New Diablo 3 Battlenet Images & Features

Ahead of schedule (but you knew it was coming) are a couple of new images and a quick bullet list of new and confirmed information gleaned from last week’s press interviews (allegedly). This came via an attendee via IRC and the list below is how he worded it, free to post immediately.  We will not be confirming or denying this material until the midnight NDA deadline, but you’re free to read it now.

Our full report on the new info revealed at this week’s Blizzard media event will be posted at midnight tonight.


  • Beta will start in waves. North America first, Europe later.
  • “Real Money” DiabloWikiAuction House. You can sell and buy Items for Real Money. You have to pay fee to Blizzard for it. You can also use an Ingame-Gold Acution House.
  • Blizzard will not sell Gold or Items. It is just Player to Player Trading.
  • Every Class has its own introduction video.
  • The DiabloWikiAuction House has an amazing search system it sorts the items by the best stats for your character.
  • Beta contains all five classes and ends with Leoric.
  • DiabloWikiHardcore Modus is in (No more Infos)
  • Match-Making-System for Random Groups and PvP-Arena.
  • Sharing-Stash confirmed.
  • Banner-System: You have a Virtual-Banner for your DiabloWikiAchievements. It contains all Achievements from your account (not Character).
  • They will also release a long new gameplay trailer tomorrow. It will contain new skills and runes.
  • No specific End-Game Content (No Raids etc.), but they want to add more stuff for high level players later.
  • Naming-System will work like in StarCraft 2. You have a name and an ID like Diablo.113

More Infos about the Demon Hunter:

  • DiabloWikiDemon Hunter has two resources: Hate and Discipline
  • He uses DiabloWikiHate for Attacks pells. Hate regenerates very fast.
  • DiabloWikiDiscipline is for defensive abilities and regenerates slowly.
  • No changes on the resources-system for the other classes.

First images is of your Friend’s List and the second is your account achievements.

Battlenet Diablo 3 Friends List Diablo 3 Account Achievement

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  1. Posted this in the leak thread, but if it turns out to be true…

    If you can’t beat them (D2JSP), then you can only compete with them by making them irrelevant.

    This is Blizzard winning by actively giving up. Assuming the stuff in the thread is true.
    Yet there is no other real option to combat people selling things outside of the game. RMT will occur, and it’s best if it happens in a safe and secure environment. Sure, you’re only thinking about the game, but Blizzard has to think about liability, loss of profit, and also the security of people who are using these websites and services.

    • If this is true, the items bought for real money better be somehow labeled as such in-game so the people who bought them could be easily identified. (That way, the top ranked arena team using all $ bought items can be laughed at and ridiculed, for example).
      On the other hand, put too many restrictions and people will just bypass the in-game system and continue to buy & sell on websites.

  2. horrible. way to ruin diablo bliz.  thank god for skyrim

  3. put on your RAGE FACE

  4. I refused to use real money to buy items in d2 and I refused to buy gold when I played WoW. Now it’s ok? Fuck you Blizzard.

    • You can sell items. That’s the point. However it looks strange they’ll release it before SC2 Map Market.
      And they can bring back binds on pick-up and equip. Or add arena’s rating requirement for high level pvp-gear so you can’t just buy it for real money.

  5. ..ew.
    i like the character class introductions, be interesting….game play trailer? nice..

  6. The ‘allegedly’ part of that most still leaves me Skeptical about some, if not all of it.

  7. although im glad to see hardcore mode is back…but the real money…the fuck?

  8. Gotta love all the peeps presaging the game’s end (before it’s even released) JUST because of the Real Money AH.
    Maybe it’s because I NEVER EVER traded in D2 and therefore am missing something particular, but last time I checked the game’s not just about trading items, or is it?

    • The game is essentially about trying to get the best possible gear you can.  You either are going to farm it all yourself, and HOPE you get it, or trade your way to it.  Different means to the same end.

  9. I never traded in D2, I just played but if i can sell some items I find, thats ok. I just want to hear about Guild support!!! Blizzard wastes a lot of time on things. With all the money they make, you would think they would have a larger staff…. Ubisoft runs rings around them its sad. But anyway i’m stoked, I think its all good 🙂 But thats cuz i’m just glad to see Diablo 3, by Blizzard!  :p

  10. Don’t like the real money thing if it’s true, the farming companies will have a field day with that if the best equipment isn’t binding to your character or account somehow.

