Diablo 3 1.0.8 PTR is Live

V6HL4V25G3EC1349375070214The v1.08 Patch Public Test Realm can now be accessed and players are testing away. Blizzard’s news post about it can be seen here, with details about how to access the PTR and copy over your existing characters.

Early player feedback is positive with the numerous streamline improvements to speedy crafting and identifying items, and the monster density improvements are very impressive. Hop on and try it out for yourself.

The full patch notes are after the break.


  • Players can now identify all items in their inventory by speaking to Deckard Cain or by using the Book of Cain that can be found near the shared stash in all Acts
  • The cooldown incurred by changing skills outside of town on Inferno difficulty has been reduced to 30 seconds (down from 60 seconds)
  • There is now an option in Video Settings to lock the cursor to the window when in fullscreen windowed mode, if Diablo III is the active window
  • Multiplayer Co-Op
    • Players now receive a 10% bonus to Magic Find, Gold Find, and Experience per additional player in a multiplayer game, up to a maximum of 30% in a four-player game
      • The Magic Find and Gold Find bonuses can exceed their respective 300% caps
      • The Experience bonus can stack with other bonuses from items and Monster Power (the bonuses will stack multiplicatively)
    • A notification is now sent to all players in a multiplayer game whenever a party member engages an Elite monster or Treasure Goblin in combat, and their location will be shown on the mini-map
      • In addition to this, an icon will also appear over player banners in town to indicate if they’re in combat with a monster, Elite monster, or Treasure Goblin


  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug that prevented monsters killed by a follower or pet, before being attacked by a player, from counting toward achievement criteria


  • User Interface
    • Tooltips in the Auction House will now show an item comparison for a player’s currently selected character


  • Matchmaking
    • Players will now be able to search for games that were started on any quest once they have reached level cap
    • Matchmaking “Tags” have been added
      • In addition to selecting your Difficulty, Monster Power, and Quest, players will also be able to choose from the following tags when searching for Public Games: No Tag, Questing, Brawling, and Key Warden
  • Social
    • Players can now add a note about a friend by right-clicking the name in their Friends List
    • Players can now enter a message that will be broadcast to their friends
    • Players can now create multi-user conversations
      • There are multiple ways to start a conversation or invite other players to an existing conversation:
        • To start a conversation, open Public Chat Options, then select Invite Friends > Start Conversation or use the “Start a Conversation” option in the Social window by right-clicking on a friend’s name
        • To invite or add friends to an existing conversation, open Public Chat Options, then select Invite Friends or use the “Invite to a Conversation” option in the Social window by right clicking a friend’s name and selecting the desired conversation
      • Similar to public channels, private conversations can support up to 99 players
    • A new section has been added to the friends list called “Players Near You”
      • Any player who is on your local network will be displayed here (even if they’re not currently your friend)
      • If needed, this feature can be disabled from the Social Options of the Game menu
    • Players may now be marked as a “Party Guide”
      • The Party Guide is assigned to the first person who joins a Public Game
      • If multiple characters join a Public Game at the same time, the game will choose the hero with the highest level or Paragon level to be Party Guide
      • When a Party Guide leaves the Public Game, a new one will be chosen automatically
      • Alternatively, the Party Guide can right click on a party member’s portrait and pass them the Party Guide title
      • The Party Guide will have a unique icon that will appear on the mini-map
    • Names in your “Recent Players” list will now expire if they become older than a month
    • Blocked players will no longer appear in your “Recent Players” list


  • Bug Fixes
    • Skeleton King
      • A bug causing The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead to not play an animation when performing their Whirlwind attack should now occur less frequently


  • Wizard
    • Active Skills
      • Archon
        • The duration of Archon should now be extended by assists from players in multiplayer games, in addition to kills
      • Teleport
        • Players may now Teleport to any location within range, as long as a path is available
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed a bug causing Teleport – Safe Passage to only reduce damage from physical attacks


  • General
    • Players can now craft multiple items and gems at a time within the same tier, so long as they possess the necessary materials
    • Players can now craft items using materials located in the shared stash
  • Blacksmith
    • Salvaged item information will no longer be displayed in the chat log
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug preventing players from salvaging an item by dragging it onto the Blacksmith’s anvil icon


