Thanks to dotPanic on reddit over on MMO-Champion’s website they have datamined some Diablo 20th anniversary items in World of Warcraft PTR Patch 7.1 Build 22578.

    Below are some of the icons for items and past the break are some links with tooltips to show more. So much Diablo in pandaland! MOO!

    In-Game Icons

    Achievement & Items

    Here’s some of the datamined items with their tooltips. Seeing all the charms gave me flashbacks of good Diablo 2 memories. So many poison charms in my bags for my Javazon and barely any space. Good thing there was extra bag space erm I mean a horadric cube in my bags.


    One of the main admins on MMO-Champion; Chaud also posted on their forums of links to nine in-game music files based around the event. Music we all know and love all too well:

    If this is just a hint of what they are doing in World of Warcraft for Diablo then this will be an interesting anniversary. Here’s hoping they do something special in Diablo 3 as well. Hopefully not just a community buff.

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