Diablo 3 Anniversary Bonuses: Coming to a Close

A fan posted some happiness about the Anniversary Week bonus, which prompted a chatty Blue reply. Which prompted me to remember to remind you guys that the week’s bonus time is ending soon. How soon?

Well we don’t know, exactly. The official announcement post went up some time after the bonus we live (I had to figure out the values myself for this post), and it doesn’t give an actual ending time. It just says, “…between May 15 and May 21 will receive a 25% boost to their Magic Find and +EXP stats.” The usual weekly maintenance is coming up early Tuesday morning, which is the 21st, so maybe the bonus will end with the maintenance? Or maybe it’ll last all day Tuesday?

Loving the free Anniversary Boost!

Ever since it was activated, I’m finding legendary and set items all over and the gold drops are wicked. Would be nice to get feedback from other players (positive or otherwise) on how everyone would feel about making that boost permanent? I’m in!!
Grimiku: The anniversary buff combined with the multiplayer changes, and monster density in patch 1.0.8 have been a lot of fun. I keep joining Public Games through the “Any Act – Any Quest” feature, and managed to increase my dps by about 20k in the last few days. I hope everyone is enjoying the anniversary buff, and good luck on finding awesome loot!

I love the anniversary buff, but my luck has been a little more tempered. I found a nice Butcher’s Sickle that sold for a decent amount, but everything else I’ve found was salvaged. I’d like to craft something with additional pick up radius and not lose any other stats, but I haven’t been that lucky yet.

I’ll pass along the feedback about using buffs for special events, and feel free to keep posting your thoughts on the anniversary buff.

I enjoyed the OP’s appreciation of the “wicked gold drops” for the near beer effect. You know, how you can serve non-alcoholic beer at a party, tell people it’s the real thing, and watch them fool themselves into thinking they’re drunk?

The Diablo community speaks.
The Diablo community speaks.
I like the EXP and will definitely miss the speedier leveling, but I haven’t noticed any diff in my Magic Find, and I still think it should have been say, +100% for the bonus. Maybe it’s enough for lower level characters or those without MF, but if you’ve got like 400% normally, going up to 425% isn’t making any visible difference.

Just on that point, am I the only one who finds a surprising number of Legendaries before I’m even stacked up? Quick game this morning I found a green spirit stone and an orange two-handed sword, both from trash mobs, when I only had one stack. That’s with a character who was over 270% MF even without stacks, but finding a legendary before I’m stacked up happens quite often, in my anecdotal experience.

As for the overall anniversary bonus, what do you guys think? Good bonus feature? Should have been MOAR?

Update: Blizzard clarified when the buff ends: Tuesday morning.

It ends at May 22 @ 9:00 a.m. PDT (we’ll be posting another reminder tomorrow evening).
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27 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Anniversary Bonuses: Coming to a Close

  1. I’ve found about 15 since the buff and of course none were sellable so does it matter?

  2. Buff should’ve been way bigger.

    I’ve played MORE hoping to take advantage, and have found fewer legendaries than I usually have. I know it’s anecdotal and RNG, but laaaame.

  3. Found a lot more legendaries, but most of them still stink. I found two upgrades, a slightly better Manticore and an average Zuni ring.

  4. You know the game’s broke when you can get 2 lacuni’s on the same level and both are junk.

  5. Bonuses like these should happen more often. I mean something has got to get more people playing.

  6. I’m not necessarily sure if I’ve found *more* legendaries – I went almost a full paragon level at two separate times without finding any – but the drops sure have been more streaky.

    Yesterday, two consecutive trash mob kills resulted in a legendary, a few days before that I got two legendaries from the same elite, and before that I got a set cloak and a legendary from the same quest mob, only to find a second set cloak 8 minutes later. Doesn’t quite make up for the dry streaks in between, but at least it’s interesting when it happens.

    That said, the bonus, along with the density changes, sure has sparked my interest in farming, so looking forward to these things more often.

