Diablo 3 on Battle.net: Chat Spam Problems?

A fan posted some complaints about chat spam from gold and item selling sites and got a blue reply. And it’s not just “Bind on Everything in Reaper of Souls ends this in 2.5 months”.

This is becoming a major problem in the game. Hundreds of accounts being made solely for the purpose of spamming URLs to gold farming websites via friend requests. Players of legitimate accounts are logging in to find their friends list full of dozens of useless requests. Can you PLEASE address this? I would think it an easy fix… just remove the ability for trial accounts to SEND friend requests, only allow them to receive friends, Such a simple fix to a serious problem. I bet that would get rid of a lot of the work required to sift through the hundreds of spam reports for each spam account made.

Edit: Upon being told trial accounts are not the problem, another solution would be a check box option in general settings or in the friends list window to auto-block friend requests. The player could disable this option to accept requests from known friends and then re-enable it to block all the spammers.
Vaeflare: When we log in to play Diablo III, we experience much of the same frustrations you’re describing here, and indeed: in-game spam sucks.

The short version is that this is actually quite a complex issue, as Blaten13 noted. We’ve had some successes and some failures, and it’s possible we may never be able to get rid of in-game spam completely. It’s not really something you can fix once and never have to pay attention to again (since spammers continually evolve their arsenal of clever tricks in order to promote their wares and services). Regardless, we know that receiving in-game spam is annoying and we’re committed to keep trying new solutions, understanding that they may not always be 100% effective. In the end, our goal is to curb as much bad behavior as possible, while still ensuring that legitimate players can freely connect and chat with their friends.

In the meantime, please do report spam friend requests to us so that these reports can be reviewed ASAP by the appropriate teams, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any and all news we have regarding this subject.

If item binding stays as it is now in in Loot 2.0 and Reaper of Souls, there will be zero reason for gold/item selling spam past late-March. But for now, is this really such an issue for so many players? I often see posts complaining about gold selling site spam but to be honest, I don’t think I have ever received a friend request or PM of that nature, and I spent a lot of hours on Battle.net in D3 and have spent quite a few more of late in the RoS beta.

So… why do some players see so much of this while others see none? Do people remain in general chat channels all the time, even while playing, making themselves targets for the spam bots? Is this that big an issue for most players? I’m curious, hence a survey masquerading as a vote.

Gold/Item seller spam in chat and friend requests on Diablo 3's Battle.net:

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37 thoughts on “Diablo 3 on Battle.net: Chat Spam Problems?

  1. It really seems to vary a lot.
    When I play on EU (my main region) I get a more spam invites than when I play on US (pretty much never getting any spams there).
    Even on EU it is only like 1 every week/month at the most.
    While others claim they get invite spams every day.

    It cant be because my email is super secret or something, since I get endless spam mails for Blizzard games in my mailbox.

    I never ever join general chat. Dont know if that could be a reason.

    • I’m curious to hear from others. Like you, I’m never in general chat except sometimes when I log on it shunts me right to it. But I always leave it once I’m playing since chat spam BS in the lower right corner ruins the game experience.

      Do some people leave the chat on all the time? If so, why?

      • I get several requests a day from PVPbank. I have been reporting them as spam for almost 2 months now and it never stops … I didnt play once for a few days and came back to a dozen requests from PVPbank. I am sure when I log on today I will have at least 3 more that I will have to report as spam. Until RoS comes out … I dont see this ending for me.

        • Ironically … since I posted on these forums the PVPbank onslaught has finally stopped. I am not sure what changed in the last few days … but I havent gotten one request where I used to get a few a day. Maybe this post brought to blizz’s attention the huge problem with PVPbank?

      • I always have General chat and Trade chat open. Every time I log in to battle.net it automatically joins those channels, and I get auto-spammed each time, usually 2-3 friend requests from random account names.

        Vaeflare’s answer that it’s “difficult” is a complete cop-out.

        Some pretty easy things they could do to stop it or seriously curb it:
        1. A limit on the number of friend requests you can initiate in a time period.
        2. Prevent friend requests being sent to people who have just joined a public channel, for a minute.
        3. Have an option to block all friend requests which can be enabled by anyone any time they choose (I’d leave it always on). It would log friend requests but you’d have to go to a special place to see it.
        4. Disallow friend requests that have obvious URLs in them – this will only work for so long, but better than nothing.

        • I get pretty much the same amount of spammers and am always in General Chat. it does get annoying.

          One thing I was thinking is why they don’t limit the amount of friend requests and chat lines lvl 1 characters can do. Why can’t they just set it that if your highest lvl character is 1, you can only send out 5 friend requests, period, and can only type one line worth of words in chat. lvl 2 could remove the restriction or expand it. If you don’t even play up to meeting Leah in the inn you probably dont need 20 friends on the account…

        • The difficulty is that Bliz is chronically understaffed in Bnet programmers, and they have to support all of Blizzard’s titles.

          Which is why D3 or RoS can get changes quickly in patches, but things like new achievements, AH search engine fixes, social features, chat channel improvements, etc, take forever or don’t happen at all.

