Diablo 3 Anniversary Bonuses Extended!

Blizzard posted to give an official end time for the week of Diablo 3 Anniversary bonuses. Note that the deadline has been extended, so we’ve still got a couple of days to enjoy the greater DiabloWikiexperience and DiabloWikiMagic Find bonuses.

Just as a reminder for all players, the Diablo III anniversary buff will expire in the Americas on Thursday, May 23, at 9:00 a.m. Pacific (12:00 p.m. Eastern).

For those of you with characters in our other gameplay regions, the buff will be disable on Wednesday, May 22, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific in Asia and on Thursday, May 23, at 12:00 a.m. Pacific in Europe.

Note: We elected to extend the buff by 1 day, so this time frame is bit later than we first communicated. Apologies for any confusion, but yay for another day of demon-slaying buffs!

We had some discussion about this anniversary week bonus over the weekend, but if you’re dying to share more of your exploits, go ahead. I did a quick MP2 Act Two farming game yesterday morning and my HC Monk found 5 legendaries in about 30 minutes (including an Inna’s Hat and BK Ammy and Chest) which is most I’ve ever seen in that short a time. Three of them came in before I was even DiabloWikistacked up, so clearly that +25% MF bonus was the source of my bounty.

And yes, I considered not even starting up Diablo 3 for the rest of the week, as I had nowhere to go but downhill, after that run of luck… but I couldn’t stay away.

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8 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Anniversary Bonuses Extended!

  1. Are there any readers from outside Americas?
    Titles similar to this article’s remind me of newspaper stories:
    big headline: “Anniversary Bonuses Extended!”
    and when you get to the content you see there is actually a slight misdirection “only on America servers”

    • I’m in Europe at the moment, so at initial glance this seems pretty much useless to me, but on the other hand, it’s not much of a buff anyway, so I don’t think I’ll notice it missing. I played all weekend and found maybe one legendary anyhow. The 25% experience bonus is nice, but not nice enough that I’m going to care that it’s gone.

    • Not sure what you’re saying here. The article title refers to bonuses that are present on all d3 servers. And the blue quote lists the expiration times for all servers.

      Since the D3 CMs are all in California things tend to run on something of a US time frame, but Bliz usually includes times for other locations. And I assume anyone who is a fan of Blizzard games knows their local time zone offset to California time, by now.

  2. Good News!

    I played well into drinking time last night, as I bid adieu to the bonus.

    I haven’t been able to do much key running until now. The 1.08 changes have made that a lot easier. I was in a MP8 uber battle the other night… I checked my stats when I got 5 stacks, and was only a few points shy of 1000% bonus exp.

    • I’ve been wondering how the MP bonuses are affecting leveling rate for HC vs. SC players. Since there’s no real death penalty in D3, most people playing softcore and trying to exp farm seem to go up as high as they can on monster power, and “as high as they can” means “where they’ll die occasionally, but not constantly.”

      Obviously that’s not even close to an option in HC, and while pre-Monster Power it was a bit faster to level in softcore, that’s not the case now that exp bonuses are so much bigger on high MP levels. It would be interesting to take comparable chars, one SC, one HC, at say Paragon 20… and then see how fast they can each progress.

  3. So i played a few days ago after not playing for like… 6 months, I figured the game would have gotten better, but i logged in, tried all my characters, tried farming on my barb solo and in pubs… and besides the first 5-20 minutes i felt really complaicent, the story still bugs me (that its so poor) the gameplay hasnt changed much, they havent really changed anything besides maybe the monster dencity (i actually barely noticed, but maybe i didnt play through the right areas) and the skills all did the same, everything was the same… maybe ill check back in another 6 months, probably won’t get the expandsion if the game doesn’t radically change after it.

    Its just unfortunate, I wanted d3 to be so much more…

  4. i really wish this game would get an offline mode youd think the company would have got petitioned out the ass by now to get one and they would act on it i understand the ps3 version will be offline but when will it be released diablo 3 is a fun game id just like to be able to play it anywhere i want with or without internet

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