Diablo 3 Auction House Greatest Hits

Auction House memories?

Auction House memories?

Moldran put together an interesting video recapping the highs and lows of the DiabloWikiDiablo III Auction House. It’s narrated with lots of footage pulled from his and other streamer’s archives, and while it focuses mostly on bugs and controversial bits that were only a small portion of the Auction House experience (for most players), it’s informative. (Then again, focusing on the disasters is how most media works. “100,000 Planes landed safely today” isn’t exactly headline material.)

Diablo 3 Auction House Greatest Hits

Stir any AH memories for you guys? I don’t want the AH back, but I have to admit feeling some nostalgia looking at those scenes of the interface and the happy sight of successful sales and buys. I enjoy actually finding gear in the game today, but I still more clearly recall my first billion gold item sale in D3v than any legendary item I’ve actually *found* in Reaper of Souls. *heretic*


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  1. I don't want the AH back, but I'd love to see a version of the selling interface return. Being able to see all the items on all your characters and stash in one place? Yes please.

    • The inventory and stash system are a relic of games past that every dev seems to be happy to be dragging into every new game. Dream feature for d3x2 and/or d4: fuse the two. Make all items accessible anywhere at any time. What does a 'stash' add beyond more clicks and general inconvenience?

    • i would love to have AH back not the RMAH, it was cool if you not want to farm and farm over and over and also have a life outside the game and most important you Being able to see all the items on all your characters

  2. Was just thinking about D3v, made me remember all those useless whites that would drop and impossible legendary drop rates. I remember my friend having a mini tantrum because he played x5 as much as me and I got the first leg. Was that crappy shield that looks like a spiked wedge. That made him so unhappy lolburger 😀

    • this happened in my group. me and 3 friends played daily for 2 solid weeks and one day my wife filled in for one of the players and gets a legendary. we all lost it

  3. Yay, another chance to beat on this dead horse! AH brings up memories of the game being unplayable at launch, of the community melting like butter in a frying pan, of the underagebans coming in singing praises to d-Bay & starting the toxic community of fanboys vs haters D3 still struggles with to this day. Memories of bashing the AH & the pathetic gameplay & end game on the forums being more fun than actually playing the game. Memories of logging on, checking your AH listings and bids, then signing off. Memories of telling Blizzard everyday, 100 times a day how bad this BS sucks & having them sing praises about it and ignore/dismiss/ban everyone who disagrees while swearing it's never going away. Watching the shitstorms brew full force when the post patch exploits would hit, & Blizz would be all like "d-Bay is serious business yo!" I'm sure there's plenty more stuff, but I've already wasted too much of my life writing about this abominable BS game mechanic. Mage Slayer is right though, it WAS cool to be able to check all your gear from the AH interface… Hope they bring that part back.

  4. Flux, the memorable point is an interesting one. I found a Justice Lantern with a top AS roll and sold it for $90 within the first hour of listing it. The funny part was Blizzard had already announced the retroactive Attack Speed nerf a couple days before, and I've always wondered if people buying high AS Justice Lanterns knew they were about to be nerfed.My point: the story above is definitely more memorable than anything I've found in RoS, but I hated the AH/RMAH and I love finding gear myself. So ironically, I'd rather have no potential for bombastic tycoon stories and simply enjoy the game for the fun of playing.

  5. Miss me yet?No, no, no.

  6. Back in the days I’ve earned a lot of gold by exclusively flipping lvl15 – lvl36 items, it was very easy to make millions a day with very little effort.

    Basically I look for the following stats.
    – Jewellery –
    Main Stat+Vita (must)
    Socket (The closer to lvl 15, the more valuable)

    Main Stat+Vita (must)
    2 socket for pants
    2/3 socket for torso
    (forgot the first level the sockets appear, but the closer it is, the more valuable it becomes)

    Main Stat+Vita (must)

    Main Stat+Vita (must)

    These items can sell at prices between 300k to XX millions. Some of you might called this BS, but I assure you that there are buyers. My guess is that most of the buyers were people who needs to re-level their characters as quickly as possible *wink*.

    Since there are very few people trading <lvl36 items, a lot of the time you are free to set the price you like, but I've found that anything over 15 mil is quite hard to sell unless it's has a big main/vita stat + low level socket or a good FWR boot. What is currently available on the market also have an effect on your selling price. On multiple occasions I end up purchasing all similar items in the AH (usually less than 3) so I can command a higher price for my item.

  7. The original purchasing price for these items are usually < 80k gold.

  8. That video reminded me of why I quit D3v after 2 months.

    • what an ass !!
      you don’t love the franchise then

      OETLUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Its was actually the attitude of many whom basically would attack anyone whom said anything negative about the game back then. It was difficult to provide any constructive criticism about the game without attracting an army of fevered D3 defendants. I think they started another website called diablofans =D

  9. Mmm. I too still have fond memories of the AH that stand out more than any memories I've had with RoS. Eh, I remember being happy that the AH had been removed, but really the only thing it ended up achieving was highlighting the significant underlying problems that the game had always had. And the main problems with the AH were the real-money part, and the tremendous amounts of bugs/exploits.

