Diablo 3 Auction House to Close Permanently in 30 Days

We received strong hints from Jay Wilson’s anti-Auction House comments at GDC, and the fact that the DiabloWikiDiablo 3 console version won’t have an DiabloWikiAuction House at all, but today’s sudden announcement of a major change to the PC/Mac version of Diablo 3 still comes as a surprise.

If you are an active Diablo 3 Auction House user, read carefully as this will greatly affect your gaming experience.

When we announced the Diablo 3 Auction House in August 2011, it was a decision arrived at through long consideration and extensive internal discussion. We realized that an Auction House, especially one with a Real Money feature, was a big step and a bold experiment at creating a new type of in-game trading. In many ways the Auction House was a smashing success, with a large percentage of the player population embracing it almost at once. The Auction House facilitated rapid and efficient exchanges of gear, as well as meeting our goal of safeguarding players from the fraudulent trades and scams so often associated with third party trading sites.

Unfortunately, there are problems associated with the Auction House as well. Chiefly, it’s as Jay Wilson said in his postmortem from GDC — it’s simply more fun to find items than to buy them.

Therefore, after long discussion with the development team and the community team, and reading thousands of posts worth of fan feedback, we feel there is only one real solution to resolving the current game issues. Effective Tuesday 30 April, 2013, the Diablo 3 Auction House will be taken permanently offline. This goes for all realms, Real Money and Gold, and Softcore and Hardcore.

To assist with the transition to a post-Auction House Diablo 3, later this month we will be implementing new trade forums with greater moderation from the community team, plus new volunteer “TV”s. These “Trade Valuators” will oversee all threads in the trading forums, offering advice and guidance to players about the actual worth of their items, as well as seamlessly and permanently adjusting unrealistic item list prices, when necessary to reflect economic realities.

Furthermore, as a special thank you to the players, all items traded during this last month of the Auction House will receive a free graphical buff; a new rainbow-patterned glowing effect similar to, but much more colorful than, the graphics now seen on some of the class-themed Item Sets. Owing to its special beauty, this reward is permanent and can not be dyed over or removed with Vanishing Dye.

We know this is a big change, and this has been a difficult decision for the Diablo 3 Team, but after careful consideration we think this is the best direction for the community and the Diablo franchise.”

Big news indeed, but maybe not a complete surprise, given Jay’s comments during his GDC presentation. What do you guys think? Will you be happy to go back to hunting items for their own sake, rather than just as coal to shovel into the furnace that is the Diablo 3 Auction House?

Update by Flux: This is not a legit news item and was posted as an April Fool’s joke. The concept and rough draft was by Rush, while I edited it to sound more like a press release written in American style. I also added the TVs and rainbow coloration parts, as tip off that it was a joke. Rush didn’t want those; he thought it should be written in totally serious fashion with an aim to fooling people, while I thought that a good April Fool’s joke came from a believable premise, but took enough odd turns throughout to tip off an alert reader. He might have been right, but I worried that someone with thousands of dollars invested in their gear might go insane if they believed this, so thought we’d be better safe than sorry on the joking in the joke.

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62 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Auction House to Close Permanently in 30 Days

    • Some of us wish this wasn’t an April 1st prank wish we could edit our own posts here

    • I might possibly (possibly…) be pleased if it ended after the first three paragraphs; it got a little out there after that. Especially the “TV”s. Yipes.

      Can you even begin to imagine the rage if any of that second half of the post were to be true? If that did actually happen, I would just go ahead and avoid the internet as a whole for the next month or so. Nerd rage of that level has a way of overspilling the dam in massive proportions. Under that scenario, I would not be surprised to see the occasional QQ in the NPR comments.

    • I came here thinking, “Wonder what their April Fool’s will be? God, it would be epic if they said they’re removing the auction house! No way they’d do that though”

      What a damn surprise!

  1. Oh yeah, April Fool’s Day! That’s why that season finale of the Walking Dead was so terrible…

  2. the best thing for the game , is an april fools joke

    well this pretty much sums up D3.

  3. It’s like they grabbed the wrong sheet of paper and this was supposed to be an announcement for later this month, the April Fools was on the office staff posting this instead by mistake ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. JW’s comment was real but that was the only real thing about this article. Noone’ll ever believe that Blizzard will stop the RMAH and thereby nullifying their income until the expansion…

  5. This could eventually become a reality if anyone who played WoW in the early days remembers the Pandaren race announcement before the first expansion, then three expansions later they announce the Pandaren race for real.

