Diablo 3 Achievements Fixed + Not-Instant Teleportation

Blizzard reports that the display bug that’s been plaguing the denizens of Sanctuary for the past week has been eradicated. Diablo 3 Achievements Fixed:

We’ve successfully developed and deployed a fix for this issue in all regions. At this time, this particular achievement display bug should be resolved. Thanks for all your feedback, everyone!

Elsewhere, a fan complains that the new DiabloWikiSeasonal Legendary Wizard wand Aether Walker doesn’t live up to the advertising, since it does not completely remove the cooldown after Teleport.

In the description of Aether Walker.

“Teleport no longer has a cooldown but costs 25 Arcane Power.”

But it still has ~0.5sec cooldown. As result I cannot teleport instantly just after casting it.
Tyvalir: Although Aether Walker removes most of the cooldown on Teleport, it leaves a half-second “safety net.” This is because when we were testing the legendary power, we discovered a bug that caused people to double-teleport when they didn’t intend to do so, often putting them in harm’s way or costing them AP that they didn’t mean to spend.

While this means you won/t teleport quite as quickly as you would without a minor pause, the fix also prevents you from having to be very precise in how long you down the mouse button without wasting AP or putting you in danger.

When you listen to the new Seasons-focused Diablo 3 podcast you’ll hear N3rdwords gleefully singing the praises of this wand, which he found with his first Seasonal character and proceeded to use non-stop for hours, taking breaks only to giggle with delight at the spectacular movement speed it granted unto his Wizard.

As for that safety net… I guess. I’ve not used the new wand, but I’ve played a lot of Demon Hunter and it’s very easy to double-cast Vault, especially when I’m playing on EU where I’ve always got a bit of lag. The one that’s most annoying is when I Vault away from monsters and move the mouse to point back at the targets, and switch to an attack skill, while still in mid-Vault. Quite often that results in the game casting Vault a second time as soon as I come out of the first one, which tumbles me right back into the midst of the enemies I meant to shoot at. (Requiring a third Vault to escape, which at least puts me halfway to the Olympian achievement.)

As a result of that bug, when I play on EU I’ve learned to delay a microsecond after each time I Vault, to let the latency catch up, before I start clicking the attack skill. Is it too much to ask that Wizard’s with this insta-Teleport wand do the same? If there’s a difference I guess it’s that each Vault costs just a bit of my DH’s Discipline, and there are a ton of items and skills that boost maximum Discipline, while each Teleport with Aether Walker costs 1/4 of the Wizard’s base value of Arcane Power, and that class has a lot fewer items/skills to boost the total amount of AP.

That and Blizzard hates Demon Hunters. But of course that goes without saying…

Update: Blue comment the next day on the interaction with the Wormhole rune:

It shouldn’t apply to Wormhole, it’s 1 cast.
Correct! Wormhole allows for two jumps within the same skill use. Since the cooldown only occurs between skill uses, you can use both Wormhole jumps without pause.


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  1. If Blizz hated Demon Hunters they would have removed Marauder's from the game. Marauder's is the most OP item set in the game right now. No, they're not PermaZerk Barbs or PermaArchons, but Hunters are fine. Assuming you build up Marauder's, otherwise, they're mediocre.

  2. The wand is actually terrible. If you fly around the map, great. You got through 3 screens of empty space and found some mobs. Now kill them.

    "Not enough Arcane Power!"

    So now you gotta wait, defeating the point of what you were aiming for (saving time).

    For any other situation Reversal is infinitely better, even if every build for every character did not involve a specific weapon and this ability appeared in a less contested slot.

  3. I do the same thing with my vault, you are not alone on that one.

  4. I found AEther Walker right away and I pretty much use it for situations when normal difficulty is called for. Since I started in Adventure Mode that meant flying through the campaign. Which was nice.

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