. Best part is at 2.40 to 2.45 of the killingspree vid when you have a zombie asking an other zombie for direction (they are left of the lantern)

  8. If there was an award for best Diablo video the Hitler one would get my vote. Can’t we give him like a cookie or something for that one?

  9. Like the 2nd video. But Starcraft II didn’t suck :O It’s awesome!

  10. I reckon the Hitler video thing jumped the shark a long time ago. 

  11. This shows a complete misunderstanding of the term \jump the shark\

  12. Both of these videos are glorious. LOL!

  13. I turly pissed myslf watching hitler

  14. Since I can understand German (not my first language though) the Hitler video was somewhat less funny then if it was all just incoherent words. But it was still quite amusing. And the massacre bonus, well, reaching the mythical massacre cap that Jay talked about will be possible if they allow us to jump from difficulty to difficulty like in D2 (which most likely will be possible), since then, you could take your Clvl.60 full Inferno gear char to Normal/Nightmare, whichever works better (killing could possibly be too fast in Normal with uber-powered char) and kill every monster in entire surface area of any given Act.

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