Diablo 2 Secret Cow Level inside Goat Simulator

There is a video game called Goat Simulator. Inside of the game one can find a Diablo 2 style Secret Cow Level complete with noisy, bipedal, angry attack cows.

This seems perfectly logical to me, but try using that opening sentence on an older relative at an upcoming family event, and count on them looking baffled and/or patting you on the head and saying, “that’s nice, Dear.”

Diablo 2 Secret Cow Level inside Goat Simulator:

Thanks to Timmeh for the news tip.

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  1. i've never played the goat simulator myself but i watched (a few hrs) of gameplay with some insane crazy outrageous stuff that goes on there.

    this tops the pops!

    I#ve always wished for the diablo franchise to be "open world" / first person, but of course, it's still awesome.

    roflcopter … the (real) cow level will always remain to be the dream of all diablo lovers.

    nice implementation to a game that's really one of the freakiest on the market ^^o

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