  • General
    • Players should now encounter more monsters in Acts I, II, and IV in Inferno difficulty when playing at Monster Power 1 or greater
    • In multiplayer games, the increase in monster hit points per additional player has been reduced to 50% (down from 70%)
    • Tormented Stingers and Stygian Crawlers have had their experience reduced by 75%


  • General
    • Experience earned by completing a quest is now granted to players that have reached the level cap


  • General
    • A maximum of eight buffs and debuffs will now be displayed on the UI
      • The maximum number of debuffs that will be displayed is three
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug preventing damage numbers from being displayed if a monster was affected by a spell such as Hex


  • The sound that plays whenever a Barbarian’s Overpower ability comes off cooldown is no longer similar to a Legendary item dropping
  • Male barbarians no longer run faster than the other heroes while feared.
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  1. Well like every other patch … way 2 late

    • Better late than never, life goes on while Diablo gets better, not like you have a sub to pay, just come back in a year when it’s 1.14 or so ;p

      • 😀 problem is just that i dont have time for computer games anymore, at least at the moment. i had a year ago but now ….

      • the game is not getting better, it’s getting less worse. and please be quiet with the “be thankful they improve the game for free” bs, i’m sick of it and the people that spew it.

    • well no Diablo 3 is just a giant alpha – so its about right for when the console version arrives.

      just listening to the developer item q&a makes that clear.

      they acknowledge gross imbalances ( eg superiority of physical dmg and the clear dominance of cc&chd) but they wont do anything about it because ever dimwit and their mother exploit that obvious imbalance with their gear choice.

      so what is the player to do with these circumstances ? suck it up & and deal with it. there are no ladder reset in which these issues could be addressed and they wont be any retrospective balance changes on such a large scale because a lot of paying costumers would get their panties in a bunch if that happened – and pissing off the paying portion of the Diablo 3 populi is the last thing blizzard wants.

      so we are stuck with stagnation because every solution that would focus the root of the problem would require Blizzard make an effort and/or it would piss off a bunch of people.

      I really think that the console version of the game will be a better experience especially if you are not already jaded from the PC-version. and if they polish it more – with the stuff they said they would do

      (overhauled loottables , all Legendaries having an Inferno-tier version, meaningful itemization alternatives, Elemental damage effect properties, more randomly generated dungeons)

      we might really have a round solid product – even if it is vastly different from d2 and has a trashy plot / story telling.

  2. Two important things they left out:

    – You can disable the Rare salvage confirmation dialog from the options.
    – The experience bonus from Nephalem Valor now stacks multiplicatively with other XP, just like the new bonus you get when playing with others. One guy on the PTR had about 1200% bonus XP because of this. This is not a bug, Lylirra confirmed that this is an intentional change.

  3. Also, the monster density changes are simply amazing. I encourage everyone to get on the PTR and have a run through the Weeping Hollow, which should now be renamed to Zombie Breeding Grounds. This combined with the many new quality of life improvements made the game fun again for me.

    BTW, still want my edit button back.

    • Still need more monsters… MOAAAAARRR!!!!

    • With monster density and multiplayer hp nerf and exp buff, expect lots of players hitting paragon 100 soon. Then those guys will complain about having nothing else to do. The cycle never ends. :/

      • That’s a HUGE reason why I no longer play WoW, don’t play D3, but am currently playing quite a bit of D2. D2 is a FINISHED product. Its stable, they don’t push changes, they don’t nerf and buff. And its fun.

        The first thing I thought when I saw 100 Paragon levels was “why would I want to do that? Blizzard’s history is to nerf grinds like that into the ground a few months after release.”

        And sure enough, here comes the nerf. Paragon 100 will be easy. If I keep waiting, it will get even easier. If I wait to D3X, Paragon levels will probably get scrapped completely in favor of level 70.

        I’m in a mode where I’m just watching the D3 beta continue and waiting until well after the release of D3X2 to give it another shot, unless they do something that completely blows me away.

        • D2 has been out for over a decade with updates (some rarely) over the years.

          Would expect that.

