Auction House memories?

    Auction House memories?

    Moldran put together an interesting video recapping the highs and lows of the DiabloWikiDiablo III Auction House. It’s narrated with lots of footage pulled from his and other streamer’s archives, and while it focuses mostly on bugs and controversial bits that were only a small portion of the Auction House experience (for most players), it’s informative. (Then again, focusing on the disasters is how most media works. “100,000 Planes landed safely today” isn’t exactly headline material.)

    Diablo 3 Auction House Greatest Hits

    Stir any AH memories for you guys? I don’t want the AH back, but I have to admit feeling some nostalgia looking at those scenes of the interface and the happy sight of successful sales and buys. I enjoy actually finding gear in the game today, but I still more clearly recall my first billion gold item sale in D3v than any legendary item I’ve actually *found* in Reaper of Souls. *heretic*

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