Diablo 3 Anniversary Buff Nearly Finished?

Diablo 3 Anniversary Buff Nearly Finished?

Just a reminder that the D3Y2 buff expires Thursday morning at 5am, which is coming up pretty soon. The end time is 5am CET for the EU server and 5am PDT for the Americas server. (CET is +2 from GMT and +10 from PDT.) As I type this the buff is going to end in 3 hours on the EU server and 13 hours on the US server, so if you are on the US server, tonight is your last chance to enjoy the bonus loots.

The subplot to this anniversary buff is that most fans (as tallied in our current vote) want the increased legendary drop rate to continue forever. FOREVER. Here are the current returns, and if you haven’t voted, there’s still time.

What changes should Blizzard make to the legendary drop rate in Diablo 3? (Pick up to 3 options.)

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The reason I don’t work in PR is that I’d tweet from @Diablo something like, “Due to popular demand, we’re making part of the community buff permanent!” And then after an hour of people going crazy with excitement, I’d add, “Yes, we’re doubling the rift key drop rates forever. Enjoy!” And then they’d fire me and erase every post every made by Fluxiok, and they’d be right to do it.

Update: Or not! Blizzard announces that due to popular demand, the +100% Legendary drop rate buff will become the new normal.

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4 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Anniversary Buff Nearly Finished?

  1. Please name your next character Fluxiok…………….:P


    Everybody call him that on the next podcast till he gets mad……:p

    I vote for number two.

  2. Is it me or the poll is way off on those percent numbers. If you add them up it gets way higher than 100%.

    • The percentages are out of the total number of voters, but each voter could vote for up to 3 options. The percentages work out exactly right for what it says it shows.

      All information sourced from the poll itself.

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