        • What you call an ongoing beta, I call evolving game design. WoW is an excellent example of this. Just take a look at WoW 1.0 and then the current version. The core gameplay didn’t change at all, but now it has added garnish and ideas that didn’t work were tweaked or thrown out. Does that mean that WoW has been in beta since launch? I don’t think so. It merely means that the devs at Blizzard aren’t afraid to shake things up when they feel that it’s warranted (and fan feedback plays a role here).

          If you like games that remain more (for lack of a better word) static after launch, then you have many to choose from. To be clear, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with those games either. A stable game has it merits as well. 🙂

  4. monster density changes is a good start.

    Now lets get some interesting side dungeons going.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the Drowned Temple in act 1 was a HUGE dungeon to explore?! Multiple levels, hidden treasures, interesting monsters. Instead it’s one room. This also goes for the caves in the festering woods, the seweres under Caldeum, the frost caves in the fields of slaughter, add a secret demonic entrance under adria’s hut that connects to hell, etc.

  5. I’m so excited I think I’m going to poo!

  6. Error 3003, SO EPIC ]:->

  7. “?A bug causing The Skeleton King and The King of the Dead to not play an animation when performing their Whirlwind attack should now occur less frequently”

    how about NEVER happening again? god they suck.

  8. Now they can finally implement Monk passive changes, hopefully….

  9. Wow, it’s like they let people who actually play the game make some adjustments here or there. Crafting from stash? Teleport through walls? Monster boosts all over the map? Goblin alarm? Good stuff.

  10. i do not like this one:

    “Tormented Stingers and Stygian Crawlers have had their experience reduced by 75%”

  11. Surprisingly few changes :O

    Some decent stuff in it, and some crap.

  12. I wonder how many weeks this patch will be on the PTR since it is not really big. Guesses?

    • Although these patches can’t come fast enough, I am glad they are still working on it. I will admit I get a little aggravated at the indecisiveness about what to add and what to take away, and even what to leave alone. Most of the changes have been for the better, but I am still a little mad they have nerfed the difficulty so much. They still have a ways to go before the game is everything it can be, but I am still chugging along grinding out Paragon levels

      I have a level 60 of the other classes besides the wiz, and can run them around when I need a break from the grind. They are all self found besides my main and still do pretty well considering the lack of time I put into them. Oh yeah, nice writing Flux. As always, a quality column from somebody that is right there with me, still playing the game.

  13. Too little too late…is what I would be saying.

    But considering these aren’t even real patch notes but PTR Patch notes it’s more like too little never.

  14. Very good news! 🙂
    To all the people saying it is too late: do you remember how many years it took to diablo 2 be the away it is? A lot of years.
    I belive the game will be in diablo 2 standards or better in a few years, until them play it if you enjoy it or stop complaining if you don’t play diablo 3. Play something you enjoy.

    • Well, since judging by their behavior most of the haters/whiners were in like, grade school at the time, no, they probably don’t. But your point is correct, perhaps even understated. Diablo 2 LoD released in June 2001 at v1.07 and was quickly patched to v108 to fix a lot of bugs. I don’t recall when v109 came in, maybe 6 months later? That patch added a lot of skill tweaks and improved uniques and stuff, and that was it, for like… years.

      Thanks to knowing Peter Hu, I was one of like, 5 people who were able to visit Bliz North and beta test v1.10, and that was somewhere around July 2003. Thus D2X was in v1.09 (which had a ton of bugs) for something like 20 months, which is, of course, nearly twice as long as Diablo 3 has even existed.

      • but still, the core decisions which they made in diablo3 arent as good as back in diablo2.
        therefore it is much harder to improve the game so it meets my expactations as a HnS player.

        I agree though that diablo 2 lod vers. x needed improvement and it took years to sort them out… but at least the basics were there, to remove skillpoints from the game was just the worst the decision they ever made in my opinion ofc.

        • Removing the perma skill/stat point allocation system was one of the best improvements over D2 by far IMO. Nothing worse than building a character and accidentally putting 5 points in the wrong stat and then you’re stuck with it unless you decide to burn one of the three stat/skill resets that they eventually put in. I think the fact that they even finally put in the reallocation option (once per difficulty) says plenty about the “mistake” of having irreversibly permanent stats/skill allocation. I can’t believe people actually could think that was a good way to do things.

