Diablo 3 Artwork from Blizzcon 2014

New pics straight from the media pack at Blizzcon 2014.

New Class Sets. There are new sets for the DH, Wiz, and Barb. See our First Impressions post for details on the set bonuses.

Sesheran Imagery

This tileset is based on the Barbarian lands. The panel showed a clip of the D2X cinematic intro, when Baal was barred (briefly) at the Gates of Sesheran. In the game it’s a city area that’s fallen into ruins and is surrounded by a forest. There are pine trees visible all around the edges of the map, and corners are overgrown with weeds and vines. The level is formed from lots of small areas, usually 40-80 yards in size, connected by short hallways that are generally like tunnels with solid side walls. It’s not a map style from any existing level, but felt a bit like the Pandemonium Fortress 1, albeit with fewer walkways, and with walls rather than open space around the hallways.

Various states of the level are shown in the demo, which is non-random in layout. The first level is always the daytime snowing version of the zone. Floor 2 is always the nighttime version, and floor three always shows a raining version of the level.

These screens aren’t all that representative of the layout as you see it playing, with their zoomed in architectural views.

Click through for screens of the new legendary items and affixes,

Ancient Items

These are an upgraded quality of legendary items, including Set Items. About 1/10th of the time a leg drops it’ll be an Ancient Item, with greatly boosted primary and secondary affixes. Not all stats are boosted: +% skill damage is still just 10-15%, and +elemental damage (such as on Cindercoat) is unchanged. But all attributes, resistances (100-130 res all), armor, etc are much higher numbers. You can see them in these screens, with the existing version of the item on the left, and the Ancient Item version on the right.

Ancient Items can appear from any source, including Kadala gambling, monster/chest drops, Horadric Caches, and even crafting. The idea is that even characters who have perfect gear (now) should have upgrades to seek. And characters without perfect gear will find occasional Ancient Items and get a nice boost from the bigger numbers.

New Seasonal Legendary Items

These are apparently going to be Seasonal Legendaries in Season Two, based on their folder on the press kit. They’re existing legendary items with new legendary affixes, and all of them can be seen on the characters in the show demo. These are all build-changers in action; the Monk boost to Exploding Palm from the Gungdo Bracers are incredibly fun.

New Seasonal Transmogs
with new transmogs in Season One, and the plan is to add 2 more in Season Two, and then 2 more in Season Three to enable a whole new gear look.

Monster Arts

Shown in the Diablo 3 What’s Next panel.

That’s it for the new Diablo 3 artwork. There are no screenshots of the new area in action, and no videos (other than some short ones promoting the UEE).

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  1. Basically same legendaries then with just a little more dmg… Snore. Did you see any new Leg abilities for items except for the next season ones?

  2. At blizzcon 2015 they will announce new awesome set that can roll over 2000 primary stats!!!! And new weapons with 10k average dps… Seriously im not enjoy that numbers pumping, and prefer more linear stats progression…

  3. They could get better pic of that ancient Wand of Woh. That's so sad dmg rolls.

  4. The new sets look like ass. The only reasonably looking one in my opinion is the Wiz and even that one has too bare a chest.

    • The barb set would look nice if it weren't for the massive shoulder pads. Luckily there's an artisan that can change that and/or Vanishing Dye.

  5. So are ancient Reaper Wraps suppose to drop in the field? Because if you could just craft them, then that is what everyone will do and why bother with the old ones then? Unless the crafting plan is super rare and it takes a shit load of materials to make then I could see it working. Could you imagine 500 blues, 4 imperial gems and 5 souls to craft 1 ancient leg? Im not completely opposed to that.

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