Diablo 3 Armor Sets, Legendaries and Set Item Gallery

Diablo 3 Armor Sets, Legendaries and Set Item Gallery
Super l33t gear on show

Spoiler Warning: It’s been a busy day in the gallery thanks to Risingred in the Beta forum who has done an awesome job at posting masses of images for Armor Sets, Legendaries and Set Items covering just about everything possible, and all on the character screen models.

I have to admit I have mixed feelings on some of the gear, but then again I think everyone does when you see everything boosted to the larger size, details stick out a lot more than you would see in-game. I have to put a major spoiler warning on all these, so if you don’t want to see them up close and personal then look away now.


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    42 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Armor Sets, Legendaries and Set Item Gallery

    1. Can’t say I really see even the slightest connection to previous Diablo games. Some of these armors may have WoW armors beat on the ridicules scale…
      At least its all different enough that it can be completely stand alone and I don’t have to be reminded that I am actually playing a Diablo game as I would if they just “epicfied” D1/2 items. This crap is in its own league.

      • Jesus Christ. Shit changes, get over it. You’re comparing a 2D sprite based game to a fully realized 3D game, and saying it looks nothing alike, well gee, I WONDER WHY!? You aren’t even complaining about anything worthwhile, you’re simply whining that it doesn’t look EXACTLY like Diablo 2, which is beyond asinine into the realm of stupid. It’s bad enough video games are regurgitating themselves ad nauseum into the point we’re all made to eat vomit that has been recycled for the fourth time without you wankers whining that it doesn’t look EXACTLY LIKE THE LAST SEQUEL. So shut up until you have something useful to add to the conversation other than the complain that video games are changing in the slightest.

    2. Liked them in general, some are really great, some look ridiculous, but in general I think there’s a good balance.

      The only thing I would say that looks really odd is the WD holding the big weapons, not sure if it’s its stance or the way it’s grabbing the weapons, it doesn’t look natural at all.

    3. Untill t8 they are perfect IMHO, after that it stays mostly between good and tolerable. I think I know which dye I will be using the most, lol.

    4. Transformers! – more then meets the eye)
      Few good looking armors and weapons – most of the rest is mega ridiculous stuff…
      maybe they look much more better in the game i dunno, but this low-poly/low-quality front view angle is making me sick =_=
      Can we see few examples of different parts from different tiers on a character?

    5.    I think the armor sets 9 tier and lower are better looking then the higher tier ones. There are a few that look cool but most of them are just too busy and crazy. Out of all the classes I think the bard has the coolest looking high tier armor sets. The weapons look awesome. Can’t wait to hopefully find some of those as drops in the game. Thanks for posting this. It might sound dump but it kind of helps me decide what character to be when I first play the game. I still can’t decide who to start with? If I know what I could look like so I feel powerful and look good at the same time, it might help me choose.

    6. I have seen some armor in D3 emulator video. It looks really great in isometic view but when I watch it from this view it looks quite overdesign.

      • i really would love to see all these items ingame. we all know its quite a difference
        can someone do that ?^^

    7. This is what you call spoilers? And the Blind Faith is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. What is it supposed to be, the Man in the Iron Mask?

      • It’s a fairly common theme in most forms of martial arts that experts can perform it blindfolded. From my few years of experience with a Filipino form It’s not entirely untrue; you do the same forms and patterns so often, in close proximity to others, that you eventually learn where they’ll be most of the time. Move X flows naturally to Move Y, and your counters and parries to those moves are very ingrained.  Now obviously that’s not real useful in a real confrontation coming from a distance when you don’t have any frame of reference, but you can see the theory.

        Hence the blind face mask!  Plus it’s really good for a headbutt attack.

      • Are you kidding me? A blind martial arts expert is one of the most bad ass things ever. GTFO. Go play Microsoft Excel or something.

      • That mask couldn’t be any more stupid looking.
        Where are the Hammer Jammers pics?  Hhahah.

    8. The most boring individuals visit this site. “Oh, Wah wah, a bloo hoo hooo! It doesn’t look like Diablo 2! It’s too fancy! It’s too exciting! It’s too Japanese (by which I mean I’m secretly zenophobic)!” I like the armors, if only because I enjoy looking at something out of the ordinary once in a while and do not pride myself on banal milquetoast design that would only give an accountant a hard-on. (No offense accountants.)

      • I too enjoy looking at something out of the ordinary *once in a while*.  Most of them are too busy for my taste, and additionally look the same, though.  If these were uniques, I wouldn’t care so much, but these are normal armors, so we’ll be seeing a lot of them.
        I have a feelingthat I’m going to be investing quite a bit in vanishing dye.  I hope the dye situation isn’t like Guild Wars, where the best dyes are hard to find.

        • Sadly, they indicated during the Blizzcon panel where they showed off dyes that the more desirable ones would probably be the hardest to make/find… Stuff like the more neutral colors will probably be the early game ones whereas things like infernal red or purity white will be a pain to get… I suspect the vanishing dye to either be the worst to find or for Blizz to have mercy on us and put it on a vendor to make it on the easier side to get…

          • I really hope the full array is available all the time, like TP and ID scrolls of old. However, I’d settle for just vanishing dye to be available all the time, since changing just the color of these armors is not going to help my eyes.  It would be like putting lipstick on a pig.

    9. I just don’t like that they made the Barbarian a heavy armor class. What happened to the bare backed muscly beast of rape and pillage. What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.

    10. Armors :
      Barb : I like most of them
      DH : Armor 16,15 and a few others look awesome. Most are pretty good
      WD : They all look crazy and funny. Love them.
      Wizard : Pretty underwhelming overall. Hell, even the 16th one has some open chest and shit like that. Don’t like them
      Monk : All of them except 2 or 3 are terrible.
      The weapons : They look pretty good overall. Some of the mighty weapons stuff look pretty bad though
      All in all, the quality of the textures on a lot of things are pretty terrible. Not sure if that’s because of how the pictures were gotten of if that’s actually how they will look with a good graphics card. I can only hope not.

      • I have a core i7 [email protected], 8GB DDR3, and a GTX570. This is more than adequate to run what Diablo has to offer. It doesn’t even dent my system.

        These are the second-closest zoomed shots you’ll see in the game. The only way to see the characters closer (within the actual client) is when you’re switching characters. The textures were obviously not designed to be viewed that closely, but this is a beta client, and they may have another texture pack hiding away somewhere for retail. They’d have no real reason to bloat the beta build with a 1-gig extra just for shiny textures.

    11. Some sets are missing, at least for monk the Inferno tier isn’t there.
      I’m actually ok with the wizard’s sets, I think they look pretty great. I’m a bit disappointed with some of the monks tiers and I sure hope they are not in the right order in this gallery.
      My favorites are still the WD’s ones. They totally nailed them

      • The first tier is “missing” because it doesn’t really exist. The monk inferno tier is missing because it crashes the client. There’s a picture of it here:


        As for if they’re in the right order, Blizzard has an item page up with each and every item you’re looking at, listed by required level you know.

    12. Mixed feelings : 
      Most Barb sets are good except the transformer one(s).
      Most WD look great, the egyptian-inspired one is gorgeous.
      Some Monk sets are great : the most subtle, traditional/asian clothing-inspired ones, but I hate most of the others, it would really need some more work.
      DH is okay, I’m not a big fan overall though. Heavy armor with high heels, that’s… no comment.
      All Wizard sets (except one) are fugly. That’s the class where they could have total creative freedom and they seem to totally miss the point…
      Male wizard and Male DH really have no luck so far.

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