          • It gets annoying when people bash D2. I mean, its an all-time classic game. Blizzard did an incredible job with it. Why diminish that? Why say “one of the biggest improvements” as if D3 made a huge amounts of improvements over what came before.

            Its ok to say D3 isn’t as good. There’s no shame in that. We may never see a action RPG as good as D2 again.

            Its like you get people who are rabid D2 fans where nothing is wrong with the game…until D3 comes out and then they revise history and say D3 is incredible and D2 was terrible…until D4 comes out and then they revise history and say D3 was terrible and D4 is the best ever.

          • Now, what are you talking about!
            In D2, missing 1-2-3 points to the wrong stat, means practically almost nothing. I dare say, even missing a whole skill point to the wrong skill, doesn’t affect the gameplay that bad. This argument is so stupid, that makes you sound like you haven’t invested a good enough time in D2 to talk about this change.
            And even if one was so fool to waste a few points, he has the reroll thing, 3 times in his char-lifetime, to fix it.

            Silliest reason to remove stat allocation/skill allocation.
            Say you want it simple (almost dumb). Don’t say you don’t want to waste 2 skill points, so you remove the whole thing out of the game.
            The depth removed is so big…. I still laugh at that silly achievement “reach lvl 60 with two barbarians”. What’s the meaning of this? There is not a single reason to play again a barbarian in D3, since I hit lvl 60 with my first char. Blizzard never found a way to balance this loss of depth of the game. Want to remove the old system to make it more simple? Fine. Give us a good enough reason to goddamn play the same class again!

            Btw, I never lost a single point while allocating my stats/skills points. And I didn’t even try for this… it’s the standard I guess.

          • Skill points were really terrible in d2 for your first playthroughs as a total ‘noob.’ The impulse as you leveled a character the first time was to try everything, and you could do this and beat normal. But, as you crossed into nightmare, it simply meant your character was now garbage and you had to start over.

            I don’t see this as a deep system _ it is a limited one. If you like certain skills, there were only a few ways to invest points that made sense with synergies. There was a proper spec, and then everything else, which was suboptimal.

          • I’m not very sure why you write these things.
            You can RE ROLL your skills in D2. END OF STORY.
            There are also numerous guides online (and on the forums of this site), where you can find a lot of builds for each class. So, you a) can get proper advice how not to screw up your builds
            b) you have ready solutions for many (all?) the possible and viable builds. And sorry, but “There was a proper spec, and then everything else, which was suboptimal.” is not true. There are several “proper spec” to choose from. And some are damn cheap too.

            ANYWAY. The real problem is not wether we have skill points or not. It is wether the game makes you want to play again a character or not.

      • what i want to add–>

        the things that i enjoyed the most in diablo2, rushing characters + then skilling trying out differnt builds.

        finish quests in normal after i hit 90 at hfq leveling,
        then after that try out the new build.

        if i liked it i tried to level my char at least to 97, some ofc to 99 ..

      • Truth. But do you honestly believe that D2 classic/LoD was as broken/lacking as D3 was at release?
        Bugs is one thing. Problematic features/lack of content is another.

  15. 11 months later..
    “A maximum of eight buffs and debuffs will now be displayed on the UI”

    Think of all the wonderous things we can expect during the second year!

  16. Sounds like some good stuff in 1.08! The game keeps steadily moving in a positive direction.

    It never ceases to amaze me the people that say this game is a waste of their time yet always have the time to post complaints. What an even bigger waste of time seems like to me.

    • Some of us visit this site for the wealth of D2 information. Maybe we check out progress on the D3 beta as well. The point is, this site is more than D3.

    • I hope you realize people (like me) come here for D2 single player as well? This site is more than just D3.

  17. “Male barbarians no longer run faster than the other heroes while feared.”

    this was so funny, always knew the Barb was a wus!

  18. And here go another 7+ weeks of waiting for patch, that actually changes nothing of great importance.

  19. Now I have a reason to consider start liking wizards. “Teleport: now working”. I dunno if I will download it right now, since I need to use all the gaming time I have to make my ironborn barb viable on MP1.

