A fan posted some complaints about chat spam from gold and item selling sites and got a blue reply. And it’s not just “Bind on Everything in Reaper of Souls ends this in 2.5 months”.

    This is becoming a major problem in the game. Hundreds of accounts being made solely for the purpose of spamming URLs to gold farming websites via friend requests. Players of legitimate accounts are logging in to find their friends list full of dozens of useless requests. Can you PLEASE address this? I would think it an easy fix… just remove the ability for trial accounts to SEND friend requests, only allow them to receive friends, Such a simple fix to a serious problem. I bet that would get rid of a lot of the work required to sift through the hundreds of spam reports for each spam account made.

    Edit: Upon being told trial accounts are not the problem, another solution would be a check box option in general settings or in the friends list window to auto-block friend requests. The player could disable this option to accept requests from known friends and then re-enable it to block all the spammers.
    Vaeflare: When we log in to play Diablo III, we experience much of the same frustrations you’re describing here, and indeed: in-game spam sucks.

    The short version is that this is actually quite a complex issue, as Blaten13 noted. We’ve had some successes and some failures, and it’s possible we may never be able to get rid of in-game spam completely. It’s not really something you can fix once and never have to pay attention to again (since spammers continually evolve their arsenal of clever tricks in order to promote their wares and services). Regardless, we know that receiving in-game spam is annoying and we’re committed to keep trying new solutions, understanding that they may not always be 100% effective. In the end, our goal is to curb as much bad behavior as possible, while still ensuring that legitimate players can freely connect and chat with their friends.

    In the meantime, please do report spam friend requests to us so that these reports can be reviewed ASAP by the appropriate teams, and we’ll be sure to keep you updated on any and all news we have regarding this subject.

    If item binding stays as it is now in in Loot 2.0 and Reaper of Souls, there will be zero reason for gold/item selling spam past late-March. But for now, is this really such an issue for so many players? I often see posts complaining about gold selling site spam but to be honest, I don’t think I have ever received a friend request or PM of that nature, and I spent a lot of hours on Battle.net in D3 and have spent quite a few more of late in the RoS beta.

    So… why do some players see so much of this while others see none? Do people remain in general chat channels all the time, even while playing, making themselves targets for the spam bots? Is this that big an issue for most players? I’m curious, hence a survey masquerading as a vote.

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