  10. wirt's original leg … i had 9 of them … sold!

  11. I'm glad I came to the game after this mess 🙁

  12. I actually played longer in D3V than RoS. Although w/ seasons I'll cram many hours into a shorter time frame, compared to D3V, but after a couple of weeks, I don't care and check out. In D3V, I was searching for the perfect X, and of course it never came (I did find, and sell, a two socket Manticore, w/ vitality). In RoS, you get your gear early and often. And there still is never enough to do w/ the gear you do find. Not PvP, no complex raid, etc. At least selling gear could get you a different, more fun game 😛

  13. yess , bring it back plz !!!!!!!
    one of the plezant feats of all time !

  14. The AH hurt the game in many more ways than just breaking item as a core system and endorsing pay2win gameplay:Think of all the planned features and content they had to cut when they were only half way through development and suddenly had to focus all their capacities towards turning the whole thing into sophisticated post-purchase payment machine instead. This way, it also became very much apparent what kind of company Blizzard had become.

    • I very much doubt that AH made any difference in regard to planned features and content. At Blizzard teams are highly compartmentalized from what I hear and I think it's unlikely the the programmers who worked on the backend and security for AH do anything else but that kind of work.

      • So, you're doubting, hearing and thinking stuff? Well, as someone who apparently likes it vague, you should read between the lines in the D3 news archives about the AH announcement, its cancellation and features that didn't make it in for launch. The programmers, the network techs, the interface artists, the game designers (, the legal department) – they all suddenly had something more important to do than finishing the game during the final year of its pre-release development.

      • From a project management point of view probably, but imagine something like Seasons with AH up. P2W much?

  15. The biggest flaw in the AH was there was no cure for inflation.  Not inflation of gold, but inflation of items.The market was absolutely flooded with things people didn't need.  You could buy something, use it, and then when you found better, attempt to re-sell it.  Items basically never went away until there was too much junk and anything worthwhile was out of most people's price range.I looked forward to finding something I could sell for good money, but I didn't get to end game fast enough to ever do so.  I never bought anything for real life money, but would often buy cheap upgrades as an alternative to crafting when leveling.While the game is fine the way it is today, I don't see that the AH was really that big of an issue, if they'd just add in the concept of making an item account bound once it's been used in combat.

  16. NO WE DON’T MISS THE AH! The game has improved thousands of times since the RMAH was closed.

    • no dont miss RMAH but well a lot  miss AH for that simpel reason that we could buy decent items without spending a life in front of the comp and it was cool to be able to check all your gear from the AH interface –

    • BS when AH was closed a lot of dudes stop playing cuz the have a life and could not use endless time to find some decent gear I admit I was not fond of RMAH though

  17. Adest, you appear to have forgotten all of the " toxic " crap that started well before the game even launched with the art controversy and has been going on pretty much constantly ever since over one thing or another.

  18. haters gonna hate !!
    you guys are really bad , D3 is and was great but you naggers make it look bad !!

  19. The fact that they developed a 'safe & secure' means to buy/sell items (versus scamming that is pervasive on black market) was one of the pillars of the Auction House.I think why I didn't like it, and I think this opinion unanimously shared, it was indeed 'pay to win'. Because end-game was horrible (you were unable to farm what you wanted), and that high torment couldn't be accessed without those said 'un-farmable' items… you had to purchase items via the AH.  Of course Blizzard takes their cut in the transaction(s). The solution was to fix itemization (which they've done minus layers of diversity) but by not replacing the Auction House (merely deleting) their lacks a social layer that I personally desire. I suspect that if you don't have any friends to play with you, you group merely to achieve strength in numbers while public chats remain dead and there is not much else to do socially (no PvP/Trading etc).

  20. This stirs a load of bad memories. I remember finding my first useful rare way back near launch (with no legendary in sight) and feeling like if I wanted my character to progress through the mind numbing difficulty, I had no choice but to sell it and buy 3-4 lesser items so that I could take 1 additional hit to survive the neverending torrents of murderous bees in Act 2. I can't claim those hours of my life back :(.Those who claim the game's current state isn't a vast improvement really do have a very different opinion to me of what both fun and Diablo are about.

  21. well I miss AH for that simpel reason that i could buy decent items without spending my life in front of my comp and it was cool to be able to check all your gear from the AH interface – I dont dig why peopel hate AH so much I was not fond of RMAH

    • @HFDOHYeah I thought about that a lot, removing the monetary element of the Auction House and preserving the trading component of D3. I was surprised that they removed the entire AH versus modifying it.I'm also convinced that I could bring in a lot more of my real-life friends into the game again if I could help them gear up. I have invested hundreds of hours and would love to spoil my friends with gear, unfortunately that altruism cannot be achieved.

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