Blizzard on 100% Diablo 3 Achievements and RD Bugs

A couple of new Blue posts on issues of relevance to the Diablo 3-playing community. First, a fan asked about some bugs with Reflects Damage, and gets a blue reply. And not just any Blue, but lead dev dude DiabloWikiWyatt Cheng, in his first forum post ever.

If I’m not wrong there’s still a bug where uber Siegebreaker still causes Sentry damage to reflect back to you.
Wyatt Cheng: Yeah, I saw this happening when I was playing last night as well. Sentries (and other pets for that matter) reflecting damage back to you on Siegebreaker is a bug and is already fixed internally. The hotfix didn’t make the last (Feb 19th) maintenance and is currently scheduled for next Tuesday.


Elsewhere, a fan has finished all of the Diablo 3 DiabloWikiAchievements and has a photo gallery to prove it. He got congrats and a Blue comment on his (slightly-bugged) accomplishment.

World First 100% Achievements!

DiabloIII2013-2-12-17-58-24-504_zpsfab1835dWell okay, maybe not world first. But! 100% achievements nonetheless! 😀

Finally, I have done basically “all there is” to do on Diablo 3. Congrats to Insect#1546 for finishing along with me and thanks to everyone on the thread below.
Vaeflare: Congrats on your achievement gathering Origin, Insect, and everyone who has strived for the glory of each and every challenge Sanctuary has to offer! It takes quite a lot of dedication to earn so many prestigious Diablo III achievements. 🙂

In terms of ”broken” achievements, I wanted to assure you that we are actively investigating those little buggers, and we’re hoping to hotfix a number of broken achievements just as soon as we can. Until then, keep up the fantastic work!

I’m not surprised that people have gotten every DiabloWikiAchievement, but I am impressed. I just looked on my account and I’m at 75% total, with Co-op and Hardcore dragging down my overall. But even on Campaign I’m only at 91%, since there are a handful of lore books or NPC dialogues I’m missing in each act, several of the Purple bosses I’ve never bagged, etc. And I feel like I’ve played quite a bit of Diablo 3 in every act, with all 5 classes well into the Paragon levels, etc. Clearly these take deliberate effort, not just a lot of assorted play time.

But enough about me. What about you guys? Are you guys seeking all the Diablo 3 Achievements? Will you someday, if not now?


How are your Diablo 3 Achievements progressing?

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We ran a similar vote on Achievements back in October 2012. Click through to comment and/or if you’d like to compare fan attitudes on Achievements now vs. 6 months ago.

What's your attitude towards Diablo 3 Achievements?

  • 3) I like the *ding* but don't make any special efforts. (38%, 1,016 Votes)
  • 2) I sometimes work for them, at least a little. (34%, 928 Votes)
  • 4) Do not want. Do not care. Achievements are stupid. (17%, 462 Votes)
  • 1) I must collect them all. Relentlessly. (9%, 251 Votes)
  • 5) No opinion / something else. (2%, 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 2,701

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11 thoughts on “Blizzard on 100% Diablo 3 Achievements and RD Bugs

  1. I’d feel a little more enthused about them if the bugs / issues with the achievement servers weren’t still around.

    The Gatecrasher achievement, which I got multiple times in Beta, seems to be permanently disabled on my account because I would have obtained it during the massive launch server issues.

    There are also some nasty bugged achievements, including champion subjugators and some other mob types of rare/champion variety.

    On top of that, I really wish the achievements/banners actually did something in-game — some sort of marginal accountwide perks like BL2’s badass ranks would be really nice.

    • Same here, I gave up on them pretty quick since I ran into several bugs early. Never was able to use all shrines, or explore the cathedral or craft each item or several other broken ones. Why spend the time doing the other achievements when I never know if it will actually give credit or not because it’s bugged?

      Why doing any achievements at all for that matter? Would it have killed them to give some tiny microscopic bonus for completion?

  2. I think I completed around 70-80% of them, but I never really went to make them happen.
    It was nice to get an achievement in the beginning, I especially like the sound and the subtle appearing of an achievement during the game.

  3. I was into achievement hunting, and all the bugs with the achievements, like the RNG on the gardening achievement etc really killed it for me.

  4. 97%, about 2 of those 3% are bugged for me and other are really hard to get (some because i’m poor – craft all radiant gems).

  5. I’d much prefer that the achievements gave microscopic rewards, like +1% max hp for all characters or something.

  6. I’ve achieved quite a few and have tried to achieve others but failed. I’m going to try to bag the last 2 Butcher achievements this weekend.

    Kill him without being burned by the floor fire….kill him while he’s stunned

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