Diablo 20th Anniversary Retrospective

Blizzard released this video to celebrate 20 years of Diablo which features some old and new faces from the Blizzard team.

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  1. I am sorry, but I would like to punch Morhaime in the mouth.

  2. It seems all Blizzard can do for the franchise is to celebrate the past.One year of celebration is enough I think.

  3. It’s Diablo 1 anniversary not Diablo 3, so why they spoke about Diablo 3?

  4. Anyone pick up on the irony that they talked about how Diablo was so community based, and yet Diablo 3 has no trade or PVP?? Or all their talk of the feeling of terror when they played the first game, and Diablo 3 has nothing.

    It’s like they know what makes a great Diablo game, they just choose not to.

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