  7. I also have Legendary items drop before having five stacks… Happens pretty often and mostly from White trash…

  8. Hi,

    I am playing the Chinese version of the game,
    and on the log on page there’s a special offer
    from Blizzard.com which is 20% off D3 game.
    The offer ends at 10:59pm Wednesday, May,
    22, 2013 which translates into 10:59am same
    day USET? Maybe the anniversary exp and mf
    % bonus also ends at the same time?? This is
    only my guess, thought I’d share. ^^



  9. RNG is a bitch. Anecdotally and for what it’s worth (nothing), I also find legendaries before NV5. But the other day I found 3 legs in 2 hours. Then none for at least 3 hours, then a Madstone (yes, it is a legendary, it is just that you more commonly encounter it in its Brimstone form). So uhm. As for the article:
    a) good feature, but it should have been more, because MOAR !!!
    b) take a), then DOUBLE it.
    c) I agree with Apendecto, events/bonus like this are nice and should appear more often. (but not on a higher priority than the itemization work)

    For gosh sake…the lag spikes due the temporally user activity…
    It was a nice “event”, but the server stability is awful…

    • Yes they should give a debuff -75% to MF XP And gold so we could play alone with no interference!

  11. I agree that the MF boost should have been more…I reassembled my DH’s MF kit and with the boost and five stacks I’ve been running MP3 at 475 MF, though Legendaries/Sets haven’t been raining down with consistency. I actually think the MF boost should be permanent for anyone that’s been playing the game since launch, especially with so many rage-quitters early on it’d be nice to reward those that actually have stuck with it.

    As far as early Legendary/Set drops, I’ve found that happen a few times to me (I found Inna’s staff yesterday fairly quickly from a trash zombie) – once I found a Legendary in less than five minutes from starting to play, but that was many months ago.

  12. I found 4 yesterday, 1 was actually an upgrade (!) and 2 were sellable. Overall I found a lot more than normally. Maybe that has to do with playing more in order to milk the bonus xp, I don’t know.

  13. I didn’t notice an increased drop in legendaries over the course of the last week. Those that I found were mostly junk. I did manage to find not one, but two Mara’s during the bonus, but both were shy of the right combination of stats to be worth much, if anything at all. What I did notice is that I didn’t find a single set item during the last week.

    I have often found legendaries prior to having 5 stacks; frequently when I only have 1-3 stacks.

    I really like the fact that they did this bonus, regardless of the magnitude. It’s nice to throw little incentives out now and then to get people to logon for a specific period of time. I definitely don’t think the bonuses should be permanent. All that would do is re-baseline the game and would quickly lose its luster.

    • Considering that the “baseline” is currently “crappy drop rates,” I think improving said drop rates wouldn’t really lose its luster as an individual change.

      • Have to disagree there. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the drop rates (i.e., the frequency with which legendary and set items drop is appropriate, considering they are supposed to be ‘rare’). The only reason they seem bad is because when you do actually find something chances are the item sucks. I don’t think we should be finding these items more often, we should just be able to have the reasonable expectation that they might actually be an upgrade.

  14. Came back after a few months to try this out . Max mf + 43 paragon lvls + bonuses , played a few hours first day and a few hours second day , 0 legendaries found yet again , I’ve always thought this char was bugged , I’m really starting to believe it . So , buggering off until the expansion . Cya then .

  15. what good is all the magic and gold find bonus when the itemization is junk and the economy is ruined?

    it’s like the simpsons episode where homer buys expired ham from apu, gets sick, and for appeasement gets two buckets of expired shrimp

    • Yep. I equate the event’s MF bonus to giving a dog a bonus to take a dump while out on a walk. Everything that drops is a steaming pile, so who cares about the bonus.

  16. I didn’t play much over the week’s bonus time, but on at least 3 separate occasions I’ve joined a public match, hit a banner (before this patch telling you when someone is fighting an Elite), and in the 3-5 seconds it takes my laptop to catch up with all the graphics, had a decent legendary drop despite not clicking a single time. RNG.

    • Where’s that edit button? 🙁

      This is softcore, with someone different every time, on low MPs. I have every class at 60 (and two DHs) but none higher than P14, and sh*tty gear. So MF is pretty low.

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