          • Yes, so it’s a cop-out. Blizzard has the pockets to hire more staff and give their players a better online experience. They simply don’t care.

      • I always leave the general chat and haven’t gotten any spam request since release.

        It only happened to me at my WoW times.

      • I am always logged in to general chat, and I get multiple spam requests per day. Sometimes more than ten. Honestly they are not that big of a deal – I just open up my friend list once a day and reject them all.

        Why stay logged in to general chat? Because essentially all of my IRL friends have quit D3, and I enjoy a little conversation while I play. For all the idiots in general chat, there are quite a few intelligent gamers as well. I’ve met some good friends that way.

    • If you never “join general chat” then I assume you are interested in ONLY a VERY small circle of “friends” and do not care about what people outside YOUR small click might be asking or saying… WHY then do you feel it is necessary to comment on the question at hand?

  2. I don’t get any chat spam, but lots and lots of PVPBank friends requests-at least one a day. But here’s the thing: it’s only on one of my accounts. When the ironborn SFHC IncGamers thread got going, I created (purchased!) a 2nd account solely for the purpose of playing from the ground up, SFHC-style. Of course, shortly thereafter, Blizzard announced that playing self-found would be mandatory in RoS, and thus SFHC lost some allure for me. I still play that account on occasion with new friends of mine, but it’s mostly morphed into my son’s account (proud papa). My SFHC account gets all of these friends requests, but my main account doesn’t receive any.


    1) My alternate account got swept up in some spammer’s web crawl database (check for new accounts every day and spam them!) that didn’t exist only a week after the game was created, so my main account is not listed.

    2) It was a lot of trouble for me to protect both accounts with the mobile authenticator, so I didn’t bother buying a separate device for my alternate account. Spammers latch onto those figuring they will be easier to hack, while ignoring “secured” accounts.

    I’m open to other theories, of course. It would be nice if Blizzard would allow me to merge the accounts somehow, but I get that would be a technical nightmare and apply to less than 1% of its customer base (probably, so I’m not expecting anything like that soon.

    Also, I’m assuming in RoS that the spammers will shift to selling entire accounts. Don’t have as much time to play as your friends/people you want to grief? Give us $100 and you get 6 level 60 characters, kitted out with the latest and greatest legendaries! Maybe I’m just too cynical.

  3. I get zero spam in d3 counsel version.
    I get zero spam in Torchlight 2

    Oh yeah, those are offline games that allow us to play together if we want, unlike d3 which makes us play online period.

    Simple solution, offline mode, your welcome.

    • The fact that offline games don’t have any account or item or character security (no duping prevention) might deserve some tiny consideration there, eh? I mean the fact that there’s zero profit to be made selling items in those games might have something to do with a lack of item sellers.

      Just a theory.

  4. I get several friends’ requests from PvPBank per day. As I do not play everyday at the moment (took a break while waiting for RoS) I have around 25-30 request do decline everytime I log in. It is extremely tedious : you have to do them one by one and each requires several mouse clicks.

    An option to block friend’s request would be welcome.

  5. In live I was getting maybe up to 10 spam friend requests a week but it didn’t bother me because it’s part and parcel of being online.

    • That’s a pretty defeatist attitude, Elly.

      It’s easily within Blizzard’s power to fix, or at least strongly curtail this, and they clearly can’t be bothered.

      They promised us online-only was going to be great and wonderful. So far for me it’s only been a negative. This is yet another reason why.

  6. What is most annoying is the constant spam in chat channels and blocking communication no longer seems to work. I have to leave all the chat channels and I find the Hardcore one to be helpful so I like to stay in it.

  7. I get around 4-8 spams/month. Maybe the amount of spam you get is proportional to how much posting you do on official forums, how many sites/posts you put your full battle tag, etc.

    • Could it be negatively correlated? In my case, I post my main account battle tag on several different sites. My alternate account has only been posted once, on the Ironborn SFHC thread.

  8. QUOTE

    I get around 4-8 spams/month. Maybe the amount of spam you get is proportional to how much posting you do on official forums, how many sites/posts you put your full battle tag, etc.

    I have been posting “quite a bit” on the official forums the last few weeks (as stupid as that is) and it surely has not lead to any increase in spam invites.
    Don’t think Ive put my battletag anywhere else though.

  9. Damn it, Flux. Your voting options suck again. 😛

    There needs to be an option for: “I don’t get many requests, but I do recognize it as a problem that should be addressed.”

    Pokes aside, I feel like this is a backburner issue. I recently stepped back into D2 to satisfy some friends’ nostalgia and from the instant I logged on, I was getting /w spam for all sorts of websites and selling. At the very least, D3 differs in that it’s just a friend request, which sits passive in your social window and can be removed when you report it for spam. There’s not really much you can do to stop a flood of text on your screen from whispers besides going to manually squelch that account.

    I know that saying one version has it worse than the other doesn’t solve the problem, but at least it puts it into some context as to how this has evolved. I don’t think we’ll ever be able to fully eliminate spam unless we fully eliminate social aspects of the game. (Wait, D3 has social aspects?)

