The nominations were announced days before the show, and the winners have been proclaimed after just one day of the show. (why it’s almost enough to make you think the “judging” was done well with Golden Globes-like integrity, rather than being based on the versions of the games actually shown at Gamescom!) At any rate, a winner is Diablo III!

    The show may run until 21 August, but Gamescom’s very own “expert jury” has already picked the best of the best in 8 categories.

    As the headline suggests, Battlefield 3 was awarded the ‘best of Gamescom’, with other winners announced in categories like ‘best console game’ and ‘best PC game’.

    I’m sure this prize will occupy a very small niche in Blizzard’s extensive trophy displays, but it’s something for Diablo III to be proud of, at least.

    Update: @Diablo is urging you to vote for D3 as the best title from Gamescom. If they win they’ll release the beta (eventually). You can vote here.

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