Diablo 3 Second Anniversary Community Buff

Diablo 3 Second Anniversary Community Buff

anniversary-2014-community-buffTo mark the 2nd birthday of the release of Diablo 3 Blizzard are giving everyone a buff that increases the chance of a legendary item dropping and rift key fragments which will run for a whole week.

On May 15, 2012, the gates of the Burning Hells opened and Diablo III was unleashed onto the world.

To celebrate the game’s second anniversary and the community that made it all possible, players who log in to defend Sanctuary this week will receive double the number of Rift Fragments as well as 100% boost to their chance to find Legendary items. This bonus birthday buff begins in Europe on Thursday, May 15 at 12:00 a.m. CEST and ends on Thursday, May 22 at 5:00 a.m. CEST.

Double rift keys.
Double rift keys.
On lower difficulty levels the bonus amounts to 4 rift keys per cache, plus 2 per bounty. In early testing, the legendary rate from caches feels considerably buffed as well; one player got 4 legendaries in 7 caches leveling up a new character, and most players were reporting a legendary in about every 5th cache. Presumably the short term +100% legendary drop rate is stacking on top of the Patch’s permanent improved cache legendary drop rate, and these are combining to give players much higher than ever before luck.

If you’ve never found a DiabloWikiRing of Royal Grandeur before, or want one a spare or one with a better roll, this week seems like a really good time to farm for it.

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    25 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Second Anniversary Community Buff

    1. I don’t know if it’s RNG being nice for once, or 2.0.5 being nice, but I had 3 legs and 1 set drop in my first rift last night, post patch. Of course, this didn’t keep up through the many following rifts, but if they in essence are doubling rift drop rates, the orange and green lights from heaven will be shining brightly upon us! GLORIOUS!!!!!

    2. I wish Bliz would include math in their posts. What does 100% bonus to legendary drops mean? Here’s current legendary drop rates:

      Normal: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Hard: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Expert: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Master: 0% Legendary drop bonus, 25% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 1: +15% Legendary drop bonus, +44% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 2: +32% Legendary drop bonus, +65% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 3: +52% Legendary drop bonus, +90% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 4: +75% Legendary drop bonus, +119% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 5: +101% Legendary drop bonus, +151% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      Torment 6: +131% Legendary drop bonus, +189% bonus in Nephalem Rifts.
      – See more at: http://www.diablowiki.net/Torment

      Those figures now incorporate a +15% boost per difficulty level, but that figure gets thrown into the overall equation and therefore increases exponentially. Hence the actual increases are 15, 17, 20, 23, 26 etc.

      Will this +100% do the same thing? Or just tack on at the end? I mean sure, more = MOAR, but the actual numbers would be nice to plan accordingly.

      • I still think that without knowing the base drop rate communicating a bonus of any kind is just marketing. Could be doubling, could be an additional 100%, i.e. 1, on an existing Torment or Rift bonus as in:
        a) T6 rift bonus -> +189% *2 = +378%
        b) T6 rift bonus -> +189% + 100% = +289%
        c) other/don’t understand/percentages suck/other conspiracy theory

        Anecdotally, yesterday I had two Legs drop in Normal and they both sucked so I guess everything’s fine.

      • Doesn’t that feel like just the tip of the iceberg for numbers Flux?

        ‘Does X damage to monsters near you’… Near?

        ‘Chance to summon X’… what chance?

        More numbers for everything please!

    3. Two years already and still a bloody mess.

      Having more fun playing HELLGATE LONDON, now this is what D3 should have been.

      • I used to like HGL back in the day, is it still available via some online store or something ?

        • No just a wrecked, downgraded F2P (P2W) Korean version Hellgate: Resurrection.

          I’m sorry I’m still bitter the original game failed cause I loved it 😀 but apparently not many other people did.

          • thanks for the answer 🙂 I’ll look for it. I think I liked the crafting, and also the style and the setting.

    4. I wish they’d do more, smaller buffs on a weekly basis. Cheaper rifts, cheaper Kadala, buffed shrine or even pylon durations. Just more small things to shake things up regularly, instead of big ones once a year or so.

    5. Shouldn’t they make rift keys a damn currency already? No matter what they do, it won’t stop cheap bastards from refusing to spend them in public games. It is funny watching everyone stand around, not doing anything, waiting for someone to blink.

    6. 100% from what.. i still doubt its much really, it sound much but isnt, and everyone knows having 100%mf does really not much high chance to get legendary anyways.

    7. Yeah I really wish the math behind this was more visible and easily understood without having to wildly guess.

      My experience with the buff was utterly atrocious last night / this morning.

      Grouped up with 1 other person in my party. Running T4/T5 rifts.

      The friend has 60% Magic Find, plus the 150% for T4 rift, plus the 100% from the community buff.

      Myself, 99% Magic Find, the 150% and 100% as well, of course.

      In the course of playing 5 rifts, I found 2 legendary items, and crappy ones at that (E.G.; Neanderthal).

      He manages to find 8 set items, 3 legendary, and 2 crafting mats as well.

      So how does this math and drop rate ACTUALLY work? I do not understand how this works, at all. If I have a higher base magic find, and we share the same exact group/community buffs, how is his drop rate THAT good, and mine complete junk?

    8. Looks like they only want people to play the game for one week every year. The rest of the year it’s a waste of time.

      • I don’t think this is enough to get me back into playing the game. I’ve already been put off by the repetition for a long while.

    9. Yesterday I played some t5 and t2 rifts, and on both diff, I have many games when a single guy, not myself, (in a party of 3) would ding 5-7 legs per rift run. O.o we were doumbfolded

    10. Last night i got a set item and two legendaries within 1 rift in T1. Kadala also very generously materialized 2 legendaries, one of them the cloak of the garwulf. A different rift two nights ago, produced a Windforce. So from my perspective, i’m very happy with the anniversary buff.

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