New Armor Dye Gallery

New Armor Dye Gallery
armor dye
Regal Red

The Armor Dye article in DiabloWiki has taken a decent overhaul this weekend. With the forums offline as Rushster brings us new shiny ones I had a little more site time available and I wanted to toy around with some dyeing in game. Unfortunately, my results were a bit too Pollocky for my tastes.

Using the Dye page in the Wiki as reference wasn’t as easy as I wanted it to be and so I set about remedying that with a much more user-friendly colour reference guide. The vendors, prices and factoids were also brought in-line with Reaper of Souls.

Even though there is a pretty good collection of dyes available I’d still like to see a few more colours and effects available and also an option to dye more of the piece of gear or just the amount currently dyed.

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    8 thoughts on “New Armor Dye Gallery

    1. Honestly, the dye system in the game is really bland. There needs to be a much darker, richer blue. A much darker, richer red, and a better orange. There also needs to be a way to just -remove- a transmog. If you transmog Firebird shoulders, you can’t ever change it back.

      • You can actually remove a transmogrification by just selecting the base item look and it will revert for free. For instance, if you have Ascended Armour but transmog it to Heart of Iron, you can change it back just by selecting the Ascended Armour in the list.

        • there’s an issue with the new set stuff like firebird/marauders etc – in that once you’ve changed them, you can’t change them back to their original look no matter what. I believe they know about it and will fix in an upcoming patch.

    2. At first, when I saw this post, I thought there were new dyes in game. I ran over to the vender to see what I’ve missed; nothing.

      On a side note. I don’t know what I’ve done wrong but, I just rebuilt this computer a few weeks back and now I’m having a hard time with this website.

      When I use Explorer to view it, comments aren’t even showing up.

      And, when I use Firfox to view this site, I can’t sign in. I try it over and over and it goes to some radom time-out page. help?

    3. You can’t sign in until the bridge has been installed. We just installed new forums and your forum account is the same for this comment system. The forums and news are (and have always been) completely different systems. We built a bridge so the log in on the forums worked in the comments. We’re having difficulties getting that to work now.

      You can still comment however, as you know, but just hang tight whilst we iron out the bugs.

      The forum move was a massive job.

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