Diablo 3 and Not-So-Quick Fixes

Some fans argue passionately for quick fixes and band-aid approaches to patching Diablo 3, and come up against a typical “have patience/faith” Blue reply. Quote:

White items shouldn’t be junk. It will be really nice and exciting if you could add a side quest that will allow us to enchant a white item with 6 random properties.

Currently balanced white weapons have insane attack speed and just the idea of making a godly balanced weapon is thrilling. Remember, it’s the HOPE of finding/crafting good items is what makes us excited about playing and addicted, the HOPE. Please give us hope since legendaries currently give us no hope because they are almost always junk.
Vaneras: We totally agree that white items needs to be useful or interesting in some way, because there are no real reason to have them in the game if they are not… making them some type of base items for heavy random properties enchants is an interesting idea for sure. Nothing have been set in stone yet however, so we are definitely interested in hearing more from you guys about what you think would make white items more interesting.

If we can’t use whites and blues for anything, then why can’t we get a setting to disable them, so they don’t clutter the screen?
Vaneras: Wyatt Cheng has answered this question:

I know that there’s a really popular request to hide white items, and blue items even. I think that that’s a totally understandable request. It’s not really something that we want to do. What we’d rather do is get to the root of the problem.

great, so the developer has decided it is much better for us to suffer this problem for months and months instead of giving us a temporary fix…. awesome mentality, just awesome….
Vaneras: I would personally think that focusing on fixing the problem instead fixing the symptoms of the problem in general is an awesome mentality, but that is of course just my opinion.

If you are truly suffering from playing the game in its current state, then maybe you would feel better if you simply took a break for a little while and focused on something else. I totally understand that waiting sucks, In fact I hate having to wait on things myself, but knowing that the passage of time can feel faster simply by changing your focus to something else really helps in these cases… After all, a watched pot never boils.

38334182I suppose the obvious reply would be to quote a popular meme. Give us a quick fix (non-display option) while the devs carry out their long term plan to recreate D2’s item system and give blue and white items potential value.

That sort of quick fix isn’t appropriate to all problems. For instance they can’t just slap a 15% damage buff on all level 60-62 Green/Orange weapons, since some would still suck, others would be OP, and the economy would be hugely affected. But for something that’s just an interface fix for the sake of convenience, and is optional… why not both?

The anti-argument to that? I guess you could say players wouldn’t know to turn blue/white drops back on once they’ve been upgraded, but that’s easily worked around — just temporarily disable that Options checkbox when that patch goes live.

You could also argue that part of the skill of the game is to sift through the mountains of junk in order to pick out the occasional good items, but that logic would probably draw some boos if presented at say, a Blizzcon panel.

Yes, it’s vote time:

Would you like to hide some drops in Diablo 3? (Select multiple options.)

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23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 and Not-So-Quick Fixes

      • If all the trash was hidden, you wouldn’t find the Diablo 3 box in the store.

        • But seriously now. If the developers are discussing if they want to simply not show parts of the loot in a Diablo game, then there is no more talk necessary if the game has any future.

  1. I’d like to hide the customer service rep who says, “Don’t like our game? Don’t play.”

    • You misspelled “high five” as “hide.”

      There are many reasons I don’t work in PR or CS, but an intolerance for whiners and haters numbers high amongst them. When people choose to pitch a public fit, there’s no point in trying to console them. “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

      Allowing them to linger, like rotting fish, only spoils things for the other customers.

  2. You forgot the most simple counter argument Flux: It’s not in the game yet, so it needs to be developed and tested.

    That is time that the devs spend on something other than fixing the real problem. Would it be worth it? Not my call.

    But just assuming it is an easy 5 minute “band-aid” is naive, if it may take a month or more to implement such a “short term fix”.

  3. QUOTE

    I'd like to hide the customer service rep who says, "Don't like our game? Don't play."

    I once worked next to a customer service rep who couldn’t deliver the customer parts on time. When given crap by the customer she actually said “what do you want me to do? Pull them out of my ***?” I lol’d a lot that day.

    I can understand why Blizz doesn’t want to band aid the game. First off, the game would look like a 7 year old child who fell off the swingset. Lots of band aids. I would rather wait for better, more “worked out” fixes, once a month, rather than to a hundred band aids per week.

    • That would be ideal, but considering at the rate they are going, we are looking at changes what, 2-4 times a year?

  4. As a developer, I’d say a big reason to not add a feature (item-hide) and then remove it is that it looks bad. We’re all human beings; we take pride in our work. Anyone can understand that. Plus lots of people will QQ. This is also the reason why you can’t mention features you’re working on that might get cut or release dates that might change; you end up disappointing people, just like how you’d disappoint people in eventually removing the hypothetical item-hide.

    • It also looks even worse when people complain about a certain feature, the devs address it by saying, “nah we like the useless loot pinata effect. Too bad live with it.” Then A new director comes around and says things like “There is no real reason to have them in the game.” This has happened numerous times with different things. I really hope Jay Wilson’s stay at blizzard is cut short.

  5. Other games have different keys that only display items above a certain quality, so Alt might display everything, Ctrl might display blue & above, shift might display yellow & above, etc. It also needen’t have to be a feature/quick-fix that has to be removed after item drops are “fixed” (or whatever the root problem was).

  6. White items should have been part of the crafting system from the start, then it wouldn’t be such an issue as they would have a purpose.

    Other than my first few lvl’s Whites have not been used at all and Blue’s replaced them for the early lvl’s until rares became usable. Now both are just clutter, a bit like a fair few staff at Blizzard.

    • White items were part of the crafting system. Then Jay iterated the concept out of the game and left the white items as useless trash with no no purpose. Not only did Jay remove white items from the crafting recipes, he intentionally ran the white item gold values into the ground, so people wouldn’t pick them up and vendor them for gold. Completely freaking ridiculous.

  7. If you are truly suffering from playing the game in its current state, then maybe you would feel better if you simply took a break for a little while and focused on something else.

    Wow thats a great suggestion to tell players who are so passionate about their game. Basically they said, we dont care and would like it if you disappeared until you forget about this whole thing. So sad how terrible Diablo 3 is. I am glad I made the choice to go back to playing Diablo 2. I have had 100 times more fun than I ever did on Diablo 3 for PC. I am going to try out the PS3 version when it comes out, but am not going to hold my breath. Seems like even the PS3 version is going to have the same crap drops as the PC, and the only reason I even like the Diablo franchise is for great loot. Oh and killer story lines, though again, Diablo 3 failed their too. Oh well. I just feel sorry for the current Diablo 3 players, Blizzard is just kicking its Diablo fans in the crouch time and time again as of late. When will they do what I did and stop playing!? Haha!


  8. “We totally agree that white items needs to be useful or interesting in some way, because there are no real reason to have them in the game if they are not”

    really ?

    where was this philosophy a year ago ?

    and didn’t Vanera just admit that there’s absolutely no reason for white items in D3 and including them was a ridiculous design decision ?

  9. I voted white items only, otherwise the drops would look too sparse. But i think i would eventually turn off blues as well unless i was collecting gear to salvage for mats.

    Until white items have any sort of use in crafting/imbuing/socketing they have absolutely no purpose beyond level 3. It’s just clutter.

  10. When Diablo 3 first game out, people picked up white items. Why? To sell them. So they nerfed the sell value by like 99%. Now white items sell for what, one or two copper, even at level 60?

    They intentionally took AWAY any value they had. Reason white items are in the game? So they can have ‘loot explosions’ when you kill something. Because we care more about watching loot fly up and land than actually having good loot, right? Apparently the developers do.

    When I think about it, WoW’s item system seems to work. Even if you ignore the tiers with each content thing, every single one of their items has primary stats on it, and what varies is which of the secondary stats. The ‘strength’ of the primary stats increases with item level. So it’s possible to have ‘side-grades’ with the same level of primary stats but swapping out some secondary stats…which also have the same relative strength, you’re just picking how much of each of the secondary stats you want. In WoW you can tweak your secondary stats even more with reforging, and your primary stats (slightly) with gems and enchants.

    There’s no reason why this can’t work for Diablo 3’s itemization. And especially if you allow primary stats of one class to actually matter to other classes, you might have something.

    I think the best purpose for white items is for ‘early access’ to higher-dps or armor than you can currently get, at the cost of them not having the magical enchantments on them. So they should have basic stats but no secondary stats, ever. So basically by choosing a white item you’re increasing your primary at the cost of not even having any secondary at all.

    Grey items can be even more of a ‘preview’ with less primary stats, with higher level even than the white items for whatever area you’re in. But also have a way to ‘fix’ grey items to make them white. (And then a way to enchant them to add the secondary stats.)

    Being able to find a grey or white item on the ground that has the ‘cool look’ you want, and some good base stats, and then over time working that weapon up into something mighty, would be pretty cool. I remember the ‘name an item’ quest in D2 LoD that would be pretty cool as a gold sink as well, especially if it didn’t get removed when put on the AH. Or make it BoA once you put a name on it, or something, I dunno.

    But, you also didn’t have ‘grey items’ on your poll.

  11. “Hide legendaries” what next? Hide the characters and bosses?

    Most likely if they implement something it’s gonna be as a drop-down menu, not to mess with the “precioussss” interface.

  12. I would like the white items to be hidden cuz I always mis click them n then it takes up space n I start nerd raging over it n have to take it out to make room lol 😛

  13. One would think that “waiting” as used by Vaneras and his kin here employs a bit too much ambiguity and requires further differentiation, in order to make sure the developers and players are on the same page while discussing.

    “Waiting” (for a defined/finite amount of time) and “languishing for the rest of eternity” totally are two separate things.

  14. dont get why white items exist.. u cant even sell the good ones for nice cash like u could in d2…. remove them better.

  15. I think the current item system needs to just be ditched and replaced with a similar but interesting system. For example:

    Greatly increase the vendor value of white items.
    Make all blue/magic items have 3 properties.
    Make all yellow/rare items have 6 properties.
    Crafted items (which require a white item) have 3-6 properties.

    This allows for magic items to be potentially useful, rare items to be top-quality, and crafted items to have a chance of being great. It allows white items to be more than something you accidentally pick up.

    The current system of 1 or 2 affix blues and 4-6 rares, with crafted items simply being more chance at the same rares, is too broken to fix with minor changes. With the example I provided, white items need to drop the most, rare items least, and magic somewhere in the middle.

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