  10. My playing time on D3 went to 0 once RoS beta news and streams became available. Not that I don’t want to play, but being unable to participate in the RoS leaves little desire to play vanilla. Been playing other games in the meantime.

    But the PVPBank friend invites have been plaguing my account for months now. When I played regularly it would be a friend request every few days. But now, I log in maybe twice a month just to clear the friend requests out. I just logged in before making this post and there were 24 requests. The previous time was 10 days ago.

    It’s not an issue I would put very high on priorities for the development team, given the many in-game features I would like to see addressed, but it is a noticeable inconvenience I would like to see fixed.

  11. Very strange indeed. I’ve been playing D3 since day 1 on EU servers, clocked well over 500 hours, never had a single spam request. Don’t use general chat much to be fair.

  12. I never ever got any spam request. And I’m siting on chat in PTR (never done this in Classic) to check what kind of legs people loot. Though at the beginning of D3, while playing, someone else log into my account (I got this Error sth) and stole my gems and gold. Since then (and one authenticator) nothing happend.

  13. Spam is slightly annoying but, with all the problems that need fixing in ROS, I think Blizzard’s Diablo team has bigger fish to fry.

  14. First of all, unless gold is going BoA, gold selling sites will be around and trying to promote themselves. If gold goes BoA, then account selling/leveling services will be around and trying to promote themselves. Binding was never going to kill the problem, just shift it around and (hopefully) minimize it.

    Also, weirdly, I think I’ve gotten one or two spam requests total on the Americas server, but one-two a day on the European server. Don’t remember one on the Asia server, but I’ve barely played there at all.

  15. Yes multiple PVPBank Spam in the friend list per day. All because i had the “stupid” idea to join general chat once. Needless to say i will never ever do any business with them but it doesn’t stop me from playing and getting bored with the D3V game. It’s just annoying and tedious but that’s it.

  16. I created my D3 account when the game launched. During play, I remain in General | Trade | Hardcore chats, so I do see the occasional chat spam. What I do see CONSTANTLY is friend request spam, most notably from PVPBank. And I mean dozens and dozens of requests. Really annoying and definitely a problem with D3 at the moment. Hopefully RoS binding will fix this, otherwise Blizzard needs to take action.

  17. When I went over on EU HC the first thing it made me do was make a character since I had none. Because each realm has its own set of options that start off at default values it put me in a chat room right away.

    In the time it took for me to make the incredibly complex character building decisions D3 offers I had an invite from a spambot, on a realm I’d never played on.

    Why? Because they sit in chat and spam the command that shows all users in this channel and then they spam invites to that list of names. When I left the chat I got zero further spams.

  18. It is EXTREMELY hard for me to believe that the author can sit there with a straight face and say THEY have never been bothered or “see” as many hundreds of gold spams that I see during a day or week end! At times during the day 3 or 4 of the spams sites tend to have a dueling banjo situation with dozens of consecutive posts in what seems to be a response to another gold spammer!

    • Perhaps you have utilized their services in the past. Maybe that’s why you claim to get so many “per day.” I can go several months without playing and when I log in I will have two, MAYBE three spam friend requests. Seems like you are either exaggerating or you used them before and are suffering the consequences of it.

  19. I play on US server and (before I stopped playing to play PTR) I got about 3 spam friend-requests per day. I’m not really sure why people make such a big deal about it though; it literally takes ten seconds to delete them. Sure, it’s annoying that you have to do so, and it would be good if the problem went away, but ten seconds per day getting rid of spam is not the end of the world. I would put fixing this problem very, very low on the list of problems to fix.

    In terms of chat spam, I don’t tend to play with chat enabled, but the few times I play with general chat on, I don’t usually see spam. Sometimes I do, but even then, it’s usually not much, and the chat panel is small enough that I can just ignore it. In the worst case scenario, I can take another ten seconds to leave chat and turn it off. Again, I think it’s a small problem that should be addressed only after the large problems are gone.

  20. The SPAM exists because there is a market for what they advertise. If the market didn’t exist, there would simply be no SPAM. Rather than be upset at the ads, be upset at those who decide to utilize its existence, continuing the situation. Never, ever, ever pay real world money for a virtual good other than the price to play it from the company itself.

  21. I get anywhere from 0 to as many as 12 friend requests, mostly from pvpbank each day. I do stay in general chat, as I play entirely solo, and find the banter between people to be entertaining. However, it is completely filled most days with spam. Usually I get spammed within 10 seconds of logging in. Then I see further spam at least once every other minute that completely fills the chat box. A crypt run takes me about 90 seconds, and it is unusual to not see 2, and usually 3 spams. One run, I saw 7.

    2 days ago, I decided to try blocking and reporting each spam message to see if it helped. It didn’t. A block/report takes about 10 seconds, including scrolling up to the name, and in one 1 hour play session, I spent approximately 6 minutes reporting. 10% of my play time. That is unacceptable.

    For anyone to say they don’t see this spam, or it isn’t a problem is mind-boggling to me.

    Oh, and I RARELY post on the official forums, and have never bought anything from gold farmers, or even bought gold through Blizzard. I don’t even use the auction house. I only have the one account and it is protected by an authenticator.

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