Perhaps sensing that it was being conspired against, the Diablo 3 Auction House has coughed up a raft of bugs in recent days.

    The biggest bug is not a new one, but since it keeps comping up and there’s controversy. Some fans, in tinfoil hats or not, assert that there is a hack that allows players to someone bug existing auctions, fixing the buyout to 0 gold and stealing the item for free when no one else can bid.

    Blizzard hasn’t addressed that accusation that I can see. Their posts are all about a bug that happens when players set auctions at the default minimum bid with no buyout. This usually works okay, but sometimes it bugs the auction and that’s why it shows up at 0 gold and doesn’t allow bids. There’s an easy workaround; just set some minimum price higher than the default one, and this is only on items, not commodities (which don’t have buyout prices to set anyway).

    Now, ALL mempos with 170+ dex, 5% crit & 8% IAS are going for well over 1 bil buyout (and selling). I started mine for auction at 6k gold, and it’s bugged there after someone bid on it for 6911g. None of my friends are able to bid on it, and it shows current bid as 0.
    Tsarnis: We are still actively investigating this, but we do not have any status updates or ETA on a potential fix. Currently the workaround I would suggest is to avoid posting auctions at a minimum bid amount.

    With the AH being shut down in March… is there really a reason to allocate resources to this issue now?
    Well, the thought process my team is operating under is that for the immediate future we are going to treat the Auction House as we would any other game feature. This includes researching issues as they are reported to us and reporting any legitimate bugs we can find to the development team.

    As for this issue, it is still being investigated. I absolutely cannot make any promises, but I suspect that if we can identify a fix for this and deploy it between now and March 18th, we will.

    The other bug concerns RMAH cashing out. There was a big issue last week with RMAH transactions getting hung up, and that’s still going on. People see their auctions displaying as if they’re going through when they have actually failed, but won’t cancel and remain locked. Since RMAH transactions came take up to 10 days (due not to Battle.net but to transaction rules at various financial services linking in to it) this is causing major delays. Blizzard says they’re still looking into it.

    Elsewhere, lots of players with real money balances are very unhappy about the coming AH shutdown, since they put money in to buy items and now they don’t want to, and if they cash out it costs them 15%. Click through for some angry posts and “talk to the hand” Blue replies to that.

    I would like you to allow me to transfer my Diablo 3 real money auction house balance of $210.06 out of the the auction house and either back into my bank account or into my Paypal account without a 15% transfer fee. The original terms I agreed to when i deposited my money into the auction house was that i would be able to purchase in game items with the balance I kept on the auction house. With your recent, unilateral decision to remove the auction house, you have completely changed these original terms and essentially made the money I have there obsolete.

    I feel robbed and cheated at this point and in order to be made whole I would like to have all of my money deposited onto this system refunded to my bank account or paypal without penalty. I paid good money for the game, that of which you can keep, but I feel it is not right to be cheated out of 15% because of a decision you made to change the whole reason I put my money into this game. There was no foreseeable reason for me to anticipate a complete removal of this feature, and so I feel I should have the right to withdraw my funds without said complications and penalties.

    I am sorry However I am not able to assist you in transfering your funds with out a fee or processing a refund for the balances you have purchaed, the most recent being in Sept of Last year a full year ago.

    The stipulations of the auction house were agreed upon, while agreeing to the Auction House Terms of Use.

    Section 1 B
    Blizzard reserves the right to change, modify, suspend, terminate and/or otherwise discontinue Diablo and the Auction House (including, without limitation, any aspect, feature or functionality of the Auction House), and Blizzard shall have the right to enforce this Auction House TOU in its sole and absolute discretion.

    Section 7 B
    Transfer Fee.
    If you, as the seller, decide to receive the proceeds of a sale anywhere besides your Battle.net Balance, you will be charged an additional fee (the “Transfer Fee”). To calculate the amount of the applicable Transfer Fee, please visit http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/4800048.

    Section 13
    At any time, Blizzard may suspend, cancel, or terminate any Auction House for any reason with or without notice to you.

    All of these things are part of the agreement you had to agree to before you were allowed to use the auction house.

    Feel free to reopen this ticket if you have any other questions for me.

    Customer Services
    Blizzard Entertainment

    Hi all, Lylirra has previously commented on the issue and her response can be found here.

    As stated there, we are still working out the details regarding the dissolution of the AH. We understand there are a number of questions out there regarding the removal of the Auction Houses, and we want to share that information with you as soon as we have it.

    As ever, if you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your account, you are always welcome to reach out to us through the support portal. As we have no other information to share at this time, this thread will now be locked. Thank you for your understanding and your continued patience.

    No one ever reads the fine print of any EULA or ToS, and this isn’t exactly a humancentipad type situation, but it’s pretty lame for people who trusted that the RMAH would be an ongoing feature, put money into it for the long term, and are now faced with heavy cash out fees that they probably never planned to pay, since they figured they’d eventually spend the $ on items.

    At least it’s just a 15% fee, and not the asparagus and cuttlefish.

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