Diablo 3 Auction House Durability Issues

If you’re having trouble selling an item in the Auction House the best course of action is generally to lower the buyout price. And then lower it again. If the trouble is more of a technical issue than an economic one, lowering the durability of the item usually fixes the bug/problem.

It seems that in some cases certain items won’t be able to be posted unless their durability is changed before you put them up for auction. We continue to investigate these reports – in the meantime, (if this does not concern a Hardcore character) you may want to try to intentionally have your character lose durability, repair the item, and then try to repost in the AH later on. Please keep in mind that you do so at your own discretion, and that we’ll not be able to compensate for the gold spent for durability loss.

The blues post this advice fairly regularly, which is how I know this bug has persisted for quite a while. They also always tack on something about “don’t die to lower your durability if you’re hardcore!”

I realize that in this day and age simply everything must be warned against lest some nub does X and then complains about the result, but honestly… if you’re playing Hardcore and you think the only way to lower the durability of your gear is to die… Hardcore isn’t for you. Go back to Softcore and spend 50k in the AH to “build” a 150k DPS WW barb. I’m sorry, but there are simply some aspects of Diablo 3 you’re simply not yet ready for.

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8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Auction House Durability Issues

  1. always fun when Flux can respond with ww barb hate. i am glad we have Blues with such inspiring comments for him

    • Its what keeps the masses coming back for more! Well, the barb hating masses at least. Most DHs like me. Anyone with a pulse. Etc.

      Flux, I’m still waiting for the return of the Dodecahedron!

      • not so much barb hating as bliz hating for leaving one class so OP for so long?

        As for decahedron returning some day, maybe? People don’t seem to read anything longer than about 5 paragraphs anymore, but maybe I could do some shorter form versions. Or like, top 3 lists….

        • Can we really blame them for trying to make D3 to be like D2, where the Barb ruled for a long time as well after release?

  2. Enough with these glitches and exploits already! Itemization and ladder servers need to be put on hold or scrapped all together so they can streamline the auction house experience before expansion. I’d be willing to pay 20$/month in order to buy and sell items in peace on a properly maintained game. Muh profits.

    • While I enjoyed your narrative-countering iconoclasm, I wonder how common the AH bug described is? I’ve bought and sold hundreds of items over the months and never once had an auction listing fail or bug in this manner.

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