Blizzard has posted the official “put your questions here” thread for round two of the developer Q&A. This one is themed around itemization, and if you want to get your question in, you’ll want to add a reply to the official B.net thread later today, once it opens for business.

    Welcome to the Diablo III Ask the Devs global Q&A. In this thread we’ll be collecting your questions regarding itemization, having the community vote for their favorites, and then posting the answers we receive from the developers approximately one week later.

    COMING SOON! This Q&A will begin on Monday, March 11 at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

    The topic for this month is itemization.

    To view our latest update on itemization in Diablo III, click here. We also encourage you to check out recent posts made designers Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day for more information.

    On the date and time specified in this post, we’ll unlock the thread and you’ll be able to submit your questions regarding itemization (as well as vote for questions you’d like to see answered).After 48 hours, we’ll lock the thread. At this point, you will no longer be able to submit questions or vote.We’ll then look for the posts with the most votes in participating regions and pass them on to the Diablo III development team.The following week, we’ll provide you a list of answers delivered directly from the developers. Depending on how many questions the developers answer, we may break their responses into multiple parts (posted on different days).

    Only one question per post.Stay on topic. Questions that don’t relate to the chosen topic (even if highly-rated) won’t be sent to the developers.Discussion posts are not allowed. We ask that you only post questions in the Ask the Devs thread. If you would like to discuss related topics, please do so in another thread.You can vote for questions at any time while the thread is unlocked.A highly-rated post does not mean it will be answered, but we’ll do our best to answer as many questions as possible.”Dislike” votes don’t count.

    Please don’t post or vote for questions you know we won’t answer. We’re not going to use these Q&As to announce new projects, expansions, or release dates. By the same token, we’re also not going to answer questions that touch on subjects outside of the game and its design.Keep your question concise. One to three sentences should be plenty to explain background and ask a question.All “Like” votes count. While you can’t see the vote tally, we can. Even if a post is already highly rated, your vote still means something to that question (potentially) being answered.Vote for as many questions as you like, keeping the above tips in mind.

    For more information about Ask the Devs, click here.

    The recent itemization blog was full of good attitude in a, “they get it” sort of way, but short on specifics. So let’s hope some of the questions can tease our more details on how the item updates and changes will work.

    There’s also a debate to be had over whether a patch can make impactful itemization changes. Many players feel that can’t come about until an expansion (which would be optional to play/convert to), since several major game systems need to be reworked and Blizzard can’t do that in a patch since it would destroy the value of current items. Common suggestions for the whole redo include revamping the attributes system, returning elemental damage types to importance, totally reshuffling affixes, reweighting which affixes can occur on which types of items, adding a higher tier (ilvl 64+) base item types, etc.

    If you hold to that logic (and I mostly do) then anything the devs do now is just a bandaid meant to make things more fun in the short term. Which is fine — they can add a bunch of new fun/interesting legendaries to the current item pool without upsetting the whole applecart, or tack on some more BoA crafting recipes, etc, purely for short term improvements and diversions. Every change doesn’t need to be major and massive.

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