Diablo 3 Beta Date (Not) Announced

Diablo 3 Beta Date (Not) Announced

During today’s Activision/Blizzard conference call, Blizzard CEO DiabloWikiMike Morhaime revealed that the Diablo III beta test would begin… during the third quarter. Nothing other than what they’d told us 3 months ago during the last conference call. We had 2500 people in our live chat at that point, which meant 5000 ears began to bleed with DISAPPOINT.

For more details about the beta build and new game info, please refer to the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 Beta wiki article, or any of the 45 news posts we’ve made over the past three days.

One interesting question was asked by the financial press. What sort of revenue do they expect to earn from Diablo III players? Mike Morhaime seemed to be caught flatfooted by that, and gave about five “Um…”s during his short non-answer. Paraphrase, “We expect Diablo 3 to mostly earn revenues from box sales. The Auction House is new and unknown and we don’t really know what sort of business it’ll do for us.”

Another later question asked about Diablo 3 release date, and Morhaime talked about a lot of moving parts, new system for Auction House, and very complicated. Can’t offer any prediction yet…

Update: If you want to see how the business press treats conference calls, here’s an article on Yahoo about it. Not one mention of Diablo III.

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    51 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Date (Not) Announced

    1. Did they give an update on the release date target?  Still “this year if the quality blah blah”?

    2. Anyway, if the BETA is going to be released within the next two months during Q3, Im ok…

    3. this was my first conference call. i could have planted a tree, or drank a beer, but i wasted 40 minutes of my time with hearing info i knew beforehand. ty blizz

      • No one from Blizz promised you anything. That was conference call for investors. You probably lied in the registration form. What did you expect then?

    4. Didn’t anyone hear this quote from Mike “players who participate in this optional system will be able to list items on the auction house for a flat fee WITH ANOTHER CHARGE FOR COMPLETED TRANSACTIONS.”

    5. I was in the middle of the chat when I had to pee. I came back feeling refreshed and ready for some good news when BAM, Blizzard pees all over my hopes.

    6. I was not disappointed since I wasn’t expecting much new information about D3. At best I thought Mike would say “we expect the Beta to start in the middle of September” or something kind of vague like that. I guess Q3 is just a bit more vague, and not new, but at least it’s not pushed back, yet… It’s the second time I listen to these conference calls, so I knew it wouldn’t be that interesting, in term of valuable information for the gamers. You need to keep in mind that these conference calls are primarily for the shareholders, not for the guys in the Diablo forums…

    7. I’m starting to think that we are longing for the beta so damn bad that we are slowly becoming a little delusional…
      Let’s face it – if Blizzard announces any time frame, we’d be better to assume that the thing for which it was announced will, if it makes it, happen as late as possible.

      • One guy asked about the actual start date and Mikes reply consisted of “Um we dont know um untill beta is out, lots of moving parts because of RMAH.” and then someone asked about the future revenue projection which Flux eludes to in the post itself.

    8. That was incredibly disappointing 🙁

      They did say that Blizzard would be attending Gamescon later this month (August 18-21) I imagine the beta will be announced there.

      I WANT IT NOW!! 🙁

      • Moggie – it was disappointing because we expected it. Blizzard gave no real, direct hint as to “conference call beta start” thing. It was us who put it into our heads and we are the only people to blame.
        Don’t start believing that they will tell something at Gamescom… It’s better to be suprised and happy than to be disappointed.

    9. My god people, you all make me laugh. They said “3rd quarter” the first time Beta was known to be released. I think you all forget the months of the 3rd quarter. First, divide the whole year by 4…That’s 3 – 3 months per quarter (get it? 1/4 a year is a quarter of a year which is 3 months? Hardcore math!). What months are the 3rd quarter? Well 7, 8, and 9. Wait…Oh shnap, we only finished 7… 2 whole months LEFT???
      Stop predicting and just be patient. We have until September 30 if they want us to wait until the end of the quarter. There was no real reason to believe that it was going to be released on August 1st. Just because a cool thing was going on with Blizzard and stuff doesn’t mean they’re going to tell us the date. Don’t forget on how Blizzard loves surprising people when they least expect it.

        • A lot of people seem to have forget about the fact that Blizzard actually said they would give ‘more’ information about the beta in the upcoming conference call during the last one in May, so people did not just ‘put’ things into their minds but expected information based on last conference’s call prediction. Of course, Blizzard being Blizzard, how reliable can you get but it is still a shame. I now feel that they are also less confident about their 2011 release date than before, or maybe that is just me ? Well, here’s hope.

    10. If the beta and game are delayed due to RMAH, THEN will I absolutely loathe and detest the fracking idea.

      I want to kill monsters, loot them and level up whilst enjoying a story.  I don’t need a banner, a RMAH, a virtual poodle that can tell me when my friends are online or a fracking backrub!  Just release the fracking beta.

      It’s all my fault.. every time I get excited for DIII, I just get let down… I should stick to my co-workers advice “Wake me up when the game is on the shelf.  See you in 2013.”

    11. The live chat was kind of silly, people were getting upset that CoD was being brought up.
      They were getting upset that while listening in on an ACTIVISION conference, CoD was mentioned…

      The bandwagon antagonism is just starting to get sad.

    12. This is exactly what I would have expected from Blizzard. Why even have the big hoopla about this meeting today or the announcment back on the 1st if we were not going to get a beta release date. The last few days were a waste of time. I could have done without the announcement of the auction house, that could have waited to Blizzcon. To be honest with you, dont get your hopes up for a release this year. Just like every game in past Blizzard will need time to polish up the game and fix a load of stuff after beta. As much as I would love to see the game released this year, It wouldn’t surprise me one bit if Diablo 3 doesnt get realesed till Q2 of 2012.

    13. With only about 7 weeks left, you’d think they would have a clear date set for a beta release. It would appear to me that it’s looking like a september release and giving a date now is too early. I was personally hoping for them to please everyone and say “beta invites in a week” but yeahhhh nah

    14. I have Diablo 3 news fatigue. The no specific release date of the beta hasn’t helped. I need a break.

    15. I am a financial guy and I seldom here sensitive dates mentioned in conference calls, just timeframes.  This is nothing new.  You all wasted your time expecting something that simply wasn’t going to happen.  Think about it… does Google discuss the EXACT DATE that they will launch one of their website labs?  How about Apple, will they tell us the EXACT date that Cloud will go online in a conference call?  No.  To do so could negatively affect their stock valuation if they miss the window.

      • That’s why they did the whole “can not project any game release in 2011. Since they can’t legally project something they’re not sure of.

        But most people were expecting a beta start window that was narrower than the same “3rd quarter” they said last time. They said that this call would have new info about the beta. So expecting something on that front wasn’t too big a stretch. Even though we should all know by now to never look for dates or times from Blizzard.

    16. I think beta really close now, but Mike just create some space for last minute force majors and same stuff. So if he tells “Beta: Q3” at Conf.Call and release beta at Aug 10 ppl will be happy. But if he tells “Beta: Aug 10” and change date later, ppl will be so sad.

    17. Best thing about this was definitely that dude with the austrian/german accent. He always cracks me up…
      “Toor iz heeah”

      • Cause the end of September is the end of the 3rd quarter.  

        In related news, 2011 is expected to end by the end of December.

    18. Probably it’s my misinterpretation but I didn’t understand it as “expected within Q3” but rather “expect by second half of September”. I realize it’s probably simply within Q3.

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