Some fans brought up some Diablo 3 Auction House annoyances and got some Blue acknowledgement of their (our) pain.

    So i have crafted a decent set of BOA gear, gloves, shoulders, neck, bracers, you know the usual. But for some reason i cant right click them, and search for similar in the AH?!? I could take a screen shot of all my gear, and then bring it up on a 2nd monitor, or print it out, again all of that seems a little extreme for comparing some gear.
    Lylirra: We agree, it’s a pain in the booty to try to find upgrades for a BoA item on the AH right now. Not a big issue, but still something that’d be a nice QoL change. Just spoke to Wyatt, and this is something that’s been tasked to be added (don’t have an ETA, though).

    while you are at it, mind checking if they can let us compare our items without having to pay 5m to unsocket them first?
    Lylirra: I don’t know of any immediate plans off-hand, but I’m happy to make sure that the feedback gets passed on. 🙂 (Or gets passed on again. I know it’s something we’ve relayed before, and the developers agreed that it would be great-to-have feature.)

    Yes to both of those. It’s annoying that I can’t compare my BoA crafted items while I’m in the AH, and I’ve constantly wished for a way to view stats compared without gems included. Whether the gems are in my gear or the gear in the AH, it’s annoying to try to estimate and add or subtract the gem value to estimate the actual item comparison.

    wtf-fail-car-crash-firstWhile we’re voicing our DiabloWikiAuction House gripes, it regularly drives me crazy that there’s no way to mark an item to find it again without having to try to re-search for it. That’s pretty easy with a legendary, but can be tricky when looking for a rare if you’re fiddling with a lot of different stats and values. If an item’s got a low bid and high buyout you can put in a lowball bid just to get it tracked on your auctions pane, but that’s not always an option.

    If you’re the first one to comment that the only real improvement to the AH would be deleting it, be sure you get a “FRIST!” in there, so everyone will be sure to notice.

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