    • The only thing Blizzard have to do is add a limit to real money trade per day for every account.
      This is not rocket science.

  11. Selling drops for real money?

    THIS BETTER mean MF is GONE. Period.

  12. people need to stop moaning… all it means is that you can still trade in game but if you want better stuff you have to pay “real” money to get it. the philosophy is quite simple and has been implemented into most games across all genre of games. personaly i am not too keen on an auction house but that is because i dont really like it in wow. but if they can make it work for diablo im still happy :D. some people need to accept the game for the grinding piece of heaven that it is and just have fun on it. diablo was always better when it was about the game/lore/loot and leveling and not the trading. sorry if ive ranted but people are so fast to hate on this game after the slightest piece of info.

  13. Dumb question: Will this end the endless spamming of gold/charcter service  that occured in D2 Battlenet MP games?

    If so, I’m all for it.

    • Probably not, maybe it will increase

    • No, it likely made it a LOT worse.
      It also makes anyone with a good piece of gear on a major target for account thieves since gear doesn’t bind on use.

      There’s so many holes to this that it’s rather ludicrous. But it isn’t confirmed yet. We’ll see at midnight.

    • depends on how it the system works.
      For example if you can’t see the player selling in real money trade, there will be no more spamming. Adding limits in real money trading will ensure no one can do it full time. Things like that is the deciding factor whether this is going to be good or bad.
      Basically, with this in place Blizzard have control over the market, everything depends on how they use this power.

  14. As I said in the forums, what if they seperated characters/servers into hardcore, softcore, and real money trading-enabled?  That’s about the only way I could see it working, actually, especially with everything they’ve said about wanting a viable economy where gold has value etc.  That way people who wanted to stay away from those servers (and the endless advertising, botting, etc it’d lead to), they could.

  15. Why would I trade for in game gold when I can trade my items for real money?

    This just seems like a move by Blizzard to make money from the websites that already sell items for money by making them use their in game trading system.  I just hope that they can stop bots.

  16. Honestly this is what i expected. Micro transactions seem to be the way of the future. Just look at games like TF2 and League of Legends. Though those games push the idea that you’re not getting more powerful, just acquiring different things. This seems to be more along the lines of paying to be more powerful, and I’m not sure I feel comfortable with that or not. I mean its a way for people who dont play for hours on end to catch up and its not like it wasnt done in Diablo 2 with all those loot websites..

    • yeah but THOSE games are f4p games, the only way the devs get money is from micro transactions, but i’m sure we’re going to pay around 60 € like the rest of the games, for a D3 game easily, so IMO:
      micro transactions or real money in game = ruining diablo forever

  17. Is this real? Blizzard cannot be serious about their AH idea.

  18. But why do you need to have instant access to hi-end items??? You will be playing with your friends or solo…and even in pvp – any dumb dodo can buy machine gun and win, for me the natire of Diablo games was allways to play a game and find items, and use these items and not to take morgage just so I can buy the best items on web…

  19. I would rather they took out trading altogether and make all items bind on account than this crap

  20. This is the way D2 works but with external sites, i believe it’s a good idea that Blizzard handles it instead because you can’t stop it.

  21. Trading with real money also means you can sell things. Furthermore in-game gold trading is still in. People should acknowledge that item/gold farmer will always be here. In Diablo 2, it is possible to buy both the best item and gold. Even worse then Diablo 3. With this in place gold/item farmer will have no place in diablo 3, if the system is done right. It will ensure that all item have a stable price(unlike in other game where gold farmer can and will inflate the real money price of gold and items) and more competition means lower price since a lot of seller doesn’t do this for a living and can afford to sell at lower prices. However, there needs to be rules in place for example real money trading limits, maybe in-game gold trading limits, prevent monopoly over certain items which is possible in WoW, etc. This is going to be fairly complex because in-game trade will also influence the price of real money trading  Personally, I will probably sell thing for real money and buy thing with in game gold.

  22. buy and sell items thru auction house? this is the best news!! no more grinding for hours end… just buy the item, enjoy the game, sell the item when your over the game.

    Guys, I can see the same thing coming for Diablo 3 if it’s true. We gonna buy our gear from chinese prison farmers :/

  24. Well I couldn’t wait for this gaome to go to Beta, but now with the real money thing, I am over this game already…..Blizzard you just fucked it up! The economy sucks and we are barely going to be able to buy this game so you throw in more expense?   I’m outta here bitches….

