Diablo 20th Anniversary Celebrations Detailed

Blizzard is kicking off 20 years of Diablo with the following celebrations which will start soon It’s great to see the game get some recognition in the other games.

As we approach the original game’s release anniversary on December 31, Blizzard Entertainment is thrilled to commemorate twenty years of Diablo. We’re ready to celebrate our passion for the world of Sanctuary and the brave heroes who inhabit it!

Starting soon, you can experience special in-game events and goodies in Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, Overwatch, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft to celebrate a few of the things we love about Diablo. These events and items will only be available for a limited time, so be sure to check them all out before they’re gone.

A small taste of each tribute is below—keep an eye out for more details about these celebrations. . . and thank you, all of you, for allowing us to continue adventuring in the world of Sanctuary. Here’s to twenty years of loot!

Diablo III:
Recapture the feeling of your first play through of the original Diablo with The Darkening of Tristram tribute event. Venture through a reimagined version of the original cathedral in Diablo III and keep an eye out for some familiar items.

Heroes of the Storm:
The battle for the High Heavens continues, and a new Diablo-themed portrait is up for grabs! Can you emerge victorious on this hectic new brawl map?

In this Tavern Brawl, a hooded stranger awaits, holding a grim deck in his hands. Will you unravel the secrets surrounding this dark wanderer?

Bring the battle for Sanctuary into the fight for the future with in-game sprays representing your favorite Diablo III classes—along with a new player icon modeled after the Lord of Terror!

StarCraft II:
Put the Lord of Terror to work for you with a Diablo-themed worker portrait.

World of Warcraft:
Strange things are afoot in the world of Azeroth as denizens of Sanctuary cross over into an unfamiliar world.


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  1. sounds great , lets play 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Diablo 20th anniversary has inspired me to stop wasting my life playing video games and arguing with children. Real-life hobbies are so much more interesting than this merry-go-round.

    • what if your real-life hobby is arguing with children ?

    • Never understood people who say this. Everything you do is “real life”. Is reading a book real life? As long as you get enjoyment out of something it isn’t a waste of time. If you feel personally that playing video games isn’t the best thing to do for you right now then by all means, go do something else, but these blanket statements never make any sense to me. Feels like you’re trying to convince yourself more than others…

      • I appreciate honest statements over passive-aggressive rhetorical questions, so I’ll respond in kind. The purpose of my opinion is not to convince myself but rather to express my utter disgust with the current events of Diablo. I disagree that everything you or I do is real life. Playing video games (on a computer) in real life is sitting at a computer and clicking the mouse and typing on the keyboard. Everything else is fantasy. The people you see, the people you talk to, the experiences you witness.. they are manufactured. Not real. Do you consider me real? My name isn’t ruex12, I made it that way. You probably have an idea for what I look like based on what you have read from me here but that would be only a fantasy of yours. Not real. All manufactured.

      • You can enjoy something that wastes your time.

        For example, person A spends 24 hours eating Twinkies and enjoys it. Person B spends 24 hours learning how to program and enjoys it. However, only one of these activities has fostered personal growth and may lead to success outside of the activity itself. In fact, in this particular example, person B has harmed their health while wasting their time eating Twinkies for 24 hours.

    • Since the ignorant masses are supporting in numbers and have nothing of their own to say; I’ll spell it out. I’ve simply outgrown this community. You support ignorance because you yourselves are ignorant. You are all so quick to stereotype me because of what one guy said. So mindless. That’s why I am inspired. Ortheus, you have the nerve to question my resolve? You don’t know. A fucking. Thing. About me. None of you do. So there’s a lesson in reality for you. Don’t stereotype people.

  3. “yourselves” pls never ever include me in anything. i speak more languages than one has fingers and toes. i wish i were generally ignorant. life looks so much easier that way.

    is there a transmog or sth. you get for completing the darkening event? i dont ever wana go there again. also: idgaf about goodies in other games. were not even given a simple xp boost. no 2x gobs. etc.


    • You get a legendary gem that’s useless for completing the darkening of Tristram event. So it’s kind of like when you got the boon of the hoarder for completing Greed’s domain. Except useless. On a side note, I’m starting to feel like Rue. Except I don’t consider myself as giving up on gaming, more like gaming decided to give up on me. Or at least Blizzard did, as fortunately there’s still a fair share of games that have great stories, gameplay, and mechanics out there. It’s just that Blizzard is no longer the go to source if you want any of that like they were back in the late 90s and early 2000s. I particularly like The Dark Souls series in this regard. I think it’s the best series i’ve played since 2010.

      • Doesn’t the gem work with leveling characters? I’m curious because if this goes in the helm and provide open slots for other gems, then you could load up a level 1 with level 70 gear and do that insane gain 40 levels in 5 minutes thingy.

        • Legendary Gem: Soul Stone Shard
          Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of fire that deals 12500% weapon damage as Fire to enemies it passes through.
          Upgrade: +X% damage as Fire per Rank.
          Rank 25 ability:
          After gaining a Character Level or Paragon Level, the character has their resource costs and cooldowns of all skills reduced by 75% for 30 seconds. (Requires Rank 25)

          • Not sure if I’m following you on this. Those are the stats for the gem, but still the same strategy applies. Load up a level 1 with 70 gear and power level at a high torment level and watch your guy gain levels insanely fast with the bonuses of the gem.

  4. I’ve been playing Diablo 1 again -this time as a mage. I’ve never done that before. I was always afraid he’d be too frail to take on many of the later monsters. Turns out, he’s the best character to play! If you’re still running windows 7, here’s an easy way to play in a window:


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