Diablo 3 Auction House Still Down: Investigation Continues

More updates from Blizzard on the progress they’re making in undoing the gold boosting exploit from Tuesday’s patch gogo time.

5/9/13 12:10 p.m. PDT: As we mentioned earlier, we’re currently auditing transactions that were performed on the both the gold and real-money Auction House following the discovery of a gold exploit after patch 1.0.8 released. For those just tuning in, we decided to perform a complete audit and focus on the few players that exploited this bug rather than performing a full rollback and taking everyone offline for a day (or more) – losing all the progress they made.

This audit is a time-intensive process, and to make sure that we can do a thorough job, we’re going to keep the Auction Houses in maintenance until that work is complete. Unfortunately, our previous estimate was incorrect, and for that I personally apologize. We don’t have a new ETA, but we anticipate that the service will be unavailable for at least another 24 hours. We’ll continue to provide updates in this thread regarding the status of our Auction House maintenance as they become available.

5/9/13 9:00 a.m. PDT: We are still in the process of reviewing all of Tuesday’s transactions and need to keep the Auction House offline for a while longer to complete our audit. At this time, we will not be able to bring the Auction House online by 10:00 a.m. PDT. We’re re-evaluating required downtime, and will provide another update by 12:00 p.m. PDT.

So, are we happy with this approach? I threw a variety of options into the vote, but be sure and use the comments to complain that your particular weird idea isn’t represented.

What should Blizzard have done to fix the RMAH gold dupe bug?

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The delays are not sitting well with some players, and there are a lot of requests for public shaming of the cheaters, as well as many people who wished they’d just done a full rollback, both to get it over with quickly, and to completely cut the head off the snake of gold inflation.

List of tags followed by stage of investigation, how much they duped, level of punishment.
Lylirra: Gonna come right out and say it: No. This is not something we will do. Full stop.

Even if a player does something that very clearly merits a suspension or ban, we still value that person’s privacy and aren’t going to publicize what (if any) action we have taken in response. There are times where we will speak in general terms, but is not our policy (nor our preference) to discuss personal account information with anyone but the account holder. Ultimately, that kind of dialogue exists between Blizzard and the player, not Blizzard and the community.

This is not a witch hunt.
There will be no public shaming (so put down your pitchforks).
Any further threads encouraging harassment of other players will be locked or deleted.

Thanks. 🙂

Hey, let’s double vote this. Do you guys agree with the policy outlined by Lylirra?

Should Blizzard make public the punishments of gold exploiters?

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Slightly OT, but I’m having trouble imagining the level of complaints we’re going to see tomorrow when the Auction House goes back online and all of the gold “adjustments” are made to undo the duping and buying. No one’s going to shed a tear for the super rich who actually ran the exploit, but when/if 1) everyone who sold a gem for 1 billion gold loses that gold, and the gem, and gets a few days ban from playing, and/or 2) those people are not punished and get to keep their gains… the complaints on both sides of the issue may be audible from outer space.

Yes, space. Where no one can hear you rabblerabble.

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35 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Auction House Still Down: Investigation Continues

  1. I voted for ladder resets, because ladder resets are fun. But ladder resets and how they solve this problem are somewhat orthogonal; if we had ladder resets, and a dupe hit, I’d want them to handle it like they are. Also, I don’t think public shaming is necessary, but details beyond “10000 accounts were banned” would be nice.

  2. Public shaming wouldn’t be shaming. It would be rewarding whoever found X exploit first by putting their name in lights for everyone else. I really can’t fathom what people would care about a huge list of accounts and names that they don’t know. Schadenfreude, I guess?

  3. I want them publicly bashed because that douchery Montoya is famous within the community because everyone is saying “2beez” and he thinks its funny and just went EU. I mean ppl already know he helped publicize the dupe but still.

  4. Why can’t they leave the AH and the RMAH up for a while, stop any more items from being put up for sale and let all items expire, shut down and then remove both Aution Houses, would probably be the best way to remove both Auction Houses from the game. Then Blizz can work on fixing the main problems with the game like Itemization etc, even if they tweaked the drops a bit to compensate for the Auction Houses being removed.

  5. I doubt many people who play Diablo have pitchforks anymore. But you could just duct tape a few steak knives to the end of a broom handle. Also torches require kerosene or other oil-based fuel, very expensive. Better to use paraffin, bacon grease, or other food based fuel source. And it’s carbon neutral.

  6. I still think this thing has gone nuclear and the economy is ruined forever but I’m OK with the AH being down for as long as it takes.

    What I want to know is, is the gold I had (and I was offline when all this went down) going to be devalued to practically nothing or remain the same.

    I’d love an update on what bliz are actually trying to fix whilst the AH is down i.e are they rolling back certain transactions and putting items back where there were or what?

    • Gold was worthless when I quit last year. It’s even more worthless now, even discounting the duping. Billions for items because it’s impossible (have to win back-to-back lotteries) to find them yourself. Excellent game design there.

  7. My prediction: Bliz didn’t do a rollback since they thought it would impact too many people the day after the patch.

    But mostly since they’re planning a completely new economy for D3X, (we’ll get to transfer chars but not gear or gold?) probably w/o an RMAH or maybe even full-on console no AH at all. Therefore they don’t care that much about the current econ system since it’s flawed and their first effort and isn’t going to persist that much longer anyway.

    • Where did you hear this information?

      Also, the AH coming back up clean (no items at all on it) will be something of an interesting thing to keep an eye on Flux.

      • I don’t have a source, it’s just a prediction. But as we see with the console, they are willing to go w/o any AH at all. The current D3 economy (softcore, at least) is so gold farmer screwed up and lacking in meaningful gold sinks that it seems impossible to rectify. Hence I won’t be surprised if they don’t allow it to carry over into D3X.

