Diablo 3 Beta Character Creation Movie

Someone’s posted a very short, but high quality movie of the Diablo III character creation screen, taken from the Diablo 3 Beta. It’s just 17 seconds long, but it shows both genders for all five character classes.

The display features each character in mid-level armor (just as inspiration; your new char is Clvl 1 and bare ass naked), plus a small video window demonstrates various of their skills, also for inspirational purposes. There’s even a couple of paragraphs of text about each class, describing their lore and game function in light detail.

Click the thumbs to view each image in excellent, readable size and quality. They’re all found in our Diablo 3 Beta Interface gallery. Click through to see the movie itself.

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24 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Beta Character Creation Movie

  1. I think those five “leaked” skill videos are what is showed in class selection screen examples. Thats why it’s quality is so poor (because of the window size) and no sound.

  2. When I think about Diablo 3, I get so excited, yet I have no real feeling of playing it, as it doesn’t seem real, it just seems like a fantasy, like watching an apocalypse film like zombies or something… I don’t know how I will react when I play the game, or for that matter, the beta…


    P.S I am excite.

    Edit: I need someone [a mod] to help me make an account, as it wont let me and it says to do this, so 😛

  3. i just read on another forum that the images/video have been leaked by a former blizzard employee who had been in the internal beta. there’s no source or evidence given, that this is actually the case, but it seems more plausible to than the beta starting without a heads-up.

    • That’s likely untrue. The Friends and Family beta just started, and it’s probably from some people in that.

  4. I like the selection screen like it shows up on Diablo 3 site…this one is unfriendly to the eye…ugly.

  5. Hmn… I really hoped the char selection screen would be more like D2, as in the D3 site… Maybe they’ll change it with time?

  6. I’m sad that the heroes gathered around the campfire style of selection screen isn’t returning but oh well…

    So apparently those skill demonstration videos that were leaked last week are for the hero selection screen… kinda sucks for the skills that don’t show up well on black backgrounds like that demon hunter one later on in their clip… I don’t get why they didn’t use in-game demonstrations like they did with all the starcraft 2 unit/ability/upgrade videos in the single player campaign…

  7. I do not know if it is just me, but in Diablo 2, seeing all the characters presiding near the campfire, was epic beyond words…

    The new intro screen feels sort of… generic… and takes away some of the amazing Diablo feel.

    As much as I do not wish for Beta to be pushed back, I am still hoping that this is just a temporary creation screen.

  8. The campfire selection screen was cool in Diablo 2, but it needs to stay there as a unique Diablo 2 feature. Besides, this is a leaked video of the beta version of this screen.

    • I would usually follow the “just a beta” logic, but this follows the theme of the rest of the bnet UI stuff. Like game creation.

  9. I agree with the people who don’t like the new selection screen .. i like the campfire version way more.

    Also the text on the left is over-sized and ugly (specially without any menu behind it) .. and i don’t see any point in showing skill videos .. can’t you let the players pick the character and try it for themselves .. you know .. the vids can be seen on the site or anywhere on the internet .. of course since internet connection is required for the game anyone can check the skill vids on the D3 main site.


    I want these back 😥

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