Diablo 3 Auction House Improvement Suggestions

Some fans brought up some Diablo 3 Auction House annoyances and got some Blue acknowledgement of their (our) pain.

So i have crafted a decent set of BOA gear, gloves, shoulders, neck, bracers, you know the usual. But for some reason i cant right click them, and search for similar in the AH?!? I could take a screen shot of all my gear, and then bring it up on a 2nd monitor, or print it out, again all of that seems a little extreme for comparing some gear.
Lylirra: We agree, it’s a pain in the booty to try to find upgrades for a BoA item on the AH right now. Not a big issue, but still something that’d be a nice QoL change. Just spoke to Wyatt, and this is something that’s been tasked to be added (don’t have an ETA, though).

while you are at it, mind checking if they can let us compare our items without having to pay 5m to unsocket them first?
Lylirra: I don’t know of any immediate plans off-hand, but I’m happy to make sure that the feedback gets passed on. 🙂 (Or gets passed on again. I know it’s something we’ve relayed before, and the developers agreed that it would be great-to-have feature.)

Yes to both of those. It’s annoying that I can’t compare my BoA crafted items while I’m in the AH, and I’ve constantly wished for a way to view stats compared without gems included. Whether the gems are in my gear or the gear in the AH, it’s annoying to try to estimate and add or subtract the gem value to estimate the actual item comparison.

wtf-fail-car-crash-firstWhile we’re voicing our DiabloWikiAuction House gripes, it regularly drives me crazy that there’s no way to mark an item to find it again without having to try to re-search for it. That’s pretty easy with a legendary, but can be tricky when looking for a rare if you’re fiddling with a lot of different stats and values. If an item’s got a low bid and high buyout you can put in a lowball bid just to get it tracked on your auctions pane, but that’s not always an option.

If you’re the first one to comment that the only real improvement to the AH would be deleting it, be sure you get a “FRIST!” in there, so everyone will be sure to notice.

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19 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Auction House Improvement Suggestions

    • A part of me wishes the AHs would be deleted formally as well, but they do have some value and use.

      I think with time, and Blizzard seeming to be working harder to make the game itself more viable and offer deeper features to players (as well as roll out itemization improvements coming down the road), the Auction Houses will be used less and less, slowly but surely. I mean, most of the people who use the AHs on a daily basis for more time than they spend grinding/farming go there, get insane gear exceptionally fast, get bored, and quit. If the game itself gets better, they’re more likely to come back and PLAY, instead of just scanning the menu, cherry-picking BiS gear and facerolling, like they did before.

      And once the game gets good enough to that kind of degree, the AHs can be used as they were really meant to be used…sparingly, to fill in a gap or two in a character’s gear, and/or supplement a player’s gold income and not overinflate it. After all, the folks who master the AH via gold sales have it down to a science, but if more and more people play “self-found,” more and more people play with only stuff that drops and that they craft, less people will be buying gear, and the process will continue.

      But Blizzard stands to shy people away from the AH more and more by improving the game itself, buffing and balancing skills, making combat more visceral and offering stronger and more potent rewards for higher level challenges. In time, it’ll all balance out.

  1. The thing is, these changes are:
    1. So obvious
    2. Should be easy to do with their design

    that they should already be in the game now. Unless #2 isn’t true, in which case they must have some very strange code.

  2. 1. Have a low cap for initial price/max buyout options, for example 1 million/10 million gold (this can also apply at RMAH but never used it to comment). Then items that don’t have a specified buyout price, there worth is dictated by people bidding on them like what happens in an actual auction, rather than the inflated perceived worth of an item measured against the inflated perceived worth of other items in the auction house that don’t have a bid on them. The max bid cap of 2 billion remains unchanged.

    2. How much a buyer is willing to bid on an item is how much they end up paying, for example bid 80 million gold, winning price is 54 million, seller gets 54 million (minus tax) and the remaining 26 million from bid is taken out of economy from buyer.

  3. When I played WoW, there was an addon called Auctioneer, which was an amazing piece of software. The default Blizzard AH UI was awful in a lot of ways. They haven’t really improved it at all in D3. I didn’t much mind the lack of 3rd party UI tweaks in D3, except when it came to Auctioneer. The reason some folks want web-based AH access is so they can plug in the comparison, moving price, and other analytical tools that are great for high level trading. Blizzard can’t even put commas in their UI.

    • Emphatically this. Auctioneer is sorely missed and their internal interface is patently terrible. If everyone could have access to simple tools like that, a whole lot of manipulative tripe would be gone immediately.

      I’m sure the less mentally competent players would still post 30k gold items for 30+M gold though.

      For those who didn’t run off in an existential panic after WoW was mentioned, auctioneer would scan the auction house and keep logs of what items/stats were being sold for. If you ran it several times over a few days, you’d get a good baseline on what certain gear was going for, and could decide if X item was overpriced or a good deal. In other words, it was very easy to track a market and judge item value without devoting hours browsing gear yourself.

  4. For starters, make auctions not last forever and a half… We should be able to set the time for the auction; the current 26 h would be the new max and the minimum would be something like 1 hour. I’m sure this would wreak havoc on their rubberband-lolservers, but them’s the breaks.

  5. QUOTE

    What?  What does any of that have to do with subject above?

    Sarcastic quote about any thread or discussion that mentions auctionhouse (or improving it…), just dies down to people shouting around “I WANT AH & RMAH DELETED EVEN THOUGH I DONT USE THEM!”.

  6. i think they should try to make the auction house even harder to use. take away any convienent UI features, and that will cause people to use the auction house less. that would be a much easier fix on blizzard’s part than trying to make the game better instead

  7. “While we’re voicing our Auction House gripes, it regularly drives me crazy that there’s no way to mark an item to find it again without having to try to re-search for it.”

    Maybe just allow players to put a 0 gold bid on an item (regardless of the current bid) and it will just put it in the auction list as not winning and nothing more. Then, later on if you want to buy it or bid properly you can do so. I imagine that wouldn’t be difficult to code.

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