Diablo 3 Act 2, 3, and 4 Loading Screens

Freshly-unearthed from the patch, here are the loading screens for Acts 2, 3, and 4. Act Three is a bit of a spoiler and Act Four is a huge spoiler, if you’ve kept yourself away from all the beta data mining and the info about where Act Four takes place. If so, then do not click through on this post, since you’ll be spoiled. You should probably avoid the comments too.

The current Beta loading screen features artwork of Tristram, and it may or may not be the loading screen we get from Act One in the final game. (I’d say it probably is, with such a similar style of art to these other three.)

Here’s the Act Two loading screen, which features concept art of DiabloWikiCaldeum.


Click through to see the loading screens for Acts 3 and 4, and beware of spoilers. Thanks to KuangTu for pointing us to Chinese site Diablo Core who first posted these pics.

These are both new pieces of art. Act Three doesn’t look all that Barbarian-style, to me. Too delicate with those spires. Act Four, on the other hand, looks quite Heavenly. I’ll say no more to preserve some surprises for people who haven’t read every bit of the data mined spoiler story stuff, yet.

Update: We also have the End Screen now which should be considered spoiler.

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23 thoughts on “Diablo 3 Act 2, 3, and 4 Loading Screens

  1. The act 3 one looks like a demonic structure to me and is kind of remeniscent of Azmodan’s look… You can also see a rim of mountainous peaks around it… I’d wager that this is Azmodan’s stronghold in the middle of the Areat Crater… but yeah, the act 4 one is definitely Heaven… looks like a confirmation for those datamined area names…

  2. I don’t understand why Blizz leaves late game art assets in a beta of all things. And these pictures were introduced in the latest patch, right? So weird. They did this with the SC2 beta too. But the heaven thing is interesting since to me that seems like something you’d save for an expansion, maybe even the last one. It’s kinda hard to escalate things from there. I guess another expansion could be hell, but the other one? How do you make things more epic than killing Diablo to prevent him from corrupting heaven?

  3. It’s not *that* big of a spoiler.  I will say that all these screens kinda look similar (the same palette, and drawn from so far away the architecture doesn’t look all that different from act to act).

    Regarding Act 4, that could just be a huge gate, and the act involves going out into the battle field to protect Heaven.  Hope I’m wrong, though; wandering through a holy city would be a nice change for Diablo.

  4. I am gonna quit visiting this site. Dunno whats wrong with you people…you ask for forum posts without spoiler headings, and you put THIS on the effing main page. If things go this way, by the time the game is released none of the mystery will be left. Saying that the last 2 images are “under the fold” is a shitty excuse and you know it. Are you guys that desperate for site hits?

    • the first sentence says “Act Three is a bit of a spoiler and Act Four is a huge spoiler,”

      so just don’t read any further 

    • Can anyone make sense of this? Is he just trolling? I swear, I see this picture when I read at least one comment per post lately, and it’s starting to erode my faith in humanity. Does there need to be some sort of Internet License? People aren’t allowed to drive unless they can prove basic competence in operating a vehicle, and it’s illegal if you’re drunk or stoned. Could someone set up something like that for website commenting?

      The post has 2 bolded spoiler warnings, and all it shows on the main page is the Act 2 loading screen of Caldeum. We’ve known Act 2 takes place in Caldeum since like, 2009. What’s the nature of the complaint?

  5. You know a games good when loading screens alone are this good

    And people think TL2 will be better, hah.

  6. Act 4 loading screen shouts: “And the heavens shall tremble”. We knew this back in 2008, didn’t we? 🙂

  7. Blizz should replace all loading screens with ponies! – And rainbows! – And flowers! – And butterflies! – And cupcakes!

    Seriously, I think most people by now should have a general idea of where the story is going – we just don’t know how it’ll be told, which is something I find far more interesting.
    A bit like James Bond – no matter what peril he’s in, you know they won’t kill him off, but it’s interesting to see how he gets out of it 🙂

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