It’s grown very hard to find any beta videos that don’t show stuff you guys have seen 500x already. There’s only so much in the beta, after all. One way to escape that trap is to point to videos taken by some of the guys playing around with the Diablo 3 emulator project, where you can see lots of stuff not in the beta.

    I’m putting a big SPOILER WARNING on this one since it shows a lot of late game monsters that have never before been seen in any gameplay movies, screenshots, or even in concept art.

    You’re not going to see Diablo or anything *that* spoilery, but there are more than a dozen monsters from Acts 2-4, plus the WD’s Gargantuan pet, one of the Barbarian Ancients, and various NPCs as well. None of them do anything but stand around in their resting animations, but the sound effects are working, you see their names on the hover, and when the monsters get killed you see their death animations. Watch at your own risk!

    Both videos are below the fold now, for additional spoiler prevention.

    One interesting tidbit; you don’t need a hacked emulator to see monsters die in town; characters can cast any of their spells right in town, and monsters can come in and fight. You’ve probably seen the Scavengers on the bridge out of the north side of town; they’ll run right inside and chase you around, if you let them.

    If you want more spoiler late game monsters, you can see some screenshots of them courtesy of Butch Audacity in this thread. You might also enjoy this post by Raveharu, which lists the name of every monster in the game with a lore entry. By act there are 20, 16, 11, and 10. (Are there more new monsters in earlier acts? Or is the later act monster lore still being written? Or both?) We can’t hear the lore yet, since only the monsters found in the beta had their audio files included. (See, Blizzard did make some effort to prevent data mining spoilers.) But the name of every entry of monster lore is listed in the spreadsheets.

    This second video is very HQ, and it only shows monsters found in the Beta, so I guess it’s not technically a spoiler. (The Plague Flyers and Baby Quillrats appear much larger than usual size, so they look different.) It’s mostly filmed in zoom, and since the monsters just stand there in their resting animations, it’s very cool to watch. You don’t get to study those for long in the game because dead.

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