Diablo 2’s Secret Cows in Whimsyshire

Diablo 2’s Secret Cows in Whimsyshire

It’s possible to see Diablo 2’s Secret Cows in Whimsyshire, thanks to a DiabloWikiCursed Chest. Site reader WickedYeti sent in an screenshot of his battle, when he popped the Diablo 2 style Secret Cows from a red chest in Diablo 3’s Whimsyshire.

Note that this is the actual DiabloWikiWhimsyshire, not just that tile set showing up in a DiabloWikiNephalem Rift, which happens fairly often, though seldom with the Whimsyshire monsters attached to it. (You can also get the Whimsyshire monsters in other tile sets in a Rift, and the Killer Teddies and Happy Flowers and Chubby Sparkleponies always look funny prancing around normal dungeon levels.)

Anyone else seen this in Reaper? I haven’t even been into Whimsyshire so far in Reaper of Souls, though now I’m tempted, if only to farm for Cursed Chests while I’m there.

Cursed Chest of the Moo Moo Farm

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18 thoughts on “Diablo 2’s Secret Cows in Whimsyshire

  1. I have spent probably 4 hours since RoS launch in whimsyshire without seeing any cursed chest so I guess they are pretty rare. Something I have noticed in whimsyshire though is that pot of gold drop very small amount of gold considering their name and animation.

  2. I was wondering if you can get Whimsyshire tiles in Rifts, so kudos for the info. I did not get it though, yet.

  3. Hmm.. not sure I’ve seen a Whimsyshire in Rifts yet. I don’t have the staff or whatever so maybe that’s why?

    …. and no cows yet either.

    • I was in Whimsyshire last night while doing a rift without having the staff. Back to back Whimsyshires actually.

    • Don’t need a staff to get whimsyshire tile set in rifts. It’s random, but you’ll usually just get regular random monsters there. Not the bears and ponies and such. Which look weird on that landscape, though not as weird as whimsy guys in normal level tilesets.

      • i found a legendary item that has a chance to spawn weapon wielding cows to fight along side you for a brief period of time. hilarious…? it also roled over 1000 str and 1000 vit. these cows just got serious.

  4. I’ve seen that cursed event while farming for a legendary mat in Whimsyshire. Our group had some good laughs at that.

  5. I’m pretty sure we got it on torment 1, as we were farming for legendary mats as I mentioned.

  6. I had to suffer a rift that only generates Grim Wraith (and variations) elite packs.

    That was a nightmare to go through. Good thing I wasn’t playing my hardcore character.

  7. Somewhat off-topic, but… one thing I’d like to point out is how well the dev team has used things such as lighting color and light radius in altering the appearance of different zones when doing rifts. Some of them really look completely different and have a VERY Diablo feel, especially when the light radius is smaller and the zone is all around darker and/or tinted red. It is awesome. It also makes the “normal” version of the zones (like they are in the campaign) look washed out and sorta crappy.

    Remember how during D3V beta the community said the game was too bright and colorful, and showed examples of what it “should” look like? I seem to remember Blizzard stating this wasn’t possible or just somehow argued that the way they were doing it would be better…. yet here we are. Kudos to them pulling it off with RoS.

    And what reminded me of this, is that I got Whimsyshire twice during a rift the other day, and it was tinted red and very dark… it was crazy cool, what a trip.

    • Yes, kudos to the devs for the awesome ambiance and environmental effects they came up with for the rifts. Very cool.

    • We talked about that on the podcast during the beta, and all sort of admitted that we’d thought “changes to color lighting” sounded like bullshit when the devs talked about it pre-RoS… and yet when you see it in game it’s often awesome.

  8. AWESOME! So, last night I was doing adventure mode and strayed from the bounties. So, I went to Old Tristram because there’s usually always a Treasure Goblin in the dungeon there. I found a cursed chest and guess who popped up THE SKELETON KING! Too bad I couldn’t kill him in enough time but it was so badass that he spawned! Again, didn’t kill him in time, but still awesome! Haha. I took a few screenshots of it. 😉

    • I got that several times this weekend, while doing that area maybe 50x looking for a leg mat from the quill fiends in the dank cellars along Tristram Road. You get sub bosses from chests in their level now and then. I’ve seen skeleton king in act 1, ghom from a chest in act 3, and rakanoth from a chest in act 4. never seen it in Act 2 or 5… maybe you’d get ZK in Act 2 and Uzrael in Act 5?

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