Diablo 3 Basics Guide Now Available

A large section in the Diablo 3 official site is now available! I’m sure the majority of those that are reading this are pretty much veterans by now, but if you’re wanting some more content and info, you can head over to the Basics Game Guide section.

Basics Game Guide Diablo 3

The basics section covers exactly what you’d expect: the basics. The sections include everything from “Choosing your Character” to “The Auction House.” In case there’s something you happened to miss, it’s all there.

There is also the Diablo 3 Basics guide on DiabloWiki.Net compiled by the players.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Basics Guide Now Available

  1. Stack DPS!
    Stack Vit!

    Roll a char 🙂 Welcome to inferno!

    My tutorial

    Edit: Oh and if ya rolled barb then lol

    • Kripp solo’d act 2 inferno as a barb with little problem. That’s about as good as any other class has done so far. Barbs aren’t as bad as everyone has been saying, you just need to know how to build them right.

    • Umm you need to get get other defence as well, you really want at lest 2 defensive methods at decent amounts.
      That is armour, resist and dodge barb is the one that if you focus on primary stat and vit only.
      Then the following happens the Barb only has good armour rating. Whereas the monk and DH have okish armour and good dodge and Wizard and WD have okish armour and good resistances.

      ^ So you see the other 4 classes by defult have better defence then the Barb with out much work.

  2. build them right…

    I thought the whole customization aspect to this game would allow me to build my barb the way I wanted and allow me to choose whatever playstyle I wanted….I guess not for inferno.


    • Well you can’t expect every spec to be balanced. There are always going to be a handful of builds that reign supreme over the others. But who knows, maybe when you have godly gear you’ll be able to build your characters however you want and still be viable in inferno. 

      I like to think of inferno difficulty being like uber tristram was in d2. If you want to beat it solo, you only have a handful of builds that you can choose from. It made it that much cooler when someone did it with an unconventional build.

  3. What a useless guide. I thought they gonna make some useful stuff like item/monster affix list, item drop chances, possible crafting affixes and other important stuff..

  4. “Legendary items are colored orange. These items are the things of myth, and are extremely rare, but immensely powerful. If you are fortunate enough to find one, rejoice!”
    No comment… 😐

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