During today’s Activision/Blizzard conference call, Blizzard CEO DiabloWikiMike Morhaime revealed that the Diablo III beta test would begin… during the third quarter. Nothing other than what they’d told us 3 months ago during the last conference call. We had 2500 people in our live chat at that point, which meant 5000 ears began to bleed with DISAPPOINT.

    For more details about the beta build and new game info, please refer to the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta wiki article, or any of the 45 news posts we’ve made over the past three days.

    One interesting question was asked by the financial press. What sort of revenue do they expect to earn from Diablo III players? Mike Morhaime seemed to be caught flatfooted by that, and gave about five “Um…”s during his short non-answer. Paraphrase, “We expect Diablo 3 to mostly earn revenues from box sales. The Auction House is new and unknown and we don’t really know what sort of business it’ll do for us.”

    Another later question asked about Diablo 3 release date, and Morhaime talked about a lot of moving parts, new system for Auction House, and very complicated. Can’t offer any prediction yet…

    Update: If you want to see how the business press treats conference calls, here’s an article on Yahoo about it. Not one mention of Diablo III.

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