  25. While I’m not opposed to RMT on principle, I think it all comes down to implementation.
    My biggest concern is that there would be no incentive to sell good items on the gold AH, if you can just sell them for real money.
    I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it goes…

    • Point right there. As it looks right now the top tier gear will be available for cold, hard cash only. Oh, well… Just more grinding for me. I wouldn’t buy items for real money anyway. I have two simple principles when it comes to internet: Never pay for porn and Never buy gold 🙂 Or more broadly: Why should I spend my hard earned bucks for something I can get for free with just a little more effort?

    • I think plenty of people, young folks especially who don’t have a CC/debit card to set up an account with, would be willing to trade in AHs with gold.  Others just wouldn’t be willing to pay real money for items.  I’m not familiar with how AHs have been set up in other games, but I think this has potential.

      Also, paying real money for items = lame.  But you know what, I’ve done it.  I’ve played DII for years.  But when I last came back to it for a few months, I just wanted to play, without the need to grind for hours to have really good gear.  I knew I’d only keep up interest for a few months and thought, “Yeah, I’d love to try this random rune word.”  Plus, y’know, I have a real job and other hobbies.  Being able to buy decent gear and build a character towards using that gear was a nice option.

  26. Blizzard says that they will not sell ingame items but yet offer a service for a fee that supports RMT which allows players to sell ingame items for real money. Talk about major disappointment and a way to ruin a great name. This is what we waited 6+ years for ? Its disgusting what they are doing to what was once a great ip.

  27. real money? Blizzard don’t screw this up!

  28. i hope the “buy with real money” thing its just a fake…
    its so easy to make a good AH, even then wow-like AH is better than this shit of paying…
    If you check again the main post:

    “Real Money” Auction House. You can sell and buy Items for Real Money. You have to pay fee to Blizzard for it. You can also use an Ingame-Gold Acution House.
    Blizzard will not sell Gold or Items. It is just Player to Player Trading.

    how the fuck you sell items for real money ? giving your bank acc ? fuck off
    paying a fee for selling ?? – ahhahaha good joke
    Blizzard will not sell gold or items…… err how we know that ? we can’t
    “its just player to player trading” – yes, it will be a new employ at blizzard, named “chinese-farmer” i’m gonna leave my work and start playing D3 about 20h a day farming items and selling em for real life money, its my dream’s job ¬¬

  29. OH MY GOD IT WILL BE… exactly like diablo 2 except without the spam. And you idiots think this is a bad thing? God i wish i you people weren’t a part of this community and there were people who could actually think in it.

  30. TBH, this auction house feature is not the worst idea. Although I doubt that many people will use the real money feauture, it shouldn’t warrant you guys saying that this game is a worthless pile of dog shit. Honestly, that is the most ignorant thing that anybody can say. It’s like saying that you will refuse to eat a particular gourmet meal because there’s a particle of dirt on it – it’s not gonna give you cancer! I agree to some extent that this is a very greedy thing for Blizzard to do, but if it really bothers you guys so much then don’t use that particular feature or maybe just use the in-game currency auction house instead. Simple.

  31. Something is fishy as hell with this, and I really mean fishy X) beta ends with leoric, but on the pic someone is a leve 31 barb on act 2 nightmare. Something just doesn’t feel right, the pics could be viable but the the info, not so much :/ but we’ll see =)

    • Gotta be that they loaded a character in to wipe the beta quickly to grab the screenshot. They did it in no time at all. This is legit, or else Elly wouldn’t have posted it. They know what happened…

    • Those are stock press pictures, they don’t have(nor do they appear to be) pictures related to the public beta versions.

  32. Beta will start in North America…..then go to Europe…..what about the Aussies ….We can play Starcraft on NA servers you reckon we can get in the NA Beta??

    As for the Auction house…to me the best part of the game is playing to find that illusive sword etc, it does feel a little cheap that people can now just go buy it. However as people have mentioned… could do it in D2, now Blizz….ahem activision,,,,lol is getting there cut. I wont be buying anything off it. and i reckon i will be in game trading…gonna get better stuff than selling a level 14 gem for $8….after tax….

  33. Bobby Kotick. Why hasn’t anybody blamed him yet?

    This is just plain stupid, put in to yank monies off those who want to get items quick, therefore wrecking the whole freaking point of the game before it’s even started. Ultimately Blizzard will enforce trading restrictions in the hope of limiting farming and botting, but even if they do (botting and farming will mean more cash for Kotick remember), any unscrupulous traders will just go back to thier websites and continue unharmed.

