Where did it go?

    Gone for good!

    The ability to use the auction house actually finished on 18 March as you know but it has remained active as a window to give players time to grab anything before it goes for good. All bad things must come to an end and this really is your last chance to retrieve anything. Here’s a quick reminder from Bizzard on what to do.

    Farewell RMAH and good riddance.

    Q. I thought the gold and real-money auction houses were already shut down. What’s up?

    Answer: The ability to Bid, Buyout, and list new auctions in the gold and real-money auction houses was indeed disabled on March 18, 2014. However, the auction house window remained active following the shutdown and will be available until June 24, 2014. This was to allow players adequate time to retrieve their items and gold from the Completed tab.

    Q. Okay. But now that the gold and real-money auction houses are shut down, how do I access my Completed tab?

    Answer: To access the Completed tab, simply click on the standard gavel icon and select which auction house (gold or real-money) you wish to access. The Completed tab will appear in its normal location on the far right of the auction house window.

    Q. I think my Completed tab was full when the auction houses shut down. What happened to all those extra items?

    Answer: Each Completed tab can display up to 50 items at a time. If a player has more than 50 items to claim from the gold or real-money auction house, those outstanding items (including unclaimed gold) will remain in the Completed tab “backlog.” As items are removed from the Completed tab and additional space is made available in the UI, items in the backlog will begin to appear and can be claimed as normal.
    Please note that items and gold in the backlog will be removed permanently from the game after June 24, 2014.

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