  20. I just can’t see myself going back to D3 until they fix the itemization and drops. They keep fixing things that should have been tweaked before launch and still have no real end game content. I honestly believe that the game won’t be finished until D3X, but I hope I’m wrong!

  21. “Players can now identify all items in their inventory by speaking to Deckard Cain or by using the Book of Cain that can be found near the shared stash in all Acts”

    Fuckin’ finally! That shit was annoying.

  22. Good patch, will be downloading the PTR for the first time ever after work today, as I am rather curious on the amount of mob density added to act 1, especially. Just imagining doing act 1 runs on MP1 puts a silly smile of my face, even though those damn scorpions will be missed. They WERE, after all, the very closest feeling to shooting a couple of LF javelings into a tight group of cows…

    I love the ID all option, and the very best improvement in this patch (besides the mob density) is of course finally being able to compare an item from the AH to what we are currently wearing, without having to jump through hoops. A perfecet change that was long time in the making.

    As for the experience change in groups, it makes sense, seeing as MP10 is no piece of cake, and requires quite some investment in your char. Either time, or a visa card, but either way, no one can just steamroll MP10 without putting some effort into it.

    As a HC player, this is not something I will be doing, as I´d much rather have a living 60(10) char than a dead 60(85) char, and MP10 has it risks. In SC is means nothing, so reaching Plvl 100 there will not mean much, as it pretty much is today.

    Great changes, all in all… Even if Diablo 3 ain´t the game we were dreaming of after Diablo 2 and LoD, I truly have hope that it will only become better and better with the years, and it will continue to provide me with hours upon hours of fun! 🙂

  23. So far so good. Although there are a few kinks. Portals/doors are really dangerous now. Whimsyshire has three or more unicorns on top of the portal, every time.

  24. Glad to hear people are enjoying the new changes. they certainly shouldn’t have been put out so late, but as others have said better late than never. It’s almost tempting to play the game again, but then i think about the actual item rewards and lack of depth and just can’t bring myself to do it.

    Did monster density get buffed in the pony level or are they still hellbent on ruining that concept because they don’t think people should farm there? The hypothetical future of Diablo looks

    • No, there are more critters in Whimsyshire. It’s just not as blatantly obvious as other areas. Whimsyshire was never as good as Keep Depths or Hell Towers, but it wasn’t that bad. So there’s only a minor upgrade, compared to Weeping Hollow, which was really empty until now. Now it’s one of the best places in the game.

  25. Sure monster density is a solid change but I probably won’t be coming back until the expansion, assuming they really put in a huge effort to add interesting items that aren’t just adding “bigger numbers” to your damage. Along with other expected things that an expansion brings such as a new Act a new hero (or 2 but most likely 1). I don’t see them changing the skill system really but it would be awesome if they did.
    Again the itemization is a big part. The game needs more depth.

  26. I don’t know about the rest of you, but honestly I’m sick of the whining from those that don’t like D3. If you’re here to look at D2 stuff do it, let the rest of us who still like D3 enjoy it without having to hear nonsense like ‘too little too late etc.’ I played both for long enough.

    people talk $&%t about white knights for D3? Well I say F^*K the white knights for D2. I enjoy them both.

    it’s too tempting for you to post something negative isn’t it?

    • Although I have crossed the line a few times in the past, I’m sick as well by all the negative criticism.
      But you can’t make people shut the F up. Plus many criticisms I have read, although written in a negative way, are right in what they criticize. There should be room for both lovers and haters of D3. I’m somewhere in the middle. Playing the game after a long time of inactivity, but also waiting for it to get at least some major fixes/changes.

      If only Blizzard had a more humble approach on the community, as well as the knowledge they had on their hands from blizzard north..

  27. I really hated D3 before, but I’ve come back and played it again without any peer pressure of reaching 60, getting better items, doing massive and quick runs, and it was okay…
    It’s a no brainer game and a wonderful stress reliever… well except for those times that the server is doing an idiotic lag spikes…

    It has many problems, but 1 good thing happened…. Jay Wilson is out of the project and we can see more improvements coming…


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