        That would be a terrible idea, I think. All new items and itemization and such will be great… but not if people can instantly price the best stuff up to 2b with all of their ill-gotten D3C gold.

        • you know i don’t think the economy is broken just that the gold sink sucks and bots have too much control, if Blizzard just “deducted 10% of your gold each month, it would force people to spend it, it would bring down the prices of goods in the long term and focus on the turn over of items rather thanbillion dollar items

          In turn this would encurrage actually playing the game rather than working the AH

          It would also limit 3rd part sites influence…. WIn Win WIn

          • Yeah, this is pretty much a terrible idea.

            “Hey, you there. I don’t care if you never use the AH and aren’t involved in the dumb ‘economy’ rate race. You know that money you’ve been saving up to upgrade your gems? Well, you’re now losing 10% of it, because F you, that’s why. Hahahaha suck it!”

            According to pretty much everyone, the economy has been shot for a while now, anyway. No need to contort oneself to come up with ways to save it — just improve itemization and drop rates, add some more fun content, and let people enjoy playing the game — who cares about the “economy”?

        • No, they’re not willing to go without AH. It’s just AH won’t really be profitable even if Blizz could make a deal with Microsoft and Sony. That’s why consoles won’t have AH.

          D3 exp will have RMAH 100%. Better live with this fact and don’t try to plant false hope seeds into to hearts of players.

    • Are you high? Dumping the AH would push it all onto “you-know-who” who were explaining this dupe to the masses. They’d have to disable all trading, even drop trading to prevent something like that, and even then you’d have character/account sales. If they’d stuck to gear binding up front, most of this gear inflation could have been slowed down early. But that would have been smart, something that was iterated out in the last three months, along w/ fun and common sense.

  8. I think it’s sad that people are so up in arms over a bloody game. If you can’t handle a couple of days not being able to trade (but still being able to play), then perhaps you should be rethinking your priorities. Or try playing a different game. There’s one or two out there.

  9. I would like gold trades back in hardcore at least… I got stuff to sell! Forum trading works for me!

    • I’m missing the hc AH also. I’ve been wanting to upgrade the ruby in my hat for more exp gain now that there’s more exp to be had in v1.08, plus the multiplicative increase… but no way to buy 300 FS rubies w/o the AH.

      I’m drowning in ToS now, btw. Seems like they drop much more often thanks to the vast increase in trash mobs. Curious to see how their prices drop once the HC AH is back online. I figure mats will drop as well, since the ID All and no confirm on salvaging rares makes it much quicker/easier to build them up.

      • flux add me if you us hc, i got 300 you can borow till ah back up, battle tag in my profile.. cant send you a pm for some reason

  10. RMAH shouldn’t have been implemented in the first place, now you see the results.

    If anything i still want my guildhouse PROMISED back in Diablo2

    • Edit to SoM

      let us sell stuff on ebay etc no RMAH required, just like DAOC / EQ etc did… no probs

      and thank you DAOC for letting me buy a new PC 🙂 , way less bickering/patches/blah blah.

  11. So Blizzard wanted us to have to use our real names but thinks naming accounts of people who are cheating/duping/hacking is a “not going to happen” kind of thing?

    Seriously, did they recruit managers/CM’s from the people who got the most questions wrong on the recruitment test? They should publish a list of account names that cheated/duped/hacked so we can avoid them and throw virtual rotting fruit/veg at them in game.

    The best punishment for them is make a save state of their account now and in 1+ months time reset their accounts back to that save, while killing all their HC chars in the process.

  12. With the involvement of real money, #1 will never happen. If it weren’t for real money, #1 is what they would have done. No way Blizzard would waste their time (pay personnel) to do a case-by-case otherwise.

  13. I guess they test if Ah down will be ok for the game.they test (because weeks ago many says ah/rmah are bad for the game) and will see if the game wil raise again.but there are small chances. 😉

  14. I agree they should not name any accounts but they should share what the punishments were for those exploiting the hell out of the bug.

    I do not think there should be a sweeping rollback because that inconveniences people who didn’t exploit the bug. I think they should track down the major exploiters, ban their accounts and move on.

  15. the problems with the game economy:

    too easy to flip
    no item sinks
    gold cap for buyouts

    if they can fix these issues, the economy will become much healthier. d2 style trading is so inconvenient by comparison. keep the ah, fix the core issues.

  16. The last paragraph pretty much sums up why they should have done a full rollback to just before patch time. Many people profited huge by selling random items for massive amounts of gold, including the gems that falsely rose in price due to this. No rollback- economy in complete ruin for those that didn’t take part in the dupe or profit from the instant inflation. Gold is now utterly and completely useless and people like myself, who don’t have hundreds of millions or even billions of gold, will likely never be able to afford a GAH upgrade again. Rollback the realms, refunding all RMAH transactions- economy still not great, but no worse than before and people only lose what, maybe 10 hours of playtime or something? Not now, of course, but had they done it originally… Oh Blizzard…

    From the way the actual duping of gold was done, I feel it should be pretty easy to determine what accounts did it multiple times and maliciously. Those players should still have their accounts banned IMO.

    Oh well, the patch wasn’t really enough to bring me back anyway. I played for about 2-3 hours after it was released and then back to another game that I won’t mention. I look forward to the day when Diablo can reclaim it’s place in my heart. Maybe the expansion will do it… until then, well, I have my doubts.

    • Can’t edit :\ Sorry, didn’t realize the patch was out for almost a day when they shut it down… So people would lose a day, if they’re crazy and played the entire time. 🙂 Still, I rest by what I said and feel a rollback would have been the best option.

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