Ahead of schedule (but you knew it was coming) are a couple of new images and a quick bullet list of new and confirmed information gleaned from last week’s press interviews (allegedly). This came via an attendee via IRC and the list below is how he worded it, free to post immediately.  We will not be confirming or denying this material until the midnight NDA deadline, but you’re free to read it now.

    Our full report on the new info revealed at this week’s Blizzard media event will be posted at midnight tonight.


    • Beta will start in waves. North America first, Europe later.
    • “Real Money” DiabloWikiAuction House. You can sell and buy Items for Real Money. You have to pay fee to Blizzard for it. You can also use an Ingame-Gold Acution House.
    • Blizzard will not sell Gold or Items. It is just Player to Player Trading.
    • Every Class has its own introduction video.
    • The DiabloWikiAuction House has an amazing search system it sorts the items by the best stats for your character.
    • Beta contains all five classes and ends with Leoric.
    • DiabloWikiHardcore Modus is in (No more Infos)
    • Match-Making-System for Random Groups and PvP-Arena.
    • Sharing-Stash confirmed.
    • Banner-System: You have a Virtual-Banner for your DiabloWikiAchievements. It contains all Achievements from your account (not Character).
    • They will also release a long new gameplay trailer tomorrow. It will contain new skills and runes.
    • No specific End-Game Content (No Raids etc.), but they want to add more stuff for high level players later.
    • Naming-System will work like in StarCraft 2. You have a name and an ID like Diablo.113

    More Infos about the Demon Hunter:

    • DiabloWikiDemon Hunter has two resources: Hate and Discipline
    • He uses DiabloWikiHate for Attacks pells. Hate regenerates very fast.
    • DiabloWikiDiscipline is for defensive abilities and regenerates slowly.
    • No changes on the resources-system for the other classes.

    First images is of your Friend’s List and the second is your account achievements.

    Battlenet Diablo 3 Friends List Diablo 3 Account Achievement

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