Diablo 3 Ban Wave Now in Progress

Diablo 3 Ban Wave Now in Progress

In the past hour, it appears Blizzard is now bringing down the ban hammer on botters with reports of accounts vanishing from leaderboards.

The process of clearing out the cheaters appears to be on-going as Blizzard’s teams check player accounts.  Troupster also spotted that players from the Super Casual clan <SC> and other clans have vanished from the 4 player boards. A massive Chinese ban has also apparently happened.

It’s good to see action being taken, and remember kids, cheaters never win!


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    11 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Ban Wave Now in Progress

    1. “cheaters never win”

      I’m sure I could find 50 olympians and tour de france competitors who could prove different

    2. lol. This is such a shitty game, I don’t see how they can ban people. Only Erg and Deadru still play this shit. Instead of closing accounts I thought Blizz would be borrowing a trick from Wells Fargo and opening accounts without letting people know so they can at least pad their numbers. I’m pretty sure this game bled out after the shit fest that was Blizzcon 2016.

      • You aren’t sure of a damn thing, it’s all just your negativity and speculation. And this statement is all the “care” anybody will give to your opinion.

    3. After D3 launched, and Blizzard realized for the first time how shitty the game was, I always thought they decided to use D3 as a test bed to gather data and statistics about the genre as much as they could etc. I think they will never admit it publicly, because that would be scandalous, but I really hope they know how shitty D3 is in terms of “Diablo”.

      Despite the “loot 2.0” Marketing Trick, which is nothing more than a bad joke, I just dont see how they collected enough valuable data and knowledge with the D3 learning-experiment. If they only consider D3 in creating D4, it will be more of the same shit.

      I wonder if they are aware that they need to bring out something that tops D2:LOD, to win back the ARPG crown. I can’t imagine them not being aware that they need to return to D2LOD glory days if they want to win back the ARPG crown, unless they are still as ignorant and blind as they were during D3’s second iteration.

      Hopefully they will take of their WOW-Goggles and put on their DIABLO-Goggles this time…

    4. I’m impressed there is still ban waves in D3.Didn’t know people are still playing it in 2017. If I have to rate Blizzard games at this moment the picture will be: Overwatch-kido looking joke game,HotS not even a bad joke,worst MOBA at the moment,Hearthstone-pay to win.D3 bad and dead game,WoW past his prime long time ago. The only solid looking game atm is SC2. Nice job Blizzard.
      But at least there is really nice games from other companies like Grim Dawn for example.The expansion is coming soon and who cares about D3 and necro pack lmao.

    5. Way to go, blizz!!!

      Instead of understanding the reasons why people bot, punish them for doing it! The people running that company are sooo smart…

      Do you realize that there’s a big chance that the ppl you’re banning now will turn into lost sales for future DRM… like that (surely overpriced) necro char you’ll eventually release?

      As for the “fair game” argument… pleeease, gimme a break… do you really think that a game based on endless grinding is fair to people who actually lead real lives or work?

    6. Nice to see they’re staying on the case in this one.
      The rampant cheating in D2 was just…crazy.
      Cheat in single player games if you want…that’s your business.
      Cheat in multiplayer games and you are scum.

    7. cheaters never win…lol cheaters rule the world.
      those unaware of the true nature of the world are unable to keep their spirits from being used against them. dovu energy tap

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