    A simple cash grab that will achieve nothing else.
    I just hope there is a banner addition for those who have traded with real money. So I know who’s been doing it.

    • I’m surprise no one have blame Valve yet. TF 2 is a game with up front fee and micro-transaction.

      • Yeh, but with microtransactions that don’t actually change the game at all, and can all be found/traded for with relative ease. Unless you count those set bonuses, but they don’t do jack really.

        This will be game-changing. I’d love to hear what the TF2 team thinks about this system, I’d say it wouldn’t be glowing.

        And acutally you can play TF2 for free now… like Activision would ever do that with a game! 😀

  34. I think plenty of people, young folks especially who don’t have a CC/debit card to set up an account with, would be willing to trade in AHs with gold.  Others just wouldn’t be willing to pay real money for items.  I’m not familiar with how AHs have been set up in other games, but I think this has potential. Also, paying real money for items = lame.  But you know what, I’ve done it.  I’ve played DII for years.  But when I last came back to it for a few months, I just wanted to play, without the need to grind for hours to have really good gear.  I knew I’d only keep up interest for a few months and thought, \Yeah, I’d love to try this random rune word.\  Plus, y’know, I have a real job and other hobbies.  Being able to buy decent gear and build a character towards using that gear was a nice option.

  35. Well…. still think its fake however i’m very sure of one thing. If this real money AH is true Blizzard wont have my money, i’ll just pirate my first Blizzard game and play in singleplayer.

  36. Not sure Im seeing why everyone is getting upset over real money purchases. You could just use the free auction house? Not like there’s going to be VIP equipment on real money AH. Only thing I wasn’t so keen on was America only beta for awhile, fml

  37. The point is, why would I sell my axe at the gold AH if i can try to pull out some real money of it? This just encourages the real money items selling.

  38. Diablo 3 is finished. My pre-order was just canceled. I dont play games where you can use money to be more powerful

  39. Assuming its not a hoax , the addition of a real cash system is in my opinion a terrible idea. it will promote bots,hacks, and farming like nothing ever seen before, not to mention the game economy will become deformed due to popular & elite tier items being real money only, PVP will become battle of the bank balances. while its not a deal breaker for me play-wize, i cant support it.

  40. US first, Europe later??? What about rest of the world?? And why do I see nowhere mentioned the alleged “no offline play”? And why are people bitching so much about the real money thing? Noone’s forcing you to use it. It’s just there for people who would want to use that feature. Not mandatory. Get over yourselves crybabies.

  41. I really hope there’s a way of telling if people bought items. If not I’ll most likely won’t be playing this game for long.
    Involving real money into a game is a terrible idea. Now I will have to consider actually using an item myself or give into being a money whore and sell it. Chances are most people will sell the item instead of using it. I refuse to play games this way.
    I don’t understand where the need to buy items with real money comes from? How does this give anyone any sense of achievement? To me it’s just a form of condoned cheating and completely destroys the sense of fair balance and achievement.
    As I’ve said before, if you don’t like a feature of a game just don’t use it. And I don’t like being called a hypocrite so I will be avoiding the RMT AH with a passion.

  42. So, over-achievers can only get banners to show off? I surely hope they have something more amazing planned than that. I still want my cosmetic, useless rewards dammit.

  43. Next thing you know they will allow Map hack… because you know 90% of people use it anyways and they can’t stop it, so why not embrace it ?

    boting, it’s the only way to get idems don’t you know, don’t have time to play 24/7 like those chinese farmers? no problem buy you bot today
    What’s next… oh someone ahs a private dupe… you can’t have that, everybody should have a dupe
    Map hack only 9.99 $ at the blizzard store, the bot is 19.99$,the dupe method only 49.99$ …. if you buy all you can get it for 69.99$ order yours today!
    die in a fire blizzard, die in a fire

  44. in the bottom left picture….wtf at the alliance/horde image banners on Diablo characters.

  45. Well, at start I don’t like it. Now, after listen a lot of opinions, I don’t think its so bad. Blizzard eliminated the gold/item sellers. My concern is about farm bots. But if Blizzard can stop them we got a nice system. 
    Yes, I know the top items will be available only through DRM but you can make some profit too and buy the item. You can choose the way you play. I approve it.

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