Diablo 3 “Ask the Devs” Round 1: Patch 1.0.7 has begun

As reported last week Blizzard are embarking on a series of question and answer sessions that invite the community to ask questions on a particular topic and to also vote on questions to determine which the developers will answer.

The first round is to be on DiabloWikiPatch 1.0.7 and the thread is now open for your questions. Remember it’s the first 500 questions and then the thread get locked, so don’t dally.

Note: If you pose a question, let us know in the comments as people may wish to vote it up for you and don’t forget the direct link. I ain’t scrolling through 500 posts to dig up little Jimmy’s burning question.

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    28 thoughts on “Diablo 3 “Ask the Devs” Round 1: Patch 1.0.7 has begun

    1. You guys gotta be fast if you want to ask a question. There has been loads of them in just the first minutes.

      Also, I guess you’ll be kinda screwed if you didn’t manage to get your question on one of the first pages. Blizzard has stated that only the questions with the most votes will be asked, and people wont be scrolling through every question….

    2. Not going to actually waste my time logging in over there for this one BUT if I had to I’d ask…

      Why do these crafting additions still suck and do nothing at all to fix the overall point of the crafting system?

      Why is your PVP dueling system so boring? How is this DUEL system (no not the original battlegrounds system just the dueling) different from the one present but not implemented at launch? (What did you “work” on here)?

      I can’t even think of anything else that would have meaning toward getting players back into the game if it’s limited to ONLY this patch.

      • Exactly why patch 1.0.7 sucks. The crafting additions did nothing to address/fix the issues with crafting. The “duel” system, why did they even bother wasting time on it. The PvP arenas shown at Blizzcon 2010 were better than this “duel” garbage. With what PvP we are getting in 1.0.7, Blizzard should have just left the PvP arenas in the game… at game launch.

        • “Duel” is a bonus feature. PvP will come in the future. It’s a “fun factor” for people who wanna kill each other.

    3. I submitted the following question there:

      I would like to know why the decision was made to improve Rubies to be a more viable choice when compared to the Emerald when placed in weapons, but no improvements were made to the other 2 gem types to bolster their desirability?


      As you can see it’s buried on page 11, so it will likely get overlooked.

    4. Someone put this in for me, i keep getting error 500.

      In Regards to 1.07 and further, how will BOA items solve the current economic crisis in the Current AH and RMAH, Furthermore how will you solve the duping crisis that’s crept up which have players blatently trying to under cut eachother with an obscene gold prices.

      To Add to that; The game needs to remove the aspect of RMAH; gold valuation has dropped to it’s lowest value, even lower then RMAH at 3rd party sites; Item valution is also confused and highly distorted due to the poor itemization, how will you guys resolve this?

      I suggested the removal of RMAH and instead replace it with a cash shop system seen on various ARPGS and mmo’s such as Battle of the immortals or Guild wars 1 and 2, these in which don’t make the community have a huge differential difference in terms of gear but instead enhance gamer’s experience with buffs, vanity and currencies uses ingame which can be farmable but less time consuming if bought with real money.

    5. As usual, the first three questions get up-voted, everything past page 3 is ignored. Luckily the first 3 Qs are alright.

      Honestly, I really couldn’t think of anything I wanted to ask. It’s really a pretty light patch. So bleh.

    6. Allow spectator mode while we are dead in the Duel Area, since this will help us have better tournaments and more fun stream while having them. I would like a +1 if you like the idea!

      Spectator mode: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6444685753?page=1#6

      Scoreboard + vote resetbutton: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6444685753?page=1#19

      There is also a picture in that link, with vote reset button and a scoreboard system.

      And then we have the “W” that could change builds while we are in town. It would be awesome! Link: https://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6444685753?page=1#15

    7. A bit annoyed at how they handled this. I cannot post to their forum unless at home, so if someone can sneak this question in I would appreciate it!

      Q: Are the devs happy with the interaction of large critical hit damage bonuses with dodge in pvp combat? Any plans to change either of these for pvp or is the randomness considered a good thing?

    8. I managed to get my question on the 1st page on EU, please vote.


      Why are the new crafted items bound to account? It is equally as hard to craft a good item as it is to get a good drop. It seems to me that Diablo 3 is becoming like WOW where the best items of the game are bound to you and cannot be traded. This is the only reason I never played WOW, Diablo has always been about trading and everything except story related items should be tradeable. To me it feels like the new crafting system is a huge waste of gold to be honest, what do I do with good items that I do not need?

    9. I’m surprised, only half of those questions are really just insults phrased as inquiries.

      I was expecting a much greater majority.

      • Voted for you. I remember reading an interview in which Jay Wilson was asked if the storage would be large enough and I think he answered “It’s huge”. Can’t find it any more. Storage isn’t too bad, but yes, MOAR because MOAR.

    10. I voted for you MengNa.

      Jay said pre-launch that they would perhaps expand the stash with 1 or 2 tabs. We actually started out having 5 total before D3 was launched.

      My inquries with links are stated on page 1 in this commentbox.

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