Blizzard has used their @Diablo Twitter feed to post a few photos of the large, highly-detailed, and quite-expensive Barbarian statue. These pics were submitted by fans who ordered and have now received these massive paper weights, and seem thrilled by their purchase. If you’d like to join them and you’ve got $300 to spare, here you go. (See our Diablo 3 Merch gallery for tons of pics of the making of this Barbarian figurine.)


    I suppose these are pretty cool if you’ve got the desk or table space for them, and the budget, but as always with this type of developer-flattering extravagance I’m left to wonder… what happened to cheap plastic toys that everyone can afford? I’d happily pay $10 or $15 for a hand-sized miniature of any of the Diablo 3 characters or monsters, but hell will look like this before I drop $300 on a statue of a video game character. No matter how lovingly sculpted and painted.

    Not that the small plastic toys are cheap either; if you want the Diablo 2 Barbarian, Greater Mummy, or Diablo dolls you should expect to shell out $50, these days.

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