Diablo 3 Beta Ends Tomorrow Morning

For all of those who are wondering when the Diablo III beta is ending, a specific time has been announced for when the servers will be shut off for good until May 15th arrives. We will have until 3AM PDT to get our last fill of Diablo 3. If you haven’t killed King Leoric enough by now, this means you probably have enough time to do a fair amount of runs until time runs out.

As a reminder for all beta participants, the Diablo III closed beta will officially end tomorrow morning (May 1) at 3:00 a.m. PDT. At that time, beta servers will no longer be available for play.

Thank you so much for your insight and feedback during this critical stage of Diablo III’s development. We look forward to seeing you online — or at one of our midnight launch events — on May 15!

With the #D3 beta ending tonight at 3am, what do you plan to do for the two weeks leading to May 15? #FeelsLikeanEternity

So, what will the community be doing in the 2 weeks leading up to release?

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57 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Ends Tomorrow Morning

  1. Finishing my essay on game narrative, delivering a lecture at a university, finals, crying, and waiting for the GW2 beta to go back up. Not necessarily in that order. YMMV.

      • Time for a Diablo 2 hardcore ladder run for one last hurrah 😀
        Should be a fun stream when we do it.

        • looked at tera, it’s rated mature but has some of the most childish crap i’ve ever seen even on a nintendo. tera=way too pedofag.

      • looked at tera, it’s rated mature but has some of the most childish crap i’ve ever seen even on a nintendo. tera=way too pedofagy.

  2. Start a new HC Necro on D2 USEast and probably just fritter the time away until the 15th, maybe mix in some BF3

  3. Giving Diablo II one last run through before beginning a new chapter in the world of Sanctuary.

  4. already removed beta from my pc, wanted about a month inbetween.

    as for the next 2 weeks? well for starters i have the avengers to watch, several times.  of course thats not til friday

    also got

    finish up chores
    visit friends and let them know i will be leaving town for a couple weeks

    thats about it

    • The beta client is the same as the release client fyi…so uninstalling it is just going to cost you time later 🙂

        • Xeodus is right here. You can throw the Beta client into the Trash. Diablo III and Diablo III beta are completely different clients. Source: Everywhere.

          • In fact, Bliz tech support has recommended that you uninstall the beta before you start with the real game. In case b.net or other files overwrite or become redundant.  As touchy as the B.net launcher has been during the beta, I’m clearing everything of the beta off my machine. I wouldn’t take any chances on my full game install having problems.

  5. Gaming-wise, nothing really. I’ll be finishing up my studies and all of the real-world responsibilities in preperation of release. Aside from that, I’ll mostly watch StarCraft 2 streams and videos, and chill, resting and preparing for lauch.

  6. Give the time remaining to other games in my “to be played” list. Clean my apartment so I won’t have to for a few weeks after launch, do outside activities to counteract the amount of indoors I’ll be seeing come the 15th.

    • Just watched the Templar trailer on their home page – the animation made me want to cry 🙁

      Also – the skill effects seem…kinda boring…but maybe I’m just spoiled after smashing graves across the screen with the Barbarian 😛 

  7. Hell i’ll be working on my latest wallpapers as well as play some wow and d2 to pass the time. We have waited over 10 years for this. Two weeks will be nothing!

  8. Moving from Southern California to Hawaii, and getting internet up and running in my new place…

  9. I will likely give Path of Exile an updated try.
    I got the beta a long time ago and it was already very very “playable”.
    Since then, months have gone by and I’m assuming many many layers of polish have been added.  Can’t wait to try it out and see what updates are out there.


  10. Will be playing the DII ladder reset as one last hurrah before the 15th. Have to wait a couple of days for that though.

  11. Also recommend people check out path of exile. It’s what I’ll be playing! Diablo 2.5 if you will. 

  12. I’ll be doing the same things as i wasn’t invited to the beta, playing d2, watching old streams and some of the d2 ladder stream while waiting for my new gpu to arrive. I hope these next 2 weeks go quick.

  13. well i Ordered a brand new 2012 Subaru Wrx Limited on March 20th for my 40th Birth day, so i was kind of hoping that would be in befor the game came outm But it looks like the game will be out befor the Car arrives….. Waiting  waiting waitng, …yeah so thats what i am doing , working and waitng. 😀 either way i win the Game i have been waiting for forever is coming out and the car i have wanted for a while is also coming …. 8)

  14. I think a nice gaming detox is in order before I get back on the horse.

    • I do the same thing, but instead of not gaming, I just play horrible games.
      I would suggest AlternativA for this purpose. 

  15. I wonder if there will be any new one liners in Diablo3. Like the “Not even death can save you from me!” from Diablo2. Another thing I was wondering about is resistance. Will the different difficulties again lower our base resistance? Does anyone know?

    • That’s an interesting thought…if resists decreased every difficulty, imagine the -150% at inferno! With that said…intelligence does give resist in diablo 3!

  16. I for one just got done upgrading my computer and can play Starcraft on ultra and extreme and I am currently running through it with my brother also every morning I wake up kiss my wife and whisper inher ear the count down to d3 via this site she claims it may widow her  😈

  17. dont care about the old attrib system gone. D3 BETA was the most awfull thing, im still waiting for the final game. By the way Blizzard are losing a lot of quality in gameplay, SCBW was brilliant demanding game that did KOREA the capital of \E-SPORTS\ they change the vision of videogames….SC2 its OK too easy even for casual-noob players they still have time to fix this with HOTS or next expansion, Diablo2 was epic with his original colors,gothic STYLE, gore…D3 looks like another OK but not impressed, there are lot of games with that shinny shitty color style,….ppl need to be more demanding with blizz new games, remember one game StarCraft did in SOUTH KOREA…if your pleased with D3 Beta style you are mediocre!! who never likes scbw,d2

    • I saw you posted this somewhere else, please quit trolling here. I loved and played a tonnes of SC1 and D2, and I also can’t stop playing even the beta ver of D3!

      There you go, my fact just render yours invalid. 

  18. Uninstalled the beta client just now, and have instead installed The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition, as the closest thing to Dark Souls PC I will ever play before August 24th. 14 days, ladies and gents! 14 days!

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