We’ve been treating a Diablo III public beta test as a given ever since the game was announced back in June 2008, but I believe this is the first concrete, solid, guaranteed confirmation of it from a D3 developer. It’s from one of the Blizzcon interviews with DiabloWikiChristian Lichtner and DiabloWikiJason Bender.

    When asked “Are there any plans for a pre-release demo or something of the like for Diablo III?”

    Christian Lichtner: There will be a closed beta. I can say that. We definitely will have that. It’s incredibly important for us to get feedback from people. You know, we only want to put a game out there when it’s done. For example, when World of Warcraft had its really long beta, everyone thought it was madness. It was like “Who’s gonna buy this game? People have been playing it for free for months!” And all it did was make the game better. We need it. We need people playing the game and giving feedback, so we can make the game better.

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