Diablo 3 Act 2 Outdoor Zones Map

Whilst toying with the DiabloWikiBlack Rock Ledger page in the Wiki the other day I started making a map and it kind of grew and grew until I found I’d mapped all the outside areas and labelled it.

The map shows the towns, waypoints, event locations, spawn points for dungeons and names of the possible dungeons, the possible ship spawn points for the Black Rock Ledger pages and merchants.

The map has been added to the Diablo 3 maps section of DiabloWiki.Net.

diablo 3 map of act 2

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29 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Act 2 Outdoor Zones Map

  1. Random map generation was but a whisper. Anything more than a whisper and it would vanish, it was so fragile. RMAH!

  2. Nice work, I like these! The event text for Stinging Winds West reads “East”, are the actual events correct?

  3. Stinging sands (west) is labeled as stinging sands (east) when it refers to the events that can spawn. Also… “There are various points at witch a dungeon can spawn.” Really? Witch?

  4. Has anyone figured out what Black Rock Ledgers are for other than LOST fandom? There was a pretty in-depth series of threads on the official forums about another secret level, etc.

    Edit: Nevermind, read the Wiki. 😛

  5. Hmmm… What’s up with events in Stinging Winds (west)? You’ve noted events for east two times with crumbling vault only on the left one, so i guess it is one of the two events placed on the map… (actually one of the few I haven’t found at all yet…)

  6. The article says this map has been added to the Diablo 3 Maps section of the wiki, however when I follow the link, there are no maps there, other than an old overhead of New Tristram from 2010. So then I clicked on the Maps Category at the bottom of the page, and there’s even less information there.

    Are there no other maps created yet? Am I looking in the wrong spot?

    • Sorry, missed out the ‘category’ bit in the link. I’ve fixed the link in the news item but here it is too.


      For future ref, there is a search at the top right of the wiki. Two tabs one to search diablo 3 and one for diablo 2 so be sure to click the correct one.

      I’ve updated the map a bit now to include xp earned on events and a few other things I noticed and will upload that later today. This might be one of those projects that runs away with itself:)

  7. Oh, I wish for someone to make a map of diablo 2 act 2 and see the size difference. Blizz said it would be somewhat similar size but it sure looks tiny when mapped out.

    • They probably are comparable size, the difference is in the fact that you know precisely where to go each time to progress in D3 unlike D2.

      • I know rose tinted glasses are popular now, but I played a billion hours of D2, and the surface areas in Act 1 and Act 2 and Act 4 sucked. They were all big squares or rectangles with no distinguishing features or events, and the whole gameplay was to run around the perimeter until you found the passage to the next area. The only reason to explore was to find the Maggot Lair, and that was only for the small % of fans who were not maphacking or being rushed. Or both.

        Act 3 of D2 was the only area with variety of shape and layout, and ironically it’s the one most fans complained about since they actually had to explore and spend time to find the exits.

        D3’s surface areas have much more randomness in content and layout and variety, and yet you know their overall shape so you can hurry through if you choose to. I kind of wish that D3 could have done both random content and random layout, but on the whole I think D3’s system is clearly an improvement over D2’s very linear and boring outdoor maps.

  8. Also, the very first time I got to act2 there was a random event with a guy saying..blah blah help me and a timer started. Since then I have never seen that timer event. I’m wondering if that is still in or if they changed that.

    • I was wondering the same thing. I believe I only saw it on my first play-through.

      Needless to say, I was woefully unprepared, and didn’t get the reward. 😥

      • It’s still in the game. I got it with my Wiz on Hell last week, but since she was undergeared I had no chance of completing it. I’ve considered running Act 2 with an overpowered char just to find that one, since I’ve only seen it twice in release and have failed to get to the end both times, so I’m curiuos.

        Playing that event at Blizzcon 2009 demo, there were chests everywhere. Like 5 or 6 on every screen, so the whole challenge was greed vs. speed, as you just had to click and grab rares and run along, and when the timer ran out the dungeon collapsed and killed you. You had to get loot and get out or die, and you couldn’t go back in once it collapsed.

        The final game the timer doesn’t kill you; you can just play the area indefinitely like all other dungeons, but you never find any treasure room. Unless you rush through? Anyone found it?

  9. Diablo3 biggest Game joke in 2000 centery hahaha. This game is so small and there no randoms maps, everything is just about “Make money from RMAH…

    Sad but its true!!

    When i saw this map from blizzcon i thought like maney other that this maps was like 1 of 15 maps from Act2. But its was the only desert area OMG; what idiots blizzard are.

  10. Yeah, the lack of randomness is quite a downer in D3.
    Sure a few dungeons and monster placement etc is randomized,. but it’s still a lot more the same the same the same the same than it’s supposed to be.

  11. Great map! Note that the Crumbling Vault and Chamber of the Lost Idol can both also spawn in the East section of Stinging Winds. I found them both there when using that area for the achievements.

  12. In the top left line, I’m guessing you mean “at which” and not “at witch”.

    Also, I’ve also seen the lost caravan on the east section of the map. Or at least, I though I have. Now I have to go check.

  13. Why is randomization so difficult to accomplish for these maps? D2 did it to my satisfaction. It wasn’t perfect just big chunks as someone said previously but it kept me guessing. Ten years of technology later and we get less randomization. Makes sense…

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