Diablo 2 Still Getting Heavy Play

The Nielson rating service has been studying which games and gaming systems gamers actually use (as opposed to which they just buy, which is what most top ten charts measure) and their year end results are out, from them some . The PS2 is the most played console and of course WoW is the most played PC game, but what’s that down below it, in 7th place? Yes, Diablo II. Still the seventh most played game of 2008, more than 7 years after the game’s one and only expansion pack. Here’s the top ten most played PC games; check the link for other charts and more analysis.


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1 thought on “Diablo 2 Still Getting Heavy Play

  1. Yes, but how would they know? Even Blizzard can’t be sure if they will release it this year or next year.

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