  6. You almost had me, but the rainbow graphical buff made me suspicious. I’ve looked at the date and… Well, it’s certainly a good one, Rush:)

  7. This is the worst April Fool’s joke since IGN’s big, in depth exposรฉ of World of Starcraft. You’re not supposed to make people sad that it’s not true. ๐Ÿ™

  8. I was legit pissed… until i read the comments. HC AH is needed, all you damn SC players go shove your $$ up your ass.

  9. But seriously, if you do not want a simple way to trade go to the forums and trade that way. Enjoy wasting your time.

  10. Shame this wasn’t true. AH/RMAH destroyed D3.
    Only people that want it are botters dupers and people who profit.

    • the AH would be fine if itemization was better… its not like we didnt have an AH in diablo2, it was called d2jsp.

      anyone who thinks there should be no AH doesnt remember the times where you spent more than half of your “play” time just spamming in trade channels and HOPING to get an item you were looking for.

      the ONLY thing that removing the ah would do, is force people to trade via forums and waste more time.

  11. Why would you even joke about this? I was really hopeful for a second. They joke about the thing that literally ruined the game.

  12. Too many “British-isms” to be released by any of the “voices” we know from Blizzard that would make/write this kind of announcement. A nice write up nonetheless.

  13. Really? Out of all the things they could possibly have as an April Fools joke they chose the sensitive RMAH/AH issue as a joke?

    I’m not usually one to say this, but I found this particular “joke” in poor taste.

  14. It’s funny because as annoying as the AH is the game would be unplayable without it. The same people complaining they want it gone would want it back soon enough.

    Well that and it being an obvious joke.

  15. Where’s the official blizz joke? I don’t see it on main site or the d3 site. Are revenues so down they can’t do jokes anymore? Maybe it was a new item joke for d3, but they decided not to run it because it would piss people off too much?

    • Found the blizzard joke – it’s on the sc2 site. I think bashiok proved the d3 community has a poor sense of humor, thus no jokes for us.

  16. The lack of the go to post link and subtle differences in terminology made it obvious it wasn’t Blizz in the first few lines if you couldn’t already tell because of the post date. For instance, a CM would probably not call it “softcore.”

    But, hey, at least you guys are actually doing something for April fools. Blizz seems to only care about SC2 this year.

  17. Improved the game in what way? So instead of sitting around on the forums to troll, you have to waste that time sitting around trying to spam threads to get an upgrade?

  18. I think if they didn’t tie the in-game drop rate so tightly to the AH, the necessity of the use of the AH for a decent progression through the latter difficulties wouldn’t be as profound.

  19. Well I was hopeful at first!
    Removal of AH/RMAH would help diablo!
    To Bad just a joke!
    For people saying it’s not the AH that’s bad it’s the items.
    Well If the items are good you still stick them on AH and the pool just overflows.
    Rmah is a cancer and don’t belong in any videogame. With it’s nearly dead player base that consists of bots and gold sellers.
    So glad for Path.

    • unless the drop rate for good items was actually better, and if there was a LOT more good combinations of affixes rather than the trifecta…. stop being shortsighted.

  20. Why couldn’t this been on any other day then April 1st.
    This needs to happen!

  21. no effort whatsoever, even a Down Syndrome kid would see through this instantly.

  22. Almost got me there ๐Ÿ™‚ I was just rushing to AH to buy a new, rainbow-y set of gear when I re-checked the post date. Damn! No rainbow armor for me ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ˜‰

  23. Realizing that this is an April Fools’ joke got me really disappointed. This is the first day in at least three months that I checked in on Diablo 3 news after quitting the game completely last summer. I was thinking if the Auction House were removed, I’d happily dive back into the game.

    Full disclosure: Diablo 3 is the only game my girlfriend and I anticipated for years. In fact, I haven’t played a single PC or console game since quitting Diablo 3 in the summer of 2012. Additionally, unlike many members who were bashing the Auction House before it was released, I had stated multiple times in this forum that perhaps Blizzard knew what they were doing and the AH would work. I personally thought it was a disaster after the game was released.

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