Some fans argue passionately for quick fixes and band-aid approaches to patching Diablo 3, and come up against a typical “have patience/faith” Blue reply. Quote:

    White items shouldn’t be junk. It will be really nice and exciting if you could add a side quest that will allow us to enchant a white item with 6 random properties.

    Currently balanced white weapons have insane attack speed and just the idea of making a godly balanced weapon is thrilling. Remember, it’s the HOPE of finding/crafting good items is what makes us excited about playing and addicted, the HOPE. Please give us hope since legendaries currently give us no hope because they are almost always junk.
    Vaneras: We totally agree that white items needs to be useful or interesting in some way, because there are no real reason to have them in the game if they are not… making them some type of base items for heavy random properties enchants is an interesting idea for sure. Nothing have been set in stone yet however, so we are definitely interested in hearing more from you guys about what you think would make white items more interesting.

    If we can’t use whites and blues for anything, then why can’t we get a setting to disable them, so they don’t clutter the screen?
    Vaneras: Wyatt Cheng has answered this question:

    I know that there’s a really popular request to hide white items, and blue items even. I think that that’s a totally understandable request. It’s not really something that we want to do. What we’d rather do is get to the root of the problem.

    great, so the developer has decided it is much better for us to suffer this problem for months and months instead of giving us a temporary fix…. awesome mentality, just awesome….
    Vaneras: I would personally think that focusing on fixing the problem instead fixing the symptoms of the problem in general is an awesome mentality, but that is of course just my opinion.

    If you are truly suffering from playing the game in its current state, then maybe you would feel better if you simply took a break for a little while and focused on something else. I totally understand that waiting sucks, In fact I hate having to wait on things myself, but knowing that the passage of time can feel faster simply by changing your focus to something else really helps in these cases… After all, a watched pot never boils.

    38334182I suppose the obvious reply would be to quote a popular meme. Give us a quick fix (non-display option) while the devs carry out their long term plan to recreate D2’s item system and give blue and white items potential value.

    That sort of quick fix isn’t appropriate to all problems. For instance they can’t just slap a 15% damage buff on all level 60-62 Green/Orange weapons, since some would still suck, others would be OP, and the economy would be hugely affected. But for something that’s just an interface fix for the sake of convenience, and is optional… why not both?

    The anti-argument to that? I guess you could say players wouldn’t know to turn blue/white drops back on once they’ve been upgraded, but that’s easily worked around — just temporarily disable that Options checkbox when that patch goes live.

    You could also argue that part of the skill of the game is to sift through the mountains of junk in order to pick out the occasional good items, but that logic would probably draw some boos if presented at say